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Spotify Spotlight: The Best Scary Podcasts on Spotify

By Editorial Staff

Scary stories are great all year round, no matter what time of year it is. While many delve into a thrilling book or watch a bone-chilling movie, many nowadays find their best horror stories told over podcasts. Harkening back to early radio shows like The Twilight Zone, here is a list of some of the best scary podcasts on Spotify, from true crime to chilling supernatural tales.

Best Scary Podcasts On Spotify: List

1. Scare You To Sleep

Scare You To Sleep is a horror podcast created, hosted, and narrated by Shelby Scott, a horror writer seeking a platform to showcase her own scary stories. However, her channel has since grown to accept submissions from other writers and thus has become one of the biggest and best scary podcasts on Spotify.

Some of its latest stories include one set in the Backrooms, an internet-based urban myth, and a retelling of Washington Irving’s classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Love bite-sized short stories before bed? Scare You To Sleep’s fantastic production and writing is worth checking out.

2. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders is one of the best examples of the “true crime” genre, a rising genre among entertainment and podcasts. Rather than focusing on fictional tales, real-life crimes helped this podcast garner a massive following. Unsolved Murders focuses on telling the stories of cold cases from years ago, with its presentation and audio engineering giving an ‘old radio’ feel to the report, which gives the reports even more of a chill and a place on the best scary podcasts on Spotify.

If grisly unsolved murders are your cup of tea for podcasts, give Unsolved Murders a try.

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3. Old Gods of Appalachia

Old Gods of Appalachia is a horror narrative podcast, describing itself as an “eldritch fiction” story set in an alternative universe based on the Appalachian regions’ mythos. It was created by Steve Shell and Cam Collins, who both write and voice numerous characters in this story.

The premise is that ancient, incomprehensible beings have been entombed underneath the Applachians, causing strange interactions with European settlers. As a result, three seasons of this strange and spooky were released on Spotify. Old Gods of Appalachia is worth a listen if you love psychological horrors with a supernatural twist. 

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4. Nightmare Magazine

Nightmare Magazine is one of the most renowned horror & dark fantasy magazines currently being published, with its description proclaiming that its staff believes that “horror is for everyone.” It was founded by John Joseph Adams, a critically acclaimed horror anthology author.

It posts a full issue every month, with new features every Wednesday, and it features a huge breadth of horror, from fiction to poetry to nonfiction pieces. Alongside this, it adapts some of the published stories into a podcast by Stefan Rudnicki. If you’re looking for contemporary horror stories published by up-and-coming authors, check out this podcast!

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5. Magnus Archives

Magnus Archives is a narrative horror podcast that follows the titular Magnus Archives, a secret group that records statements of witnesses of supernatural events from all over. While first seeming like an anthology of unrelated strange events, a greater story is unraveled as the protagonists realize the forces behind the strange events.

Alexander J. Newall produces archives, while Jonathan Simms is the writer and narrator. Archives has five seasons of spooky stories, contributing to its influential significance in story and character building. Need a podcast to keep you up at night? Magnus surely has got you covered.

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6. The SCP Foundation Database

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing effort spearheaded by the internet for over a decade, creating a mythos centered around a world-spanning organization that aims to secure, contain, and protect the world from anomalous objects, things, and forces. Inspired by one of the many internet creepypastas, the podcast had plenty of material to work with. The creepypasta communities from popular video games, movies, and TV shows are hooked to this podcast.

The SCP Foundation Database has converted the exclusively text-based story into a thrilling podcast, using sound effects and great voice acting to showcase the strangeness and scariness of many of these anomalies. This makes it one of the best scary podcasts on Spotify, especially for those interested in supernatural horror.

7. No Sleep

The No Sleep podcast was inspired by the Reddit community r/nosleep, where users post horror stories. Founded by David Cummings, this podcast aims to adapt these internet horror short stories into audio experiences, creating an anthology to promote this Reddit community’ writing.

Some of the authors featured in the podcast have gone on to publish full novels, including Dathan Auerbach and T.W. Grim. This podcast has gone on for 13 seasons and still continues to thrive. If you often immerse yourself in scary stories, this podcast is perfect for you.

8. Welcome to Nightvale

Welcome to Nightvale is the grandfather of narrative horror podcasts, taking the form of community updates for the small yet strange town of Nightvale. The chilling cast of this spooky podcast is Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and narrator Cecil Baldwin. The writers have gone on to publish books, host live shows, and much more. If you’re craving classic horror story narratives, this is one of the best scary podcasts on Spotify.

With this unsettling list of scary Spotify podcasts, one of these will surely send shivers down your spine. From narrative horror stories that take place over seasons, short story anthologies sourced from the internet, and true crime retellings, there is something for everyone among the best horror stories on Spotify.

This article was written by Michael Litman

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