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Spotify Spotlight: The Best Crime Podcasts on Spotify

By Editorial Staff

 When we put our earbuds in and search for something to listen to, we almost always turn to Spotify. Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform, and it constantly helps us discover new tunes to jam to. If none of your playlists emit the right vibe, try turning on some of the best crime podcasts on Spotify for that perfect brain stimulation—plus a little fear. 

True crime podcasts have always been a popular listen. Still, with the rise of Serial Killer documentaries such as Netflix’s Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, more listeners are flocking to the genre every day. With the sheer number of podcasts available, it may feel overwhelming trying to pick what could be your new favorite listen, but we have you covered. Here are the best crime podcasts on Spotify. 

1. Crime Junkie 

The #1 ranked true crime podcast on Spotify, Crime Junkie has published over 630 stories since its debut in 2017. The podcast uploads weekly, and with over 500 million downloads, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify. 

Crime Junkie’s co-hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat love all things crime-related; Prawat even worked for a PI for a while. Although Prawat has stepped back from the podcast for health reasons, Flowers still spends every Monday telling the story of a new suspenseful case. Moreover, Flowers has a crime thriller novel on the New York Times Best Seller List. 

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2. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories 

Ranking #10 on Spotify, the drama podcast with an old-time-radio feel explores the most chilling cold cases. One of the best crime podcasts on Spotify, Unsolved Murders, is a Spotify Original hosted by Carter Roy and Wendy Mackenzie with the help of an ensemble cast. 

Unsolved Murders has over 500 episodes and debuted in 2016. The podcast calls on listeners to tap into their detective side as they’re taken through the crime scene, investigation, and nitty-gritty details of the cold cases. 

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3. Dateline NBC 

You may already recognize Dateline NBC as the staple news series of mystery documentaries premiering since 1992. With its longstanding popularity on television, it’s no surprise that Dateline NBC is also one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify. 

Coming in #4 on the Spotify charts, Dateline NBC’s podcast debuted in 2019, with hosts and NBC journalists Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison, and Andrea Canning. This true crime classic is a perfect place to start your journey into crime podcasts, especially as it often reports on ongoing investigations. 

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4. Murder, Mystery, and Makeup 

As a professional makeup artist, Bailey Sarian may not seem like a crime lover, but it’s true. In her hit YouTube series Murder, Mystery, and Makeup (usually published on Mondays), Sarian does her makeup while talking about a true crime story for millions of viewers. 

The YouTube sensation is now available to listen to on Spotify, and it is just as successful there as on YouTube, ranking #5 on the crime podcast charts. Sarian has 6.3 Million subscribers on YouTube and over 100 episodes of her podcast. Though her bubbly personality doesn’t seem like it would fit with cold cases, we’re obsessed. 

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5. Killer Queens 

With a bright pink cover that draws you in like bait, Killer Queens is one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify and is perfect for those who want a slightly less creepy take on true crime. The self-described “podcast for millennials” debuted in 2017 and publishes episodes weekly. 

Co-hosts and sisters Tyrella and Tori combine their hilarious personalities, southern charm, passion for crime, and a little bit of weirdness to make their podcast one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify. Covering cases that range from truly scary and notorious to just a little bit out there, Killer Queens is an addicting pick for any ’90s kid. 

6. True Crime with Kendall Rae 

Climbing the best crime podcasts on Spotify chart at #11, True Crime with Kendall Rae is an advocate and entertainer. Kendall Rae has been documenting cases on YouTube and Spotify since 2016 and uses her platforms to spread awareness for victims and their families. 

Besides her True Crime podcast, Rae is a co-host on The Sesh Podcast, and Mile Higher Podcast, so with her experience in the content creation game, it’s no surprise that True Crime with Kendall Rae is one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify. It’s a great listen to dive into, both for entertainment and if you want to support Kendall’s campaigns for good. 

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7. Cults 

Another Spotify Original Podcast, Cults offers a glimpse into a different niche of crime podcasts. Hosts Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson guide listeners through the minds of both the leaders and followers of cults. Just as chilling as cold cases, the religious doctrines and warning signs of what really goes on inside cults may be best listened to with the lights on. 

8. Crimes of Passion 

With hints of a drama TV show, Crimes of Passion focuses specifically on crimes that involve former lovers, family members, or friends. Betrayal, theft, and murder are rampant in the episodes of this podcast. Elements of thrill and emotion make Crimes of Passion a contender for one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify.

Host Lanie Hobbs has gone on to co-found the true crime podcast festival and is perfect at her job of psychoanalyzing what makes spouses go from love to murder. Although Crimes of Passion has recently been canceled, plenty of episodes are in the backlog for viewers to listen to.

9. Medical Murders 

Next up, we have an eerily thrilling podcast, Medical Murders. Similarly, Medical Murders is another Spotify Orignal that examines some of history’s most infamous doctors who used their skills to kill rather than follow their oath to save lives. Medical Murders began in 2020 and now has over 130 episodes. 

Hosted by Alastair Murden and assisted by Dr. David Kipper, a practicing M.D. who offers expert advice, Medical Murders might make your next doctor’s check-up a bit more anxiety-ridden. 

10. The Deck 

A newer crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers, the host of Crime Junkies — another one of the best crime podcasts on Spotify — The Deck is climbing the Spotify crime podcast charts to #15. With weekly episodes, The Deck works with investigators and family members to give listeners details about cold cases to finally bring justice to the victims. 

The card deck theme is based on the tradition of law enforcement replacing card decks with images of missing persons and distributing them around prisons. Ashley Flowers’s true crime expertise and the internet’s love of crime podcasts make it one of our top crime podcasts to recommend. The smash-hit podcast is so popular it’s gearing up to go on a 2023 tour: The Deck Investigates.  

This article was written by Abigail Adams

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