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By Editorial Staff

When your favorite influencers and digital creators aren’t creating YouTube or Instagram content, odds are they’re working on a new Spotify playlist for their account. On the app, influencers are some of the most followed users that create popular playlists filled with the ideal music for any mood. Whether it’s a top workout playlist to get you pumped up for a run or a soothing playlist for a relaxing car ride, these influencers have curated the perfect songs for every occasion. Here are the top Spotify playlists you can start streaming ASAP: 

1. Beth’s favorites

YouTuber Bethany Mota may not have as many Spotify followers as other influencers on the list, but her playlists bring in some of the highest numbers in terms of followers and listeners. Her most popular playlist, titled “Beth’s favorites”, is a compilation of all of her favorite songs so her audience can get a bigger insight into her personality and music taste. On the playlist, you can listen to anything from Mota’s pop favorites to rock classics.

2. F*ck You 🙂

With 256K followers on Spotify, YouTuber Andrea Russett loves sharing music with her audience. While she has newer playlists that follow certain themes, her most popular playlist is an older playlist that’s all about moving on from a relationship and being a confident single woman. While most of the songs on the list come from powerful female vocalists and girl groups, you can also find classics from Justin Timberlake and Drake.

3. Jams by Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley not only has a successful YouTube account and pop culture podcast, but he also runs a Spotify account with more than 166K followers. Each year, Oakley creates a “Jams” playlist on which he adds his new favorite songs from the year or songs that he’s currently loving. Throughout the year, Oakley consistently adds new songs, so you should always keep checking back for more of his recommendations.

4. Christmas

Zoë Sugg, a.k.a. Zoella, is a popular YouTuber who doubles as a frequent Spotify user with 163K Spotify followers. She makes a ton of playlists for her followers, all of which follow various themes and are made up of songs from various artists. With her vast music taste, anyone can find a playlist for them – but her most popular is her Christmas playlist that’s just over five hours long.

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5. getting ready

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the sign CARRIED these pictures

A post shared by HANNAH (meloche) (@hannahmeloche) on

With more than 110K followers on Spotify, Hannah Meloche is a YouTuber with playlists that attract thousands of listeners. As a content creator, Meloche strategically makes her Spotify playlists based on specific themes, and this one is full of great music that she listens to all the time while she gets ready. Not only is this playlist her most followed, but she’s also continuously adding music to it throughout the year.

6. Eva’s Work Out!

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Past 4 days have been Llamas 🦙

A post shared by EVA MARISOL GUTOWSKI (@mylifeaseva) on

Eva Gutowski, one of the most successful YouTubers on the platform, often makes playlists for her 286K followers on Spotify. Her playlists are all themed and include her favorite songs correlating with that specific theme, such as her “Girls Night In” playlist or her “Summer Throwbacks” playlist. Her workout playlist is her most-followed curated playlist, full of 85 songs that she says will “keep you moving”. On the playlist, you can find music from Travis Scott, Passion Pit, Britney Spears, and much more.

7. winter 2017

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YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is one of the most followed influencers on Spotify with 310K followers. A majority of her public playlists are named after seasons and years, acting as a time capsule of what she listened to the most in that period of time. All of her playlists bring in thousands of listeners, but this specific Spotify playlist, full of her indie-rock favorites, has the most followers by a long shot.

8. the music from my vid lol

With a following of 157K on her Spotify account, Sarah Baska often shares her love for music on Spotify when she’s not sharing her new favorite songs on YouTube. When her subscribers asked her for music recommendations, she shared this playlist of catchy tunes and ultimately brought in the highest number of listeners and followers out of all her playlists. Her unique music taste is clear on the playlist, as she includes songs from multiple different artists from multiple different categories ranging from Aminé to Tash Sultana. 


Marla Catherine is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber that also has a Spotify account with 118K followers. As a digital creator, Catherine keeps her Spotify account true to her aesthetic with beautiful customized album covers and themes based on the seasons and the years, similar to Emma Chamberlain’s playlists. While many of her other playlists have thousands of followers, her most-followed Spotify playlist is full of 110 songs that she uses in her vlogs.

10. cryin’

Dodie is an English YouTuber, sing-songwriter, and author with a popular Spotify account. While her most popular Spotify playlist is a complete compilation of her music, her second most followed playlist is all about sad songs and crying. The playlist includes 63 songs that span across genres and Dodie notes that it’s her favorite playlist that she has on her account. As Dodie made the description on the playlist, these songs are “for when you’re walking home and feel the need to cry it out”.

Check out these Spotify playlists and influencers that didn’t make the cut:

PlaylistNumber of FollowersInfluencer
swole 3.016,773Summer Mckeen
everything is changing in the most bitter sweet sense13,225Enya Umanzor
good sh*t9,820Siena Mirabella
HONEY: [GOOD ENOUGH] PART 19,792Nathan Zed
WRITING8,952Mikey Murphy

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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