Campaign Teardown

Netflix Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

As a whole, it is incredible that Netflix has been able to stay at the top of the streaming service race for this long. But what many do not know, is that behind the scenes they are continuously coming up with ideas that consistently help them out pace their competitors. By being one of the first brands to make the transition from CD rentals to online streaming, Netflix’s flexibility when it comes to entering new spaces is unmatched. 

With the introduction of Netflix’s original shows over the past year, having a way to promote their new content to people other than customers was something that was long talked about. This is where we come in. As a world class influencer marketing company, our team here at NeoReach was able to create a campaign unlike any other by using influencers on TikTok to create buzz around Cobra Kai Season 3, one of Netflix’s most recent popular shows. 

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Netflix Campaign Teardown


Cobra Kai, originally premiered on YouTube Red in early 2018, where it was then re-released onto Netflix in mid-2020 making it one of their most popular shows at the time. With the success that Netflix saw from this show that they acquired, they decided to take matters into their own hands, producing their own season and releasing it on January 8th, 2021. 

Typically when promoting shows, you would see a short trailer of the clip play during television commercials, but with a company like Netflix where they are all web-based, this was a little different. 

The TikTok Transition

The explosion of TikTok as a marketing tool has helped brands (no matter the size) grow exponentially. The algorithm that TikTok uses almost guarantees that users will be seeing these videos, also knowing that there is a good chance of one sponsored video going viral. Another reason why brands love TikTok as their primary marketing tool is because it is cheaper to have a TikTok influencer make content than an influencer making content on Instagram or YouTube. 

Using TikTok for advertising really gives brands the opportunity to organically engage with their audience as opposed to a regular television ad. Creators create a sense of trust and one-on-one feel that audiences love. Since audiences are able to trust influencers so much, it only makes sense for influencers to push the products they like, and work for the brands that they love. 

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Influencer Selection and Their Campaigns

When creating a campaign designed specifically for Netflix, it was important that we follow specifications dictated by the brand. By combing through our extensive influencer database, we found influencers that would reach a wide variety of audiences and post content that would not only capture Cobra Kai’s intense storyline, but also have the ability to captivate viewers. The end goal: to increase brand awareness and increase the views of the show. 

We started by using our in-house data tracker, Tikscore, by which we are able to monitor fast growing TikTokers then pull creators that matched with our target demographics. For this campaign, we wanted TikTok creators, both men and women, with diverse cultural backgrounds and target demographics, that would be able to hit many different types of audiences. Some notable influencers that we used on this campaign include:

1. Zachary Ryan

Zachary Ryan is a TikTok star who really makes you laugh with his comedy centered short videos. Check out this video below to see his version of the #CobraKaiChop.

2. Hunter Woodhall

American track and field star, Hunter Woodhall, shares day-to-day life as someone who has lost both of his legs. He posts inspirational videos, days in his life, and overall content that is sure to make you laugh!


please cast me @netflix I won’t let you down #karate #WinterFit #ad #CobraKaiChop

♬ original sound – Hunter Woodhall

3. Damien Doyle Jr. 

Damein Doyle is just another TikTok star that will have you on the floor with his comedy skits. His prank videos in public to ordinary people are what makes this account comedic gold.


It’s Cobra Kai time! @netflix #AD #NETFLIX #cobrakaichop

♬ original sound – Damien Doyle Jr

For more information on these influencers, check out their profiles linked above! And to watch additional videos made by our creators, make sure to check out the #CobraKaiChop hashtag on TikTok to see all the great content put out by our creators!

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Overall, the campaign led by our team for Netflix’s third season of Cobra Kai was widely successful. By using hashtags, trending dances, and short videos that painted a story, the #CobraKaiChop, which was pushed by our creators, got over 4.5 billion views. Incredible to say the least. 

With an outstanding number of viewers on our hashtag already, we got an additional 2.8 million views on the campaign itself. By only using 10 creators in total for this big scale campaign, it was super important that the creators were able to put out relatable content that would appeal to their audiences. By having our creators create quality content, Netflix was able to achieve an ROI (return on investment) of 2.76, almost tripling their original investment!

This data that was collected goes to show that influencer marketing for big brands works! When big brands collaborate with successful influencers, more often than not, campaigns end up very successful. For more information and other graphics surrounding this campaign check out the case study on our website here!

This article was written by Jake Steel

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