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Top 10 YouTube Trends

By Editorial Staff

Trends change almost every day on social media. One day the ALS ice bucket challenge is everywhere and the next everyone is planking on refrigerators. We know it’s a lot to keep up with, but, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. That’s why we’ve made the list of top YouTube trends right now so you too can be on the edge of what’s hip on the internet.

Top 10 YouTube Trends

By Harrison Loew

Immersive Shopping

Have you ever wanted to buy something and were worried about how it would look, function, or feel? Well, YouTube content creators have got you covered in 2019. The immersive shopping trend is sweeping YouTube as one of the top trends to make customer’s experience easier, smoother, and more convenient!

Morning and Night Routines

We all know how challenging it can be to find the right morning and night routine. With so many skin care and cosmetic options, it’s a wonder we even make it out of the house on time. Luckily, one of the top trends of YouTube right now is morning and night routines. From makeup to skincare, gym schedules to early morning drinks, YouTube has routines to help you to solve your routine woes.

Primitive Technology

Primitive technology videos have made a comeback in YouTube trends recently. By using all natural resources, professional builders make incredible objects such as huts, bows, and axes. They also teach farming, hunting, and trapping as a survival guide to the real wilderness. So, whether you are out in your backyard or out in the Congo, these videos bring viewers a step closer to the primitive human.

Celebrity Channels

A-list celebrities have taken to YouTube recently to gain a direct connection between themselves and their fans. Normally, we never get to see celebrities in their unplanned form, but with the recent change in social media, fans can get to know the real star. These YouTube series are just that and provide helpful insight into the world of the famous.


Gaming has always been a mainstay of the YouTube realm. But since the introduction of Fortnite, a wildly popular international PC game, and series such as “Let’s Play,” the video game scene has continued to grow at a fast pace. Any game, anytime, anywhere, YouTube content creators have got you covered for top quality content.

Branded Podcasts

Podcasts have been a recently popular way to learn about stars, political issues, nature, and everything in-between. These podcasts have found their way onto the trending categories of YouTube time and time again. From Elon Musk talking about artificial intelligence to learning about deep sea creatures, branded podcasts have taken up a large amount of YouTube real estate.

Ugly to Beauty Challenge

The ugly to beauty challenge has made a surge on YouTube and other top social media outlets. These makeup and self-care tutorials are a great way of displaying how much a wide knowledge of products and skin care can help someone look the best they ever have. While the name might not be uplifting, these self-care videos are helpful for people looking to take the first step into cosmetics.

Follower Decided Content

One of the bigger trends of YouTube has been to allow viewers to decide content. Everyone wants to be interactive with the content creators they follow and now you have the chance to do so. Whether they listen to comments or create polls, creators have gone to great lengths to make sure they are making the content their viewers want to see!

How to

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could do that”? Well, don’t worry. YouTube content creators are here to help. From making pies to building treehouses, the “how to” video trend has swept YouTube. So the next time you wonder, “Where do I even start?”,  just go to YouTube and thank us later.


With all of the content on YouTube and social media, we want to know, “How are the top YouTubers reacting these videos?” Rap roasts, car crashes, celebrity videos- everything is on the table for a reaction. This is why reaction videos have made their surge as one of the top trends of YouTube. So now that you know what they think, what do you think?

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