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Top 15 Unboxing Channels on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

With so much information floating around the internet, it has become extremely easy to get every spec and detail of a product even holding it in your hand. If you are thinking about getting a new laptop or cell phone, it can be an expensive and long term decision which is why unboxing and review videos have become so popular over the years. As you can imagine, many of these popular unboxing channels are for technology and new products, but over the years the demographic has changed and now you can find unboxing reviews of almost anything! We have pulled together a list of the most popular unboxing channels. We will go over the top toy and electronics unboxing accounts as well as dive into the other channels that should suffice for any of your review needs. 

Top 15 Unboxing Channels on YouTube

1. Linus Tech Tips 

  • 9.19M subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 24, 2008

Linus Sebastian is a 33-year-old Canadian YouTuber who loves reviewing all things tech! Linus runs four different YouTube channels, Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, and Channel Super Fun. Across all four channels, Linus has over 13 million followers and is still active on all of them except for Channel Super Fun. On Linus Tech Tips, most of the videos focus on electronics, gaming, and tech hardware. This unboxing channel is not for tech newbies as Linus dives deep into different complex systems and products that the average joe might not be familiar with. At the same time, he does mix in some basic reviews of products so if you are a gamer and looking for reviews on all the top gaming PCs Linus has you covered. Still posting content regularly Linus now lives in British Columbia with his wife Yyvone and three children. 

2. Everything Apple Pro

  • 7.68M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 27, 2009

This channel was created in 2009 and is dedicated to specially review and unbox Apple products. If you are an Apple lover and want to hear about any new product leaks or see what the new features are on upcoming iPhones you will love this channel. Everything Apple Pro shares information on products before they have been released and once the new products are out they always do meticulous reviews comparing them to the older generations. Alongside sharing information on the future of Apple, the channel also creates exciting content that makes you wish you had extra Apple products laying around. What do we mean by this? For example, you can watch an AK-47 Bullet shoot through multiple iPhones to see how many it takes to stop the bullet. You can also figure out which iPhone is most bulletproof through a live trial. Very entertaining and informational content here for Apple lovers! 

3. Dope or Nope 

  • 7M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 10, 2011

Just as the name suggests, this channel unboxes products to see if they are Dope or Nope! This channel started off as “Matthiasiam” back in 2011 but changed names to Dope or Nope which it holds to date. The channel posts entertaining unboxing videos for random products with no specific genre. If you have ever seen strange Instagram ads pop up on your feed or gag gifts at the store and wondered if they were legitimate or high quality the Dope or Nope crew has videos unboxing them for you. More like a talk show than a sit-down channel the group of three will joke around and test out these strange products before voting them Dope or Nope! 

4. iJustine 

  • 6.12M subscribers
  • Joined May 6, 2006

iJustine is the first female unboxing channel on our list but she is definitely in the top five of all time! With almost 6 million subscribers, Justine Ezarik has solidified a spot in the YouTube world as a top creator. Justine is 35 and originally from Philadelphia, now living in Los Angeles. She first gained popularity in 2007 when she posted a video about her 300-page iPhone bill which went viral. She has been featured on various TV shows such as Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and The Vampire Diaries. Her channel is a little more interactive than some of the other unboxing channels as Justine likes to get creative with how she reviews products. She mostly reviews smartphones but she will do so by recording a vlog using the product to show the quality and give a review that the viewers can relate to. Justine also creates cooking videos and fun challenges with her friends that live on iJustine. 

5. JerryRigEverything 

  • 4.46M subscribers
  • Joined July 23, 2012

Zack Nelson runs the unboxing channel JerryRigEverything and has had this channel since 2012. JerryRigEverything is primarily a technology and gaming unboxing and fixing channel as Zack is a tech wizard who wants to share his knowledge with the rest of his fans. If you like seeing tablets and phones being shattered and broken in half, you will love his durability test section of his channel. He does durability tests on almost all of the newest smartphones, scratching them, dropping them, and even burning them! The 31-year-old creator recently got married to Cambry Kaylor in the summer of 2019. 

6. The Relaxing End

  • 4.24M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 2, 2011

TheRelaxingEnd started in 2011 but has already accumulated over 4 million subscribers in just eight years. This channel is far more niche than the others as it is almost entirely focused on gaming. Whether it is gameplay videos or unboxing the newest Fortnite consoles TheRelaxingEnd has you covered. You can also find smartphone and tablet unboxing videos on this channel but if you are looking for a detailed specific review on a smart device you might want to head over to another one of these tech unboxing channels. 

7. Geekyranjit 

  • 2.77M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 6, 2011

Geekyranjit is different than all of our other top unboxing channels thus far as it is an English channel based in India. Ranjit did this technology review channel back in 2011 and over the years he has gained a global following of 2.8 million subscribers. Ranjit loves the world of technology and has a system for the way he does his unboxing videos. Companies will send their new smartphones to Ranjit in hopes that his authentic unbiased opinion will bring positive feedback boosting their sales. When getting sent products to review it can be very tricky since there is much more going on behind the scenes (check out NeoReach’s Influencers Terms & Conditions). His review style is always in a sit-down fashion and full of details and professionally managed. If you want every little spec of a device you will get that information on Geekyranjit’s channel. 

8. Jonathan Morrison

  • 2.66M subscribers
  • Joined March 24, 2010

Jonathan Morrison is a 32-year-old YouTuber from Los Angeles who does unboxing videos on the latest and greatest tech and gadgets on the market. He does reviews on new phones and laptops as well as guides on what buyers should know before spending money on a new iPhone or iPad. With no real set format for his videos, Jonathan goes on adventures with his new gadgets to see if they actually work when putting them to the test. Jonathan is close friends with YouTuber Austin Evans as well. 

9. UrAvgConsumer

  • 2.58M subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 1, 2012

UrAvgConsumer is run by YouTuber Judner Aura based in New Jersey where he lives with his wife Arie. Judner who goes by Jud is the host of the show and posts multiple times a week on the channel. The couple runs the channel together producing professional yet laid back video content. His videos are more casual and lighthearted as Jud opens up techy headphones, backpacks, phones and more. If you aren’t looking for minute details on products but really just want to see if they look sleek and work well Jud is your go-to reviewer.

10. Lamarr Wilson

  • 1.77M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 27, 2008

Lamarr Wilson is a little bit older than most YouTubers, but at the age of 41, he still has the energy of a 20-year-old! He is not only known for his reviews but his hilarious personality as he has hosted Socially Awkward and YouTube Weekly in the past. In 2014 he won the People’s Choice Webby Award and is a well known in the YouTube community. Based out of Chicago, Lamarr started his channel back in 2008 filming vlogs and creating comedic videos, which has now transitioned into mostly gaming and technology reviews. You will find Xbox and Nintendo unboxings alongside Disney and random other mystery boxes. Looking for high energy and some laughs? Check out Lamarr’s unboxing channel. 

11. Jon Rettinger 

  • 1.56M subscribers
  • Joined June 7, 2007

Starting his YouTube career in 2007 Jon Rettinger recorded himself unboxing his new iPhone which spiraled into the fame and success he has today. Known in the industry for his electronics reviews Jon is highly respected and one of the original unboxing channels on YouTube. Once he saw how much traction his videos were gaining he started the company Techno Buffalo where all technology news updates and reviews were shared. In January of this year, Jon made a video announcing that he was selling Techno Buffalo so he could spend more time focusing on what he loves the most, making videos. His channel is mostly reviews and testing of smartphones but you can also find some fun Tesla videos for all you car lovers too. 39-year-old Jon now lives in Orange County California with his wife and son. 

12. Jaques Slade

  • 1.16M subscribers
  • Joined Feb. 11, 2006

While the most popular unboxing channels tend to be for electronics and toys, Jaques Slade’s channel is all about shoes, sports, and technology. If you are a shoe enthusiast and want to see the newest trending men’s sneakers on the market you should check out this channel. He’s reviewed almost every pair of Nike Jordans out there and features the newest high tech shoes and backpacks multiple times a week. With his channel dating back to 2006, Jacques has accumulated over 160 million views and 1.2 million subscribers. Jaques is now 43-years-old and currently lives in Los Angeles. 

13. ToyBoxCollectibles

  • 590K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 21, 2014

ToyBox Collectibles is run by a husband and wife duo who go by the names Cupquake and Red. This channel is a family-friendly environment for viewers to come watch unboxing and reviews of surprise boxes, collectibles, and arts and crafts. The couple also has their own YouTube channels where they post additional unboxing videos amongst other content which are iHasCupquake and redb15. If you like legos, plushies and anime you will love seeing what fun toys the husband and wife duo play with next! 

14. Dom Esposito

  • 462K subscribers
  • Joined May 26, 2011

Dom Esposito is another popular name in the world of tech unboxing and reviews. Dom was born and raised in Arizona and is now 33-years-old. He started his channel back in 2011 and continues to post content regularly. His channel is mostly dedicated to new technology reviews for things like smartphones, laptops, and little gadgets. Making his videos fun yet informative Dom is a good go-to review channel when you are on the hunt for a new smartphone and want to see it’s features and quality level. Although he may have fewer subscribers than some of the other YouTubers, his channel as almost 1 billion views.  

15. SmartWatch Ticks 

  • 104K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 5, 2015

SmartWatch Ticks has been around since 2005 serving the YouTube community with everything you need to know about smartwatches. The channel still creates content every few days and has unboxing reviews for all the top smartwatch brands on the market. As technology has evolved, most smartwatches also track fitness and health so the channel now makes sure to include health tracking systems as well. SmartWatch Ticks reviews all these different types of watches and health trackers featuring brands like Apple, Rundoing, Huawei, Zeblaze and more! For you fitness junkies or tech wizards looking to add a new accessory to the list, find the best one for you on SmartWatch ticks. 

Top 5 Toy Unboxing Channels on YouTube

1. Ryan ToysReview

  • 21.6M subscribers
  • Joined March 16, 2015

Ryan Kaji is only 8 years old and already has a net worth of over $22 million. How does this kid make more money than Jake Paul and PewDiePie? He reviews children’s toys for a living! This channel started back in 2014 when Ryan was 4-years-old when his parents shared videos of him reviewing his new toys. Ryan would watch EvanTubeHD’s videos and wanted to do the same which is what sparked his interest in YouTube at such a young age. The Kaji family lives in Los Angeles and Ryan is one of three children, the only boy with a set of twin sisters. Earlier this year Ryan signed a deal with Walmart and now has his own line of toys in over 2,500 stores. His most popular toy is a giant egg with various mystery toys hiding inside. Ryan also has contracts with Hulu and Amazon for his video content all adding to his total expected net worth of $80 million for 2019.  Ryan will be the highest-paid YouTuber very soon and can buy more toys to unbox for his 21.5 million fans!  

2. CKN Toys

  • 13.4M subscribers
  • Joined March 27, 2015

CKN is another young YouTube sensation dominating the unboxing channel space and the young boy who stars in the videos has yet to be named. The adorable little boy goes by the name CKN and the unboxing channel is run by his parents. The Australian family likes to keep their son as the star of the channel and children around the world are obsessed with all the exciting new content that the family creates. CKN often unboxes and plays with his battery-powered cars, surprise eggs, and superhero figures. Not far behind Ryan ToysReview, CKN has 13.3 million subscribers and is still growing his popularity internationally. CKN has signed a deal with Australian licensing agency, Haven, and will be releasing merchandise later this year. The family has an expected net worth of $22 million and will only continue to grow their success with the products to come in the future. 

3. FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review 

  • 11.7M subscribers
  • Joined Apr 13, 2011

FunToys Collector previously known as Disney Toys Reviews is run by a woman who loves to open up children’s toys especially ones by Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, LOL dolls. The woman does not share her identity and only shows her hands as she opens up fun toys and games with her enthusiastic commentary. She loves to open up surprise eggs and show what little trinkets are inside. She has 11.8 million subscribers on YouTube and continues to grow utilizing SEO and product descriptions! The woman who runs the channel said that she loves to play with toys for little children as she was never able to afford them in her childhood. The channel has a very simple concept, but can be very entertaining for young children to watch. 

4. AWESMR kids 

  • 5.62M subscribers
  • Joined Oct. 1, 2013

AWESMR Kids is a fun channel that does tutorials on new interactive play-sets and arts and crafts for children. The channel started in 2013 and has built over 5.6 million subscribers over the past six years! The channel is run by Awe Some Toys and has a team who create “how-to” videos on play-sets such as the Scented Marker Creator Play Kit and DIY Mickey Mouse Cake Pops kit. The types of toys that are on this channel are typically for children who are older as some of them require baking in the oven, hot surfaces, and following written instructions. If you have a child who loves to craft and you’re looking for a fun activity to do with them, check out this channel to get some great ideas! 

5. Kid’s Toys

  • 2.59M subscribers
  • Joined May 14, 2012

Kid’s Toy’s unboxing channel lets viewers to feel as though they are opening the toy boxes themselves! The girls mostly feature new Lego sets, Trolls dolls, and Barbies for their viewers. After going on a slight hiatus and not posting new content for a year, the channel is now back posting regularly. Their new unboxing style is short videos with calming music in the background compared to their previous style of the two young girls playing and talking about the toys. Short and sweet videos to see what goodies are on the market for children!

Top 5 Electronics Unboxing Channels on YouTube

1. Unbox Therapy 

  • 15.4M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 21, 2010

Unbox Therapy is a top technology and electronics unboxing and review YouTube channel that is run by two Candian men, Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack McCann. Jack is the videographer and sticks behind the camera while Lewis is front and center sharing his thoughts on the products. The channel started back in 2010 but gained its popularity in 2014 when the duo filmed Lewis bending his iPhone with his bare hands. Over the years the channel has hit the spotlight by showcasing exciting new technology whether it be the newest smartphones, hi-tech sneakers, phone gadgets, etc. If you like to geek out with the newest technology or are looking for a professional and honest review before dropping a few hundred bucks you can trust Unbox Therapy. 

2. Marques Brownlee 

  • 9.41M subscribers
  • Joined March 21, 2008

Marques Brownlee is a New Jersey native and currently lives in Hoboken. The 25-year-old is known for casual sit down unboxing videos of new technology. His friendly informative approach to reviewing the products has allowed him to build a strong loyal following of over 9 million subscribers. Marques started his channel in 2008 while he was still in high school reviewing electronics that he already had laying around. Marques reviews and videos have been featured in articles in Times Magazine, Forbes, and many more as a trusted source. With such a large presence on YouTube, you can find celebrities such as Elon Musk and Kobe Bryant in some of his videos. Not only does he review electronics but if you are interested in the newest car tech or clothing tech you will surely find something interesting on his channel. 

3. Austin Evans 

  • 3.88M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 4, 2007

Austin Evans’s unboxing reviews are a little goofier and relatable for people who are interested to see what strange gadgets are available. His channel started in 2007 and now has over 3.9 million subscribers. If you like seeing how tech is built or enjoy gaming you will love Austins channel. He covers a lot of bases with his videos and you can spend hours watching his reviews and gaming content. He has various segments on his channel such as the one titled “Is it worth it?” where he reviews smartphones and laptops to see if they are worth the cost, another is called “why does this exist?” where he reviews electronic products and accessories and dives into why they were even created. The 27-year-old New Jersey native is close friends with Marques Brownlee and recently got married. He now lives in Los Angeles. Austin also has another channel called “This Is” where he talks about interesting facts and stories about science tech, and history. 

4. The Verge 

  • 2.71M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 7, 2006

A more professional channel, The Verge is an online publication that has built a strong presence on their YouTube to go alongside their website. The Verge launched in 2011 and is owned by Vox Media. The purpose of this channel is to give viewers an exclusive review on new technology and dives into how technology is affecting the world. You will find reviews on the newest iPhones and Apple watches as well as videos diving into building with renewable energy and the truth behind crowdfunding. If you are interested in technology and how it plays a role in our society you can read articles on, watch their video features on YouTube, and tune into their weekly Podcast, The Vergecast. 

5. C|NET

  • 2.29M subscribers
  • Joined May 5, 2006

Another top technology publication, C|NET is a media outlet that specializes in non-biased reviews and commentary on consumer goods and the world’s newest technology. Previously named the Computer Network, C|NET was founded in 1994 and still lives today. It is now owned by CBS Interactive. Similar to the other channels, if you are looking for a review on a new smartphone or technology device you will find helpful reviews and opinions on this channel. They also create helpful video content such as how to connect Airpods to your phone, or how to use airdrop on your MacBook for those who may be less tech-savvy and need some help! The videos on this channel will have you thinking about the future in many ways you never considered so check it out! 

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