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Top Ten Influencers in Extreme Sports

By Editorial Staff

Here’s our list for the top 10 extreme sport athletes on social media for 2017.  These influencers take risks which put them at the top! 

Craving adventure of the most epic proportions? These 10 daredevils will never let you down with their exciting accounts. They attract adventure-loving, young, vibrant fans from all over the world. Models, Olympians, surfers, stunt performers; there is no limit to what this list of 10 can accomplish.

At Neoreach, we chose the top 10 extreme sport influencers based on cumulative reach, audience, and engagement data.


#1 Influencer: Jay Alvarrez

Jay Alvarrez Influencer data cardModel, photographer, music producer, and extreme sport enthusiast, there is nothing Jay Alvarrez cannot do. Jay gained his worldwide following from posting videos of him and his former girlfriend, Alexis Ren, traveling the world. They were known as everyone’s “relationship goals” and still hold that title even through their breakup. Jay continues to travel the world and post videos of his epic adventures including skydiving. Today, Jay’s Instagram exceeds over 5 million followers.

Because regular skydiving wasn’t enough for Jay, he decided to make things more stimulating for himself and viewers watching. While plunging to the Earth’s surface Jay can be found on pool floats or having a nerf war with his friends. This thrilling and child-like play excites his 94% single and 85% female audience.


# 2 Influencer: Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana Influencer data card‘Boring’ isn’t in Travis Pastrana’s vocabulary. Pastrana is an American motorsports competitor and stunt performer, who has won gold medals in the X Games as well with Nascar.  His show called Nitro Circus highlights his daredevil lifestyle. His specialties include supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing. With 44% of his followers being 20-24 years old and 61% are single, Pastrana’s epic behavior attracts a vibrant young audience.

Notorious for the amount of injuries he’s had, ESPN filmed a documentary on him called 199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story. He’s easily considered as one of the greatest athletes in extreme sports history.

# 3 Influencer: Shaun White

Shaun white Influencer data cardShaun White or also known as the “Flying Tomato” is an American snowboarder and skateboarder. Along with 2 Olympic gold medals, he holds the record for the most X-Games gold medals and won 10 ESPY Awards. At the age of nine, Tony Hawk noticed him at a local skate park and mentored him throughout his career.  Hawk was a significant part of White’s career.

Shaun White has a following base of over 4 million people from the biggest cities in North America. He shares his daily experiences through pictures and videos on his social media accounts and inspires a range of people, stretching from ages 15-60.


# 4 Influencer: Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater Influencer data cardKelly Slater is an American professional surfer. He has won the World Surf League competition a record of 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles in 1994-98.  Slater also advocates a sustainable and clean-living lifestyle. Slater shares his favorite surfing moments on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Although he lives in America, he has strong followings in Australia (13%) and Brazil (16%). Slater has been on the cover of magazines since he was a kid. Slater’s happy attitude towards life makes his brand much more appealing.


# 5 Influencer: Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler Influencer data cardRyan Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. He guest starred on Red Bull TV, and he was the star of Life of Ryan, a hit reality show on MTV. Being a gifted athlete since childhood, Ryan got his first 2 sponsorships at the age of seven from Oakley and Etnies Skate Shoe. Now, he also partners with Red Bull, Plan B, Independent, Lume Cube, and Grizzly Griptape.

Sheckler posts videos of his sick tricks for his 2 million Instagram followers to enjoy.  Aside from his extreme talent, Sheckler’s smile is the first thing fans notice about him.


# 6 Influencer: Fabio Wibmer

Fabio Wibmer Influencer Data cardFabio is an Austrian stunt cyclist and MTB pro rider. He built his audience from his YouTube channel. Fans swarm his social media accounts to vicariously live through death-defying stunts. He became one of the gutsiest riders after he balanced his bike on top of one of Europe’s highest dams, standing at a whopping 200 meters tall.

Although the majority of his loyal followers are from places all over Europe, 75% of them speak English as their primary language. Fabio posts videos of his fails, stunts, pranks, and challenges. Once you watch one of his videos, you won’t be able to stop.


# 7 Influencer: Devin Graham

Devin Graham influencer data cardDevin Graham, or known as devinsupertramp, is an American videographer who producers adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube. Devin was an extreme athlete before he broke his back and legs during a snowboarding accident. Since recovery, he has performed behind the camera to film the most insane stunts.

He studied filmmaking at BYU, perfecting his skills with a camera and deepening his religious beliefs. However, Graham’s first successful video was produced using his cell phone. Devin’s most popular videos entail snowboarding, cliff diving, skydiving, and much more. His channel is followed by 75% of around the ages of 17-24. He never disappoints to make more epic videos week after week.


# 8 Influencer: Chris McDougall

Chris Mcdougall Influencer data cardChris McDougall is a professional base jumper, wingsuit pilot, and instructor with over 215,000 followers worldwide. He has over 3,500 registered base jumps, and 7,100 skydives across more than 42 countries, which rightfully makes him one of the most experienced base jumpers active in the sport. Chris reels in fans from his thrilling videos of him flying through the sky.

His most famous social media handle is his YouTube channel that entertains over 167,000 subscribers. His Instagram account showcases his thrilling events along with pictures from his favorite travel endeavors.

“I love to share my experiences of these incredible sports, in the hope that they may inspire even just one person to break free from the constraints of society and achieve what their heart’s most desire – whatever that may be.” – McDougall-

# 9 Influencer: Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle Influencer data cardRyan Doyle is a freerunner, martial artist, coach, and actor from Liverpool, England. Doyle is the founder of the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. Doyle has won several national parkour events as well as being on MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, and the movie Freerunner.

With 81% of his followers making an annual income of 10,000 dollars or less, he emphasizes the fact that freerunning allows anyone to participate. Doyle expresses his fearless attitude by jumping from building to building during his parkour stunts. His following (77% male) obsess over this urban sport. 


# 10 Influencer: Snowcat

Snow Cat Influencer data cardSnowcat is a Canadian motovlogger who uses his social media accounts to showcase the world’s worst drivers. He is an extreme motorcyclist, pushing the limits while adding humor to regular day scenarios. Snowcat has his own clothing brand and encourages fans to support his “cause” to stop slow drivers; he’s quite the comedian.

He started his YouTube channel in March of 2006, and now he has 733,200 subscribers. Like the others, 85% of his followers are ages 17-24 and single. His most popular vlogs are face-to-face videos of him with people exhibiting road rage.


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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