TikTok Announces the TikTok Change Makers Program

By Editorial Staff

From viral dances to pandemic entertainment to influencer livelihoods, TIkTok’s platform has been integral in shaping both our modern day technological landscape for social media and its home as a digital realm for social, political, and interpersonal discussions and debates. Trailblazing spaces for influencers, creators, and online professionals, while also prioritizing user experience and engagement – the app has been one of the most influential of our time. Now, TikTok has announced an entirely new program for the app, alongside inaugural ones like The Creator Fund, called the “TikTok Change Makers Program.” Labeled a “global social impact creator elevation program,” this new Change Makers initiative pledges to both amplify the voices of change-driven creators and non-profits on the app, but also financially contribute to the causes they support. 

TikTok Announces the TikTok Change Makers Program

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Naming TikTok creators like @brunchwithbabs and @ecofran, TikTok acknowledges the many creators and influencers on their platform that do more than just share content and interact with their communities – they use their online space and presence to educate, raise awareness, raise money, and create positive impacts on their communities and initiatives. 

“Throughout this 6-month program, we will support these creators to build engaged communities, reach new audiences, and unlock real-world opportunities,” TikTok wrote in their announcement of the program, “through dedicated tools, resources, and donations to designated non-profit organizations, which will allow them to drive an even greater impact around their causes.” 

TikTok As A Digital Space For Advocacy

With Gen-Z boasting over 60% of TikTok’s user base, it’s not a surprise that the app has transitioned to include space for political causes, education, awareness, and social advocacy – they’re the generation best known for unique grassroots movements, radicalization of the digital realm, and innovative measures to raise awareness for the causes they’re most passionate about. From recycling to climate change to women’s rights to LGBTQ+ activism, there’s likely a community online that’s raising awareness about a topic you’re passionate about – including creators and influencers taking a front-seat approach to driving change. 

It’s creators like these that TikTok is passionately backing, well knowing that the inherently political space TikTok has grown into – from legal battles over the app’s future to full-first-person testimonials from on-going global political conflict – will passionately support them. 

“To officially launch this program,” they add in the announcement, “we are celebrating and unveiling our inaugural global list of TikTok Change Makers, comprising 50 purpose-driven creators from around the world. Whether it’s spreading positivity or sharing good deeds, these Change Makers continue to advocate, inspire, and educate their communities to drive collective change on TikTok and beyond.” 

Who Are The Founding TikTok Change Makers?

With 50 “purpose-driven” creators currently labeled as the faces of the Change Maker’s program, TikTok urges readers and viewers to get to know them, their content, and their initiatives on the app – supporting ones that resonate. However, TikTok administrators won’t just advocate for users to engage with these Change Maker’s content, they’ll also support them with “tools and resources” to build new audiences, build engaged communities, and promote donations and financial support to their initiatives, non-profits, and programs. 

“As a platform that celebrates creativity and authentic expression, TikTok brings together creators, non-profit organizations and businesses with a shared vision to rally support and raise awareness and funds for causes that matter. We’ve also seen over 50,000 posts under the #TikTokforGood hashtag,” they add, “showcasing the strength and impact of a community that’s keen to drive meaningful change and unlock real-world impact.”


Introducing the TikTok Change Makers program, our first-ever global initiative empowering #TikTokForGood creators! We’re spotlighting 50 purpose-driven creators and donating over $1 million to their favorite causes through the TikTok Change Makers Grant. Learn more via our link in bio.

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Whether they’re advocating for gender equality issues, global injustices, or the humane society, TikTok is looking to support their initiatives and community-building effort by giving them a larger platform to fundraise, speak, and grow on. Their view, especially in today’s culture and with the app’s general usage, is that “collective change” will unite us all – as we advocate and focus on the things that matter and light our souls and the world up. 

“The TikTok global community harnesses creative self-expression to drive positive impact by rallying support, raising awareness, and advocating for the causes they truly care about,” TikTok’s Head of Creators, Kim Farrell, added. “We’re proud to launch the TikTok Change Makers program to help social impact creators and non-profit organizations reach more communities, unlock real-world opportunities, and bring about lasting, meaningful change.”

TikTok’s Long-Term Change Makers Initiative

While the Change Maker’s program is set to run for only 6 months, the initiative has some big plans – both in social, online, and financial realms. In addition to supporting the creators with different tools, techniques, and ideas, they’ve also announced the TikTok Change Makers Grant to donate over $1M to over 30 global and local non-profit organizations supporting a breadth of different causes – specifically making each $25,000 direct donation to honor each Change Maker.

By using the #TikTokForGood hashtag, both Change Makers and users can interact with amplified content for a greater good. An app not purely for doom-scrolling and debating, the purpose of the Change Maker’s program is slated to drive change and cultivate impactful spaces for everyone to exist within.

Especially considering recent clashes between political/social advocacy debates and influencers on the platform, this new initiative seems to attempt to garner more public space for positive creator discourse. However, whether it’s an attempt to diversify their influencer demographic or simply draw attention to “good things” happening on the app – it’s an interesting initiative. It’s a reminder that social media platforms can easily house spaces for more than just entertainment, celebrity gossip, and human interest stories – not that those aren’t just as important in the grand scheme of things. It can be a space for political discourse, social advocacy, education, and even financial support for donations and fundraising – not just consumerism, greed, and entitlement.

This article was written by Zayda Slabbekoorn

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