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TikTok Influencer Marketing 2022: A Landscape Report

By Editorial Staff

Coming into 2022, governments and countries began re-entering business as usual, both socially and economically. To see how this event and context affected the market at large, NeoReach continued to analyze data from thousands of sponsored TikToks. This TikTok Influencer Marketing Report displays how industries, influencers, content creators, and ad agencies interacted to sell their products. 

To compile this report, we used NeoReach’s Social Intelligence API to analyze all TikTok posts within the 2021 calendar year, so you can navigate 2022 more easily. More specifically, we included brands and companies that activated campaigns with sponsored content achieving at least 10,000 views on TikTok. This list combs through 2,589 videos to create a vast influencer marketing report that goes through the top industries, spenders, and trends in influencer marketing on TikTok during 2021.

Top Industries on TikTok

TikTok continued to grow all throughout 2021, with its user base reaching 10.3 billion users and a total of 1.3 billion views. On an even more micro level, we saw user interactions at a high with 478,759 comments and 291,655 shares. Through data analysis, we were able to amass the top 5 industries that dominated the platform.

The top 5 industries on TikTok

 The Top 5 industries on TikTok made up 2,587 videos collectively.

  1. Home and Garden: 236,978,922 views
  2. Fashion: 233,148,069 views
  3. Food and Drinks: 204,545,261 views
  4. Tech: 223,532,712 views
  5. Beauty: 128,486,559 views

Home and Garden

Since coming onto TikTok, Home and Garden has grossed the most views out of all the categories with 236,978,922 views. Out of the 114 videos, they had a total comment count of 46.4k and 30,400 cumulative shares. When everyone had to stay at home, they began investing their time and views into improving the place they spent most of their lives. 


Fashion did pretty well too. Out of the 488 videos analyzed, they had 233,148,069 views, with 83,000 comments and 66,000 shares. Even in a pandemic, people enjoyed spending their time and money on self-expression through clothing. Whether that’s changing their wardrobe, following fashion influencers for at-home business casual, or investigating the sustainability of brands, people paid attention to fashion around them.

Food and Drink

Out of the 438 videos analyzed, the Food and Drink category amassed 204,545,261 views. They had 86,000 total comments and 55,000 total shares. The Food and Drink category had 164 different brands sponsoring them and reached 1.8 billion people, adapting and profiting during a time with little to no restaurant activity.  


Out of the 213 videos NeoReach analyzed, the Entertainment category amassed  182,000,000 views. The category would gain 44,700 comments and 26,000 total shares, reaching 182 million people with sponsorships from almost 80 different brands. This isn’t surprising, as one of the main things people do on TikTok – or any social media platform – is looking for entertainment. However, it can be more difficult for this category to put out sponsored videos, as it doesn’t usually have an on-brand product to sell in most cases.


Out of the 464 videos that NeoReach analyzed, Fashion amassed 129,000,000 views, 52,100 comments, and 30,000 shares. This category was sponsored by 224 brands, the most out of all the industries, and reached 1.6 billion people. Even as people weren’t going out, Beauty industry campaigns still held a strong pull amongst TikTok viewers.

This is just an overview of the full report. Click here to download the in depth TikTok marketing breakdown, complete with graphics, analysis, and more.

Content Types

Sponsored videos usually try to sell to customers using different types of product placement. The 3 most commonly seen are Dedicated, Description Only, and Integrated. Dedicated means that the entire video is about brand sponsorships. Description Only is when the brand is only mentioned in the comments. Integrated videos are those that have the product in the video, but are not solely devoted to that content.

  • Dedicated: 2,387 videos (91.7%)
  • Description Only: 40 videos (1.54%)
  • Integrated: 175 videos (6.75%)


Top Performing per Content Type

Graph of the top performing content types


With Dedicated content representing 91% of sponsored content analyzed, we can see that this is the most effective and popular type of sponsored ad. The most successful ad that we saw was one @celinaspookyboo did for Walmart. This ad had 4.1 million views and a reach of 1.3 million. 

Description Only

For Description Only ads, Charli XCX partnered with Amazon to rake in 4.1 million views, 241 shares, and gain a reach of 1.3 million.


For integrated ads, which take up 6.75% of all sponsored videos, we saw Cetaphil at the top with the most views. Cetaphilpartner had 11.4 million views and reached 5.4 million people. However, Cetaphil had the lowest share count with 201 shares. 

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Top TikTok Creators


  • 141 million views

Old school cause I’m sad

♬ original sound – Celina Myers

This sleepwalking queen likes to post about her life and make reaction videos. She is known for her odd sleepwalking habits, which combine comedy with curiosity.


  • 74 million views

…ouch??? #thefarewell #awkwafina #primevideo #thefarewellapv #apahm #apahm22apv #apahmapv #onprimenow

♬ original sound – Prime Video

Everyone knows Amazon Prime Video, but their TikTok adds an established media presence to that pervasive reputation. Amazon posts about their content and even shares small clips of movies and TV shows they offer


  • 46.4 million views

#answer to @spidermark790

♬ original sound – Zach King

This TikTok magician has long posted cool videos of him coming in and out of phones, paintings, and other impossible editing illusions. What makes Zach an excellent entertainer is that he uses advanced video editing to challenge the perspective of the viewer. What makes Zach a good TikTok influencer, is that he uses these video editing skills to showcase products. 


  • 31.8 million views

prom ‘22

♬ original sound – liamfawell

Emma holds sway in the fashion industry, using her experience and audience trust to showcase vibrant clothes and styles. In her sponsored videos, you can see her display the fit, gain some fashion inspiration, and then use her discount code to purchase styles after seeing them in action. 


  • 30.4 million views

@anwar @adamw @youneszarou #slidin #slidinweekend

♬ Feel Good – James Brown & Fambo

Jason Derulo is already an established name in the music industry. His grand success fuels his content showcasing the lavish lifestyle of a wealthy artist. However, Jason distinguishes his presence on the app by posting a wide range of comedy, fitness, and editing effects content. 


This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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