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Top Talk Shows and Podcast Streamers on Twitch

By Editorial Staff

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become one of the top live-streaming platforms on the internet. Although Twitch originally started as a platform primarily for streaming video games, it has since expanded. Twitch harbors streams for all content creators: musicians, talk show hosts, etc. A new collection of Twitch streamers called podcast streamers offer a new take on the classic podcast format. 

Podcast streamers are content creators using the popular live-streaming platform to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with audiences in real-time, fostering a sense of connection and engagement that is truly unique. With Twitch’s and podcasts’ popularity, “just chatting” streams on Twitch are a great way for podcast streamers to build their following. We’ve rounded up the top talk show and podcast streamers on Twitch, some of the best in the business. 

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H3 Podcast

The H3 Podcast is a talk show hosted by husband and wife Ethan and Hila Klein. Also, the couple is the creators behind the YouTube channel h3h3Productions where the show originally started. However, the podcast has since moved to Twitch and is now streamed live every Tuesday and Friday. The H3 Podcast Youtube Channel has 2.87 million subscribers and has received 1 billion total views on Twitch. 

The H3 Podcast covers many topics, including internet culture, memes, current events, etc. Each episode typically features one or more guests, often popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers, comedians, or other online personalities. Past guests have included PewDiePie, Bill Burr, and Post Malone, making the H3 Talk Show even more popular. 

The show has gained a dedicated following on Twitch, with viewers tuning in weekly to watch Ethan and Hila’s humorous and engaging conversations with their guests. Their personalities make Ethan and Hila some of the best podcast streamers. The H3 Podcast also has a strong community on social media, with fans sharing clips and highlights from the show and engaging in discussions on Twitter and other platforms. 

The Joe Rogan Experience 

The Joe Rogan Experience is a long-form interview podcast hosted by comedian, actor, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. The podcast covers various topics: science, technology, politics, sports, and popular culture. Rogan is known for his candid and free-flowing conversations with guests, often experts in their fields or other prominent figures.

While the Joe Rogan Experience began as an audio-only podcast, Rogan has since expanded the show to include a live video stream available on platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch. The Twitch stream is typically live-streamed during the podcast recording, allowing viewers to watch the show as it’s being produced in real-time. Furthermore, this has expanded Joe’s following and is one of the key details to being a successful podcast streamer. 

On Twitch, Joe’s channel has gained a massive following, with over 11 million followers as of April 2023. Joe’s Youtube channel, where he often reposts the podcast streams, has 14.7 million subscribers. With Joe’s popular guest stars and humorous personality, Joe Rogan has become one of the best podcast streamers on Twitch and one of the best podcasts in general.  

The Misfits Podcast 

The Misfits Podcast is a popular comedy podcast hosted by content creators and friends, including YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and other online personalities. The show features a rotating cast of hosts, including Fitz, SwaggerSouls, Zuckles, McCreamy, Toby on the Tele, and Inotorious. 

The Misfits Podcast is known for its irreverent humor, off-beat topics, and hilarious stories, often involving the hosts’ experiences and adventures. The show covers a wide range of topics, including gaming, pop culture, current events, and personal anecdotes, and often includes guests from the world of online content creation.

In addition to the podcast itself, the Misfits also produce a range of other content, including gameplay videos, skits, and vlogs. Likewise, Misfits’ content can be found on their YouTube and other platforms. The Misfits have also organized live events, such as meet-and-greets and live podcasts, which have attracted thousands of fans worldwide, making them some of the most successful podcast streamers. 

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The Trainwreckstv Podcast is a popular talk show Twitch streamer Tyler Niknam hosts. Tyler is most known for his career as an esports streamer. However, his audience has expanded since he became a podcast streamer. The show features a variety of guests, including other streamers, esports athletes, and celebrities, who join Trainwreckstv to discuss a wide range of topics, including gaming, pop culture, politics, and current events.

The Trainwreckstv Podcast is known for its lively and often heated discussions, as the host and guests offer their opinions and insights on a range of issues. Trainwreckstv is known for his bold and outspoken personality. The show reflects his unapologetic approach to conversation and debate. Well-loved guests such as Dream, Mr.Beast, and Lil Uzi Vert have been featured on the show, making it one of the most high-profile Twitch Talk shows. 

Just Chatting with MopGarden

“Just Chatting with MopGarden” is a popular Twitch stream hosted by MopGarden, also known as a video game streamer, Jenelle Dagres. Jenelle is much loved, and the talk show primarily focuses on casual conversation and community building, with MopGarden discussing various topics and engaging with her audience through chat and other interactive features.

Jenelle’s streams are known for their positive and welcoming atmosphere, and she often shares personal stories and offers advice and encouragement to her viewers. The show covers many topics, including pop culture, current events, mental health, and relationships, and often features guests from the Twitch community.

In addition to “Just Chatting,” MopGarden also streams other content, including gaming and creative streams. She is known for her talent as an artist and frequently shares her artwork with her audience. MopGarden’s popularity as a podcast streamer has allowed her to become an official partner of Twitch. 

The Corp 

The Corp Podcast is a popular business and entrepreneurship podcast hosted by former NFL player and media personality Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. The show features interviews with high-profile guests, including business leaders, athletes, celebrities, and other successful entrepreneurs.

The Corp Podcast is known for its in-depth and candid conversations. Alex and Dave’s experience as professional media personalities make them especially adept at podcast streaming. The show covers a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, and the intersection of business and culture.

In addition to the podcast itself, The Corp has produced a range of other content, including a video series and live events, which have attracted thousands of fans worldwide. The show has gained a dedicated following, with millions of listens and views across its various platforms.

Hot Ones 

Another popular podcast streamer is Sean Evan, the creator and host of “Hot Ones: The Game Show.” In addition to the game show, Evan also hosts the YouTube series “Hot Ones.” The show features a range of celebrity guests who compete in various challenges and trivia games, all while eating increasingly spicy hot wings.

Each episode of “Hot Ones: The Game Show” features three celebrity guests who compete in a series of rounds. The winner receives a trophy and bragging rights. Along the way, they must navigate various obstacles and challenges, including trivia questions, physical challenges, and eating some of the hottest wings on the planet. Celebrity contestants such as Paul Rudd, Tom Holland, and Lizzo have been on Hot Ones, making the show a household name. 

The show is known for its humor, energy, and high production values and has attracted a large and dedicated following on Twitch. Sean Evans’s experience as a celebrity interviewer and Youtuber made his move to becoming a Twitch Podcast Streamer even more successful. 

The Tech Guy 

“The Tech Guy” is a popular podcast and radio show by technology expert Leo Laporte. While “The Tech Guy” is not exclusively a Twitch podcast, it does have a presence on the platform, with live streams of the radio show available to watch on Twitch. The show focuses on all aspects of technology. Leo provides insights and advice on topics ranging from computer hardware and software to smartphones, home entertainment systems, and the latest gadgets and innovations.

Each episode of “The Tech Guy” features call-in segments, where listeners can ask questions and seek advice on their tech-related problems. Leo’s engaging and approachable style has made the show a favorite among many tech enthusiasts and novices. Leo’s streaming success proves that anyone who has a bright personality and a passion for topics can become a podcast streamer.

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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