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Starting a Podcast? Check out These Podcast Topics

By Editorial Staff

Starting a podcast can be an exciting and rewarding journey. It allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, and stories with a wide audience, and connect with like-minded individuals. One of the most crucial steps in creating a successful podcast is choosing the right podcast topics.

With so many podcasts available on a variety of subjects, it can be overwhelming to find a unique and engaging subject to focus on, but we have some of the best podcast topics to make your new podcast destined to be a chart topper. 

1. Global news and politics 

Global news and politics podcasts provide a unique platform for individuals to discuss current events, political issues, and world news. They can range from objective reporting and analysis of events to more opinionated and editorial perspectives.

One of the most popular American political podcasts, Chapo Trap House is one of the top-earning creators on Patreon, earning roughly $165,000 monthly. There are many well established podcasts within this niche, so to best succeed, you’ll want to bring a fresh perspective to podcast topics like this. 

Popular Global News and Politics podcasts: 

  • The Global News Podcast by the BBC
  • Political Gabfest by Slate
  • The World by PRI and BBC
  • The Global Politico by Politico

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2. Product reviews 

Product review podcasts provide a platform for individuals to share their thoughts and opinions about the latest products and technology on the market. These podcasts typically focus on a specific category, such as technology, home goods, beauty products, or tech.

Product reviews don’t have to be your entire podcast topic, however. They also make great quick segments on podcasts on any topic. Using visuals are always helpful for reviewing products, so podcast topics like these offer the opportunity to expand to other platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, to grow your following even further. 

Popular Product Review podcasts 

  • The Tech Guy by Leo Laporte
  • The Kitchn’s Podcast
  • The Sweethome
  • Beauty Insider by Influenster

3. True crime 

True crime podcasts explore real-life criminal cases, both solved and unsolved, and delve into the details of the crimes and the individuals involved. These podcasts often include interviews with law enforcement officials, eyewitnesses, family members, and experts in the field, offering listeners a glimpse into the often-complex world of criminal investigations.


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A post shared by Crime Junkie (@crimejunkiepodcast)

One of the most popular podcast topics around, True Crime has been sweeping the internet, taking its loyal band of followers to all sorts of platforms, including TikTok and YouTube. With all the elements for great storytelling, some true crime podcast hosts have even gone on to write their own mystery books. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts 

  • Crime Junkie 
  • Unsolved Murders 
  • Murder, Mystery and Makeup 
  • Dateline NBC 

See a full list of the best true crime podcasts on Spotify here.

4. Books 

With the popularity of BookTok and BookTube, continuing literary discussions in longer form are podcast topics that will likely remain timeless. With the sheer number of books in the world, there’s always room for a new voice on the latest bestsellers or classics. 


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Book podcasts provide a platform for individuals to discuss and review their favorite books, authors, and literary trends. They offer listeners a chance to delve deeper into the books they love and discover new titles to add to their reading list.

Popular Book Podcasts 

  • Book Riot- The Podcast 
  • The New York Times Book Review Podcast:
  • What Should I Read Next?
  • Black Chick Lit 

Love BookTok? Here are the Top BookTok Accounts on TikTok. 

5. Movies 

Movie podcasts are a great way for movie enthusiasts to stay up-to-date on the latest films and engage in discussions about their favorite movies. These podcasts can range from reviews of current releases to in-depth discussions of classic films and the film industry as a whole. 


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A post shared by Brett Goldstein (@mrbrettgoldstein)

You don’t have to be a film expert to use podcast topics on movies and TV. Recaps of the latest blockbusters are just as entertaining to listeners as a behind the scenes takes. Some movie podcasts focus entirely on one franchise: think of the Marvel fandom. Don’t forget your spoiler warnings! 

Popular Movie Podcasts 

  • How Did This Get Made?
  • Film Spotting 
  • Films to Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein 
  • Now Playing

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6. Music 

Music podcasts are a great way for music lovers to discover new artists, stay up-to-date on the latest trends in music, and engage in discussions about their favorite artists and genres. These podcasts can range from discussions of specific artists or albums to interviews with musicians and industry figures, to explorations of different musical genres and subcultures.


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Similar to book and movie podcasts, music is one of the classic podcast topics. Audiences looking for new music are already searching for something to listen to, and your new Podcast could be the perfect find. Take your enthusiasm for any music genre and share it with your audience. 

Popular Song Podcasts 

  • Song Exploder 
  • All Songs Considered 
  • The Joe Rogan Experience 
  • Questlove Supreme 

Want to know where we find our new favorite songs? TikTok Songs: How the App is Changing the Music Industry 

7. Cooking

Cooking podcasts are a great way for food enthusiasts to learn new recipes, stay up-to-date on the latest culinary trends, and engage in discussions about their favorite foods and cooking techniques. These podcasts can range from step-by-step tutorials on how to cook specific dishes, to interviews with chefs and food industry figures, to explorations of different cuisines and cooking styles.


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Listeners are always looking for their next place to grab a bite to eat, and your cooking podcast could be the  place they turn to, rather than a blog or article. Consider narrowing down this podcast idea to one that highlights the cuisine of your area. You could be a local legend. 

Popular Cooking Podcasts 

  • The Sporkful
  • Burnt Toast 
  • Home Cooking 
  • Gastropod 

Need more food content? Check out The Rise of Mukbang and Food Content on YouTube.

8. Sports 

Sports podcasts are a great way for sports fans to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events, engage in discussions about their favorite teams and players, and hear expert analysis and insights. These podcasts can range from coverage of specific sports or leagues, to discussions of the latest news and events, to in-depth analysis of individual games and performances. 

Sports fans are some of the most dedicated fans out there, and they’ll take their dedication to the game to your podcast with this podcast idea. With as many sports and sports teams available, you should have no trouble finding the perfect niche to fit into, whether your role as host is one of game analyst, or dedicated superfan. 

Popular Sports Podcasts 

  • The Bill Simmons Podcast 
  • Pardon My Take 
  • The Ringer NFL Show 
  • The Lowe Post 

9. Gaming 

Gaming podcasts are a great way for gamers to stay up-to-date on the latest releases and trends, engage in discussions about their favorite games, and hear expert analysis and insights. These podcasts can range from discussions of specific games or genres, to interviews with game developers and industry figures, to explorations of the culture and history of gaming. 

Gaming is one of the most profitable industries on the internet, and is expected to reach over $268 billion by 2025. Gaming aficionados already spend a fair amount of time on the internet, so podcast topics surrounding their favorite games plots and tricks is sure to bring in many followers. 

Popular Gaming Podcasts 

  • Kinda Funny Games Daily 
  • The XboxEra Podcast 
  • What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast 
  • Game Scoop!

10. Inspirational Stories 

Inspirational stories podcasts are a great way for listeners to be motivated, encouraged, and uplifted. These podcasts feature real-life stories of people who have overcome obstacles, achieved great things, or made a positive impact on the world. These stories can range from inspiring accounts of personal triumph to powerful tales of people making a difference in their communities or the world.


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This podcast topic appeals to all kinds of audiences, as positivity and heartwarming stories are beloved by all, especially in a world increasingly characterized by drama and sadness. Highlighting love and success could secure you a spot as a beloved positive thinking influencer. 

Popular Inspirational Podcasts 

  • Unlocking Us 
  • Happier with Gretchin Rubin 
  • The Lively Show 
  • TED Radio Hour  

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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