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Ninja Net Worth: How a Childhood Passion Spawned Millions

By Editorial Staff

Who is Ninja? 

Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja) is among the most popular internet personalities. Propelled into stardom by Fortnite, Ninja is known for his gaming skills. Ninja graduated high school in Illinois and decided to pursue playing video games professionally. He entered tournaments, joined organizations, and began streaming himself playing Halo in 2011. With his influence in the gaming world and presence on social media, Ninja has an estimated net worth of $40M. Read ahead for a complete Ninja net worth breakdown!

Twitch Career 

Over the decade-plus that Ninja has been streaming, he’s become a highly successful and influential figure in gaming and streaming. He has played a significant role in popularizing esports and streaming as legitimate entertainment.

Ninja first began streaming on the platform but later moved to Twitch. His childhood passion for gaming led him to stream multiple games, starting with Halo, H1Z1, PUBG, and finally Fortnite in 2017. 


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♬ original sound – Ninja

As Fortnite became increasingly popular, Ninja’s high-energy streams and skillful gameplay quickly made him one of the most popular streamers on the platform. His followers on Twitch grew from 500,000 in September 2017 to over 2 million by March 2018. Ninja now has 18.5 million followers on Twitch, making him the most-followed Twitch channel!

With Ninja’s loveable streaming personality and reliable fan base, having so many Twitch followers contributes greatly to his net worth. At $5 a month per Twitch subscription, he earns between $500,000 and $1 million per month playing video games on the platform, a huge asset to Ninja’s net worth. He has also won multiple streamy awards. 

Twitch Records and History

Twitch has been a massive part of Ninja’s career and they even set the record for the largest concurrent audience in an individual tournament while playing Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Both Twitch and Fortnite benefited greatly from Ninja’s involvement, with Fortnite reportedly making 3 billion dollars in revenue for Epic Games, hugely pushed by Ninja popularizing the game. 

Ninja had an exclusivity partnership with Twitch, but he ended it in 2022 in favor of being able to stream on all platforms, which would ideally increase Ninja’s net worth since he’s no longer limited to one platform. Ninja remains one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. 

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Social Media 

Like most media influencers, Ninja has his internet personality on multiple platforms to best interact with his fans and ensure his content reaches them.

Ninja’s YouTube surpasses his follower count on all other platforms with nearly 24 million subscribers! His videos have been viewed billions of times, and he has won several awards for his content, including the 2018 Shorty Award for Best in Gaming.

Like his Twitch, Ninja’s YouTube is known for its high-quality gameplay content. These videos feature his streams’ highlights, tutorials, guides, and other Fortnite and gaming content. He also posts vlogs, behind-the-scenes content, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers.

Ninja is estimated to make $500,000 a year from Youtube, another massive contributor to Ninja’s net worth. Beyond YouTube, the social media star also has sizable Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram followings, all adding to Ninja’s Net Worth. 

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Media Appearances 

Ninja’s popularity is not just limited to streaming and social media platforms. His dedicated fan base, especially within the teen community, has allowed him opportunities to appear in more mainstream media events and content. Ninja has been featured on various TV shows and movies and has been the headliner for several in-person events. 


In addition, Ninja has an impressive filmography for an influencer and has been featured on Home Economics, Duncanville, Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered, The Masked Singer, Celebrity Family Feud, and Family Feud. Ninja’s presence on these high-profile shows makes it clear that he’s solidified his presence as a famous influencer and a celebrity in his own right. 


Ninja has also appeared as himself in Free Guy and has voice acted in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Ninja hopes that acting and voice acting will become a more significant part of his career, mentioning, “Being on TV shows, doing live interviews, and voice acting… I’m passionate about all this stuff,” he told Screen Rant. Undoubtedly, his appearances on the big screen are a great addition to Ninja’s net worth. 

ESPN Magazine 

In 2018, Ninja became the first professional esports player to be featured on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, marking a breakthrough into mainstream sports fame. Ninja has become the face of E-Sports in many ways, so it’s no surprise that the net worth is so impressive. 

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Ninja Vegas 

Ninja also started his own Esports tournament, Ninja Vegas, which went on in 2018 and had $50,000 in cash prizes and charity money up for grabs. The three-heat event drew 680,000 viewers, breaking Ninja’s old record and solidifying Ninja’s name in history books. 

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Book Releases 

With a career as incredible as Ninja’s, people constantly want to learn more about their beloved gamer. He has published several books with Penguin Random House: Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming, and two graphic novels, Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game and Ninja: War for the Dominions. No financial details to the book deal were ever released, but it’s no doubt that Ninja’s popularity with the gaming audience led to book sales that would boost Ninja’s net worth. 

Merchandise & Partnerships  

Like most popular influencers, Ninja has released various merch items tied to his name and collaborated with brands to advertise or sell various merch for their companies. Merchandise and brand collaborations are among the most significant parts of Ninja’s net worth. The Team Ninja brand offers a variety of Ninja-branded clothing items, all in his signature blue and white. Prices range from $15-$70. Unsurprisingly, the revenue generated with his merch contributes to the Ninja net worth total.

With Ninja being such a prominent figure in E-Sports, many brands are eager to have him back their products. The Wall Street Journal reported that Electronic Arts paid Ninja and several other big live-streamers as much as $50,000 per hour to play Apex Legends online. Ninja reportedly received as much as $1 million for extensively playing the game.

Ninja also released a compilation album of “Music to Game by,” featuring tracks by notable electronic dance-music performers such as Diplo, Tycho, and 3LAU. The album, called Ninjawerks Vol. 1, was a collaboration with Capitol Records. 

Besides EA and Capitol Records, other Ninja brand partners include Samsung and Red Bull. Adidas released shoes in collaboration with Ninja, ranging in price from $120-$150. his presence in influencer marketing deals has contributed to the Ninja net worth. 

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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