Influencer Merch Gift Guide: Coolest Merch From Your Favorite Creators

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Shopping for the holidays can always seem like a daunting task, especially when trends come in and out so quickly. Looking to social media influencers during this time is the perfect solution to getting easy access to what is in style for this season. Whether you are shopping for apparel, beauty, food, or tech, there is an influencer merch product for your loved one! Here’s the coolest merch from your favorite creators.


1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the pioneers of self-branding turned full-scale business. Her business ventures have taken her into the field of beauty, fragrance, and now, apparel. Her latest brand, Skims, has been described as her passion project that has blown up the shapewear industry.


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What started as an authentic shapewear brand for women of all body types has expanded into underwear, loungewear, kids apparel, and more. There is truly no going wrong with the gift of Skims, however, you can check out their gift guide online. 

2. Larray

Everyone’s TikTok BFF, Larray, has recently dropped an extensive merch line that sells apparel and accessories. Larray’s hilarious and unapologetic personality on social media makes him such a trending star today. Girlies Xo merch is packed with hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and more, all that help build a wearable connection between fans and Larray.  

3. David Dobrik

David Dobrik, the reigning king of YouTube, turned the negative social media term “clickbait” into his entire brand. Dobrik’s iconic Clickbait merch has been around for many years, yet he is constantly finding ways to elevate the apparel and create a new product for his fans. Aside from being such a notable content creator, his Clickbait influencer merch is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!

4. Tyler Cameron

For any Bachelor Nation member in your life, Tyler Cameron’s new apparel influencer merch is the perfect way for fans to let the world know they would accept his rose! Cameron’s first merchandise launch features two types of hoodies that show off his friendship with upcoming bachelor, Matt James, and their mutual love for pizza. These hoodies are fun, creative, and a great holiday gift. 

5. Chris Klemens


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Chris Klemens is a popular lifestyle influencer known for his relatable personality and hilarious commentary. Instead of just selling particular branded merch, Klemens has also pushed the boundaries of influencer merch and started his own clothing line. Middle Kid Supply is an elevated yet quirky clothing and accessory brand that takes fashion to a fun and relatable level, like Klemens himself. Items are sold in drops so make sure you get your supply this holiday season!


1. James Charles

James Charles, the iconic social media sister, has had his famous artistry makeup palette out for over two years now and it is still a raging success. James’ likeability and success as an influencer aside, this palette has every color to create a look that is expressive to each individual fan. The James Charles x Morphe Palette is the perfect influencer merch gift for the beauty guru in your life. 


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2. Kylie Jenner

Very similarly to her sister Kim, Kylie Jenner got the beauty business bug! Jenner has created an entire empire off of her beauty products and her unmatchable ways of marketing them. Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin are Jenner’s two beauty lines that set the trends of the market. For a gift specific to the holidays, check out Kylie Cosmetics’ Grinch collection available now!

3. Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun, a top social media beauty guru, launched her own line of cosmetics called Dragun Beauty. Dragun Beauty is an inclusive brand that stresses the value of beauty products for all shapes, skin tones, and sexualities. Dragun Beauty is a safe space for makeup lovers to explore and express themselves through quality products.  

4. Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel, a drag queen icon and YouTube sensation, has created a personalized beauty line for fans to enjoy called Trixie Cosmetics. As a drag queen, makeup plays a key role in her career. Going past that, Trixie has always expressed her love for makeup. Trixie Cosmetics is the perfect line of products of things she genuinely uses in her routine. Trixie Cosmetics is a fun, playful approach to makeup and exciting for all audiences to express themselves with. 


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5. David Dobrik

Don’t be confused by the name David Dobrik in the beauty category. Dobrik has recently launched his new fragrance line, David’s Perfume. In two scents, Amber & Cashmere and Grapefruit & Sandalwood, David Dobrik has paved his way into the beauty space while staying authentic to his brand identity. Although only being out for a few short months, David’s Perfume has received rave reviews and is just one of his many pillars of business successes. 

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1. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain launched her coffee brand back in 2019 and has since become a household name. Chamberlain Coffee recently went through a major rebranding and has since launched 6 different coffee blends and a slew of accessories ranging from mugs, metal straws, tote bags, and more. Chamberlain Coffee is available to order individually or through a subscription service and with so many choices, there is a blend for everyone. For this holiday season, check out the holiday blend and matching accessories. 

2. Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar

Zane and Heath, popular YouTubers and members of the Vlog Squad, most recently have entered the world of coffee making as well. Coffee Talks, which started as a bit on their Vine channels (when Vine was still alive), has become a huge part of their brand and now a coffee company. After just a few hours of launching, Kramoda Coffee has sold out on all products and is quickly making its way up the industry. Pre-orders are currently available so get it while you can!

3. Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire is another popular social media star and member of the Vlog Squad. Aside from his mega music career, Sire has also launched a CBD company with his friends and sells gummies, oils, pens, and more.


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iCBD is founded on experience with CBD and dedication to making quality products. Sire’s products help manage stress and anxiety as well as have many other benefits which can be the perfect gift for finishing off 2020!

4. Father Kelsey

Father Kelsey, Instagram model and social media influencer, has done something completely unique and unparalleled to any other creator. Unfortunately, this “merch” is only available to Los Angeles residents, however, it is just cool enough to make you want a book a flight. Father Foods is a food delivery service that sells elite sandwiches, charcuterie boxes, desserts, and more. Although this influencer merch product may not be wrappable for the holidays, it is the perfect gift for the ultimate foodie. 

5. Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall, TikToker and Sway House member, is the co-founder of Ani Energy alongside his friend Josh Richards. Ani Energy is a lifestyle drink with only 6g of sugar + 75mg caffeine. Any Energy drinks provide energy and focus and are a great stocking stuffer for the Sway House superfan in your life!


1. Devon and Sydney Carlson

Devon and Sydney Carlson are YouTubers, models, influencers, and entrepreneurs who started a phone case company with their mother back in 2012. Since getting recognized by Miley Cyrus early on in their career, Wildflower Cases is THE influencer phone case that is on everyone’s mind. Wildflower has launched a world of designs on its own while also collaborating with many content creators for unique cases. This influencer merch gift will definitely take your selfie game to the next level!

Influencer Collaborations

  • Emma Chamberlain
  • Tana Mongeau
  • Salem Mitchell
  • Antonio Garza
  • Amanda Steele
  • Adeline Morin
  • Remi Cruz
  • Hannah Meloche

2. Addison Rae

Addison Rae is not only a TikTok icon but she is an influencer merch icon as well. On her merchandise page, you will find a whole world of products that you can’t go wrong. However, one particular item to note is her phone cases. Her branded phone cases coincide with the hoodies and other clothing sold, making for the perfect matching moment. In true Addison Rae fashion, her tech accessories are equally as cool as she is.


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3. Charli and Dixie D’amelio

Charli and Dixie D’amelio are current queens of TikTok and truly all of social media. Keeping true to their authenticity and audience, Charli and Dixie have launched their own signature ring lights that can help their many fans create the perfect TikTok. This popular tech tool is the perfect gift for the next big thing in your life!

4. Skincare By Hyram

Skincare by Hyram is YouTube and TikTok’s personal dermatologist. Hyram has provided his followers with a world of skincare tips that have changed lives. His major success as a helping hand to those that struggle with acne has turned him into a full-time influencer. Hyram has a merch line available and sells clothing and phone cases that reflect his Hawaiian roots. 


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5. Keren Swanson

Keren Swanson is a mother to three children from the popular family channel, KKandBabyJ. However, Swanson has been able to create her own brand through her personal fitness journey. Alongside her trainer, Swanson has launched Kickass, a full workout program and athleisure apparel line. The Kickass website is full of helpful wellness information and accessories to kick off your fitness journey. Program guides and/or merch can make for the perfect holiday gift!

Other Notable Influencer Merch

Natalie Noel@natalinanoelNatalie Noel (Apparel)
Dolan Twins@dolantwinsWakeheart (Fragrance)
Charli D’amelio@charlidamelioEssentially Charli (Book)
Noah Beck@noahbeckUr Luv’d (Apparel)
Kendall Jenner@kendalljennerMoon (Oral Care)

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This article was written by Daniela Jolie Rodriguez

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