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Laugh Out Loud With These Funny Podcasts on Spotify

By Editorial Staff

It’s not just music anymore! Podcasts are a trend that won’t go away anytime soon. Music-streaming platforms like Spotify have expanded their services, offering various popular podcasts for users to listen to. Want to get into the podcast game but don’t know where to start? We got you covered! We compiled a list of funny podcasts on Spotify. 

These shows are guaranteed to make you laugh, whether you’re commuting to work, working out at the gym, or just hanging out at home. From hilarious interviews with celebrities to irreverent takes on the day’s news, these podcasts are the perfect way to inject humor into your day. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud with these top comedy podcasts on Spotify!

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is a popular podcast hosted by Joe Rogan, a well-known stand-up comedian, UFC commentator, mixed martial arts enthusiast, and self-proclaimed “psychedelic adventurer.” In each episode, Joe sits down with a guest – anyone from a comedian to an MMA fighter to a musician – and they have a long-form, unscripted conversation about a wide range of topics.

The podcast is known for its informal and unfiltered style. The most famous episode was episode 1169 with Elon Musk. The podcast has a massive following, and listeners enjoy the relaxed and engaging format that allows them to learn from and connect with fascinating people from all walks of life.

2. Brain Leak

“Brain Leak” is a new podcast by Wood Elf Media that started in March 2023. The podcast is hosted by gamers Jacksepticeye (Seán McLoughlin) and CrankGameplays (Ethan Nestor). They offer “funny, off-kilter and wildly irreverent deep-dive into their brains – even the slimy bits.

No topic is too taboo, no subject too out of bounds, no question too dumb…let the word vomit flow”. Both McLoughlin and Nestor are YouTube veterans who have amassed huge followings for their engaging gaming videos and comedic personalities. Although Brain Leak is new, it’s already ranked on our list of funny podcasts on Spotify. 

3. Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

“Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus” is a podcast hosted by the Emmy award-winning American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In each episode, Julia invites an “older and wiser woman” whom she admires for their wisdom and achievements to discuss their life experiences, insights, and lessons. So far, guests have included actress Jane Fonda, author Isabel Allende, writer Fran Lebowitz, and food critic Ruth Reichl.

The podcast explores various topics, including creativity, careers, personal growth, and social issues, all with a healthy dose of humor. Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus was released in March 2023 but already had overwhelmingly positive reviews. Wiser than Me is genuinely unique as most podcasts don’t exclusively focus on older women. This podcast is a solid pick among the funny podcasts on Spotify. 

4. Call Her Daddy

“Call Her Daddy” is a podcast originally hosted by Alexandra Cooper, a former professional soccer player turned social media influencer, and Sofia Franklyn, a former financial analyst on Barstool Sports. The show is a comedic, explicit, and irreverent take on dating, relationships, sex, and modern life from the perspective of young women. The show has been praised for its sex-positive and empowering message and its frank and humorous approach to taboo subjects.

However, the show has also been the subject of controversy, including a public feud and split between the hosts and both leaving former employer, Barstool Sports. Call Her Daddy with only Cooper has been snatched by Spotify in a $60M+ deal for exclusivity. Meanwhile, Frankly started her podcast Sofia With an F. Overall, Call Her Daddy is among the top funny podcasts on Spotify that are not afraid to talk about anything and everything. 

5. This Past Weekend

“This Past Weekend” is a podcast hosted by Theo Von, a famous comedian from Louisiana. In each episode, Theo shares his personal experiences from “this past weekend. And sometimes what happens on other days”. The show is known for its humor, authenticity, and Theo’s unique perspective on the world.

In addition to solo episodes, Theo often invites guests on the show, ranging from fellow comedians to celebrities, to share their own crazy stories and random musings. Listeners can even “hit the hotline” to ask Theo and his guest a question or about a personal issue. His most popular podcast episode is with Joe Rogan. 

6. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

“Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard” is a podcast hosted by American actor, writer, and director Dax Shepard and fellow actress Monica Padman. In each episode, the hosts interview a celebrity guest, diving deep into their personal and professional experiences. The show is known for its candid and often revealing conversations and Dax’s unique ability to connect with his guests and bring out their most exciting stories.

Their topics range from mental health and addiction to relationships and pop culture. Even so, Armchair Expert is characterized by its light-hearted and humorous conversational tone. Armchair Expert has also signed an exclusivity contract with Spotify, making a great addition to the other funny podcasts on Spotify. 

7. The Basement Yard

Next is “The Basement Yard,” a podcast hosted by Joe Santagato, an American comedian and YouTube personality, and his childhood friend Frankie Alvarez. The Basement Yard also had #3 Aquarius named Danny: Danny LoPrioire as a co-creator and semi-regular. Likewise, the podcast is known for its no-frills clowning around, witty banter, and off-the-cuff conversations.

The chemistry between each host and constant roasting was key to the podcast’s success. If you’re looking for funny podcasts on Spotify filled with friendly banter and hilarious jokes, this is your show. 


The US has the most podcast listeners worldwide, with ⅓ of Americans listening to podcasts regularly. If you want entertainment without having to sit and watch something, podcasts are a great way to have fun while going about your day. Give these funny podcasts on Spotify a listen.

This article was written by Jessica Lu

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