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Cole LaBrant Net Worth Breakdown: Famous Family and Father

By Editorial Staff

Who is Cole Labrant? 

Cole Labrant is a 26-year-old father of four on Youtube, and he and his family typically post lifestyle and prank videos. With an astounding 13.1 million subscribers, it’s safe to say they are anything but ordinary, and the family has become much loved on the internet. Lots of people often wonder what Cole’s net worth is. If you’re one of those people, read ahead for a complete Cole LaBrant net worth breakdown!

Cole started on Vine in 2013 by uploading dance videos with some of his friends and became incredibly popular. Soon after, Cole was on The Amazing Race Season 28 with his mom and came in second to win the $1 million prize. His time on the big screen was a huge help in making Cole Labrant’s name easily recognizable. 

Shortly after Cole’s amazing race appearance, he met Savannah, a single mom to daughter Everleigh. Cole and Savannah married and had three children: Posie, Zealand, and Sunday. The family of 6 is one of the biggest family lifestyle influencers, and Cole Labrant expanded his brand to be known as “The Labrant Fam.” Cole Labrant’s net worth, including income from Savannah and their family channel, is estimated to be 18 million dollars


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Cole Labrant started making short videos on Vine with two friends in 2013, and they amassed an impressive following. They called themselves Dem White Boyz, and at the height of their fame, they had over 3 million followers. Even though they were a great success, Cole rebranded his Vine presence.

As a result, he doubled his following to 6.4 million. He was even nominated for a Shorty award for best Viner. However, Vine has since shut down, but his time on the platform contributed to the Cole Labrant net worth. 

Cole Labrant’s “Senior Promposal” video appeal to Selena Gomez 2015 was covered in Seventeen, Teen Vogue,  on MTV. His proposal earned him 1.4 million YouTube views. Cole has been a household name since he was 19 years old, and over the 10 years he’s been making content, he’s amassed a sizable net worth. 

In July 2017, Cole Labrant married Savannah, and they became a family. The family began making content together, greatly increasing their following and Cole Labrant’s net worth as they entered the family lifestyle sector of the internet. Their family has captured the heart of millions and continues to grow. Cole Labrant’s brand has transformed from a fun dancing group to a Christian family channel.


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A huge portion of Cole LaBrant’s net worth comes from the LaBrant family youtube channel. The LaBrant Fam has 13.1 million subscribers and generates approximately $5.5 million in ad revenue annually. Cole also has a separate channel, @LaBrantCole which has 510k subscribers, and his daughter Everleigh has her own channel which has 3.94 million subscribers. YouTubers typically make $2-$7 per every 1000 monetized views, so most of Cole Labrant’s net worth is likely from his presence on Youtube

Typically Cole will make the title of their videos some sort of click-bait. Normally clickbait is frowned upon, but in their case, the videos aren’t fakes. This clickbait makes their videos get more views, which makes them more money. With their current accumulated views being over 3 billion, you can imagine just how much this has contributed to Cole LaBrant’s total net worth.

One of the Labrant Fam’s most popular videos is Cole and Savannah getting married and revealing their heartwarming vows to Everleigh, their four-year-old daughter. The video has 50 million views. The Labrant Fam is known for similar content, showing off their beautiful family, their love for each other, and their fun together. 

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Tik Tok

As TikTok became increasingly popular, Cole and Savannah Labrant established sizable platforms on TikTok. The couple has a huge following on TikTok, each with over 22 million followers. Companies typically pay $200 to $20,000 per branded video influencers promote on TikTok. TikTok is undoubtedly a huge contribution to his total net worth and a notable feature in Cole Labrant’s net worth.

@savv.labrantIt’s true. & we all know it. 🤷🏼‍♀️♬ Kourt as Kim From KUWTK – E! Entertainment


Cole Labrant also has a massive following on Instagram where he typically posts sneak peeks at his upcoming videos. These posts include snapshots of his life in photos or Reels. Overall, his Instagram is a wholesome dose of family happiness.


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Book Sales

In 2018 Cole and his wife Savannah published a book called Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story, which was deemed a success. Retailing for around $12 to $20, the inspiring love story greatly impacted Cole Labrant’s net worth. If you love reading memoirs, give this book a shot!


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Merchandise and Collaborations

Like most content creators, the Labrant Fam has released merchandise for their beloved fans to purchase and show support. Savannah is known for her fashion aesthetic and knack for beauty, so her fans trust her advice. Savannah has released her clothing line, the “Sav Labrant Shop,” on Swirl Boutique, with some clothing items costing nearly $200. Savannah’s clothing line contributes to the Fam and Cole Labrant net worth. 

Being one of the top Cristian Family YouTube channels, the Labrant Fam gets a lot of exposure from brands that seek sponsorships. Sponsorships also bring in huge revenue for YouTubers, and brands working with the Labrant Fam are a great contributor to Cole Labrant’s net worth. The Labrant Fam has worked with many well-known brands, including Pottery Barn Kids, Hello Fresh, Lulus, FabFitFun, Secret Deodorant, Kohls, Bounty, Dove, Elmers Glue, Sugar Bear Hair, and more. 

In addition, Labrant Fams’ versatility and wide range of content, not to mention their loveable personalities, make them incredibly appealing for brand partnerships. Overall, the Labrant fam’s since the Labrant fam’s huge following is sure to make marketing campaigns reach even bigger audiences. 

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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