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Cole LaBrant Net Worth Breakdown: Famous Family and Father

By Editorial Staff

Who is Cole LaBrant?

Meet Cole LaBrant, a 27-year-old family vlogger who’s completely taken over the YouTube scene. Cole, his wife Savannah, and their four (soon to be five) children make up the legendary LaBrant Fam, whose playful pranks and everyday antics have netted them an impressive 12.9 million subscribers. Thanks to their massive success, in 2023, the LaBrant Fam was able to move from California to their $4.5 million dream house in Tennessee. This luxurious change has made many people curious about the extent of their wealth. If you’ve been itching to know too, buckle up for a complete breakdown of Cole LaBrant’s net worth and how he earned it!

Background and Accomplishments

Dem White Boyz 

Since 2013, Cole LaBrant has been making waves on social media. During his initial claim to fame, the Alabama local collaborated with his childhood friends, John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes, forming a group called Dem White Boyz. 

The energetic trio quickly gained popularity by posting shirtless dance clips, lip-sync videos, and comedy skits to the now-defunct platform Vine, earning them tons of views from squealing teenage fans. At their peak, Dem White Boyz had over three million followers. Cole was even nominated for Viner of the Year at the 8th Annual Shorty Awards.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. The group eventually parted ways when the three of them decided to go to different colleges. The long distance, combined with the discontinuation of Vine, was the nail in the coffin – the end of an era.


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Viral Promposal Video

However, Dem White Boyz was only the beginning of Cole’s journey. Before Vine shut down, he rebranded himself as a devout Christian influencer, more than doubling his follower count. Much of his audience also subscribed to his budding YouTube channel, The Super Cole, which blew up in 2015 when he released a video asking Selena Gomez to go to prom with him. 

The promposal was featured in Seventeen and Teen Vogue and even on MTV, making Cole even more of an Internet sensation. In total, it received 1.4 million views, boosting Cole LaBrant’s net worth and social media presence.

The Amazing Race Appearance

Although Selena never actually responded to Cole’s video, the publicity did wonders for the young content creator. A year later, Cole and his mom Sheri were invited to join the cast of Season 28 of The Amazing Race, a reality show that takes players all over the world to compete in a variety of challenges.

After 12 grueling episodes, Cole and Sheri ended up in second place – just shy of winning the $1M grand prize. Still, the mother-son team put up a good fight against the 20 other participants, including fellow Viner Zach King and LGBTQ influencer Tyler Oakley, whose assets rival Cole LaBrant’s net worth. 

Marriage and Parenthood

Around the same time, Cole met then influencer Savannah Rose Soutas. The two of them quickly hit it off and began dating. 

As a single mom to three-year-old daughter Everleigh, Savannah had been hesitant to enter a new relationship. But in a matter of months, she and Cole became inseparable. Announcing their love to the world, they started making content together on Cole’s YouTube channel, which he renamed Cole and Sav.

The happy couple got married in 2017. To commemorate the occasion, they uploaded a video of themselves revealing their vows to Everleigh. To this day, it is still their most popular video, clocking in at over fifty million views.

Cole and Savannah eventually had three more kids (Posie, Zealand, and Sunday) and decided to rebrand yet again. They became The LaBrant Fam, whose combined net worth is currently estimated at $18M and will likely keep growing as they prepare to welcome another baby boy.


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Revenue Streams


A significant chunk of the LaBrant Fam’s net worth stems from their main YouTube channel. By using clickbait titles and over-the-top thumbnails, they’ve attracted lots of attention, leading to a steady flow of income. 

On average, YouTubers earn $2-$7 for every 1000 monetized views. So, given the size of the LaBrant Fam’s account, it’s no surprise that it reportedly generates $5.5M of ad revenue each year. 

To put things into perspective, a single post of theirs typically garners:

  • $112K-$136K 

They also have a few side channels that have contributed to their earnings, including:

Cole himself confirmed their channels’ impact on the LaBrant Fam’s net worth in a Q&A video, saying, “Most of the money we make is and has been from YouTube, and that’s honestly been my personal favorite because the money just comes from AdSense…I love just making fun videos, and you guys enjoying that, and getting paid from that.”


Besides making YouTube videos, Cole and Savannah upload short-form content to TikTok, which also affects the LaBrant Fam’s net worth. 

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTokers usually receive $.02-.04 per 1000 views. Although a few cents might not seem like a lot, for content creators with large audiences, it adds up over time. 

This is certainly the case for the LaBrant Fam. Savannah’s account (@savv.labrant) boasts a staggering 30.2M followers and 1.5B likes. Cole’s account (@thesupercole) is not far behind, with a respectable 22.7M followers and 511M likes.


walking into our daddy daughter dance like

♬ Mr. Weatherall – Young Hub City & Big Zoe


Cole (@cole.labrant) has five million followers on Instagram, where he uploads adorable family photos and snippets of upcoming videos. Savannah (@sav.labrant), on the other hand, has seven million followers. In addition to posting pics of her daily life, she uses her platform to promote clothes, furniture, and cosmetics – further increasing the LaBrant Fam’s net worth.


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Book Sales

In 2018, the LaBrant Fam published a memoir titled “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story,” which also influenced Cole LaBrant’s net worth. The book was generally well-received by the public. 

Out of its four thousand reviews, most have been positive, resulting in a 4.8 out of five on Amazon and a 4.2 out of five on GoodReads. The memoir sold for $12-$20 on release, but now that a few years have passed, you can pick up a paperback or hardcover copy of the touching tale for around half the price. What a steal!


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Merch and Collaborations

As a former model and pro photographer, Savannah has a keen eye for beauty. Her aesthetic expertise and interest in fashion led her to create her own clothing line, which ultimately contributed to the LaBrant Fam’s net worth. Savannah also partnered with Swirl Boutique, promoting their outfits on her TikTok and Instagram.

As a whole, the Labrant Fam has collaborated with many recognizable brands, including:

  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • HelloFresh
  • Lulus
  • FabFitFun
  • Secret Deodorant
  • Kohl’s
  • Bounty
  • Dove
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Sugar Bear Hair

Overall, the LaBrant Fam’s charisma and social media savviness have resulted in many successful marketing campaigns.

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This article was written by Isabella Pham

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