President Biden Signs TikTok Ban Bill

By Editorial Staff

Since the United States House of Representatives urged ByteDance to sell TikTok to “a qualified buyer,” the fate of TikTok has become increasingly dire. Despite TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s unwavering stance, as of April 24th, President Joe Biden signed a bill that would force ByteDance to sell TikTok to an American company. Failure to do so would force a nationwide TikTok ban.

Why is TikTok Being Banned?

Time and time again, United States congressmen argued that TikTok imposes a threat to Americans. In late 2019, the United States Pentagon warned that TikTok was a privacy threat to citizens and US personnel who handled sensitive data. As a result of these claims, government-issued technology, primarily used by government officials, blocked TikTok.

Now, fast forward to today where the United States officials remain headstrong. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida claimed the Chinese government could negatively influence young people who primarily use TikTok for news. Additionally, Senator Chris Coons said “rivers of data,” can be collected in ways that don’t align with “American security interests.” 

While many of these claims are speculative, the outcome of the TikTok ban was set in stone. 

Previous TikTok Ban Discourse 

Privacy concerns with TikTok and the Chinese government are not new. 

In 2020, the Indian government banned TikTok for data collection. Nikhil Gandi, the Head of TikTok India stated that ByteDance complied with data and security requirements. However, the post later clarified that TikTok in India was no more. 

Later, Montana passed a bill that would ban TikTok for Montanans in 2024, but a federal judge later blocked it, deeming the ban unconstitutional. District Judge Donald Molloy was pleased to hear its overturn, writing that lawmakers failed to offer evidence of TikTok’s “allegedly harmful data practices.”

TikTok CEO, Shou Zi Chew, Responds

Despite TikTok’s uncertain future, Shou Chew denounced the TikTok ban. Shortly after, Chew went to TikTok.

In his two-minute TikTok clip, Chew stated, “We aren’t going anywhere,” emphasizing that this isn’t just a TikTok ban – it’s a ban “on you and your voice.” He expressed confidence in overturning the ban and vowed to fight for the American people in court. Chew asserted that “the facts and the Constitution are on our side, and we expect to prevail again.”


Response to TikTok Ban Bill

♬ original sound – TikTok – TikTok

Chew’s response united a dedicated ensemble of TikTok users in the comments section. Many users voiced their disapproval of Biden’s decision, while others shared how TikTok had helped them learn and grow. 

TikToker Travis K said that the TikTok community helped him learn that he wasn’t alone and that young adults like him were going through similar hardships.

Another TikTok user said she learned about psychology, life hacks, and “the truth about politics and makeup.” She said TikTok creators made it easier to grasp different topics, unlike other social media platforms. 

Wannabe Indie Dev, a user who uses TikTok to promote their art, said that TikTok was the only platform where they found success. 

Billy Yarbro said TikTok taught him about other cultures and languages. Yarbro said that TikTokers are kind and accepting, much like “one big family.”

What Does The Ban Mean for the Future of the Platform?

Let’s clarify one thing – TikTok will not instantly disappear from the app store – or at least, not for a while. So if you’re a TikTok creator, you can rest easy tonight.

The bill states that ByteDance has a year to sell TikTok to an American-owned company. Sources stated President Biden may extend the deadline by 90 days if “sufficient progress toward a sale” is underway.

Despite uncertainty about TikTok’s future, users fear losing the platform they’ve come to love. TikTok gave millions a voice and a means to explore topics they might never have encountered otherwise. While it’s uncertain if Chew will yield and hand over the platform to a U.S. company, one thing is clear: he will fight for the community that thrived on the platform they built. 

Every TikToker plays a vital role in shaping the future of the creator economy. If you’re a creator, business, or marketer passionate about TikTok, keep voicing your concerns. And finally, stay up-to-date about the latest news and trends with NeoReach!

This article was written by Brianna Borik

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