Celebrating Family Life With Black TikTok Creators 

By Editorial Staff

Parenting is a difficult endeavor. If you parent right, life will still have many obstacles. Luckily, there’s a whole community out there devoted to helping those new parents enter the world. Some of these individuals provide tangibly useful tips and tricks, while others make content that other parents can relate to and laugh about. But all of them put a premium on keeping new parents from feeling alone. We have decided to curate a list of some of the top black TikTok creators that everyone can learn from and enjoy. 

1. @themomtrotter


A CHICK CHICK 🐣 #hibachi #family #vacation #TikTok #fyp #daughter #blessings #explore

♬ original sound – Diana Marie

The mom trotter is a family account that follows a full-time traveling family. These black TikTok creators put out videos on parenting truths they’ve learned throughout their journey as parents, tips and tricks for homeschooling their kids, as well as lifestyle videos that showcase their unconventional life. Parenting looks different for every family, but she has a knack for parenting and educating others who need wisdom from professionals.

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2. @Dzfamily


This is literally her favorite song❤️🥰 #fyp #dzfamily_ @jadesplayhouse_

♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Watching Dzfamily feels like watching a personal vlog of a family cataloging all the frustrations and excitements of parenthood. After all, even the best occupations and aspirations have struggles, and these frustrations make parenting even more fulfilling. Their videos are composed of family dances, vlogs, and Q&As with fans. Still, each of these videos contributes in some way to educating the populace about what to expect in parenting and in some cases how to deal with everyday issues. 

3. @Estesfamilyquest


Idk why but this was a proud moment for me, even though my shoe is destroyed 😂 #love #family #blackfamily #funny

♬ Chilling in the Deep – Theo Estes

Education, humor, and aesthetics. If an account can get all 3 then you can guarantee that account definitely makes entertaining content. These black TikTok creators, like other family accounts, post skits, motivational content, and moments that showcase the life of the parent.  However, they also post vlogs that incorporate music and aesthetics to talk about their day or a trip. This family puts an emphasis on the experience of learning, using music and great cinematography to breathe life into their content. 

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4. @Thehenrys_


A typical day with him🙃 #parents #couples #pets #marriage #dads #fatherhood

♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – Sturdyyoungin

These fantastic black TikTok creators provide all-view access to their family life. Through their lens, we get the privilege of seeing the reality of parenthood. This comes with apparent struggles and obstacles that are used as a means to set examples for good parenthood and at the same time give the younger generation a taste of what parenthood is like. Also through their account, we get to see the beautiful side of parenting, moments that are priceless in every sense of the word. 

5. @Olivia_chukwu


Beautiful Afro kids hairstyle #naturalhair #kidshairstyles #childrenhairstyle #kids #kidshair #olivia_chukwu

♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

Oliva combines her love of hair and her kids to form a successful TikTok channel. Her posts consist mostly of videos detailing product usage, haircuts, and hairstyling for parents looking to give their kids a DIY cut. Want to elevate your child’s confidence with fashionable and trendy styles? No worries — Oliva’s afro hairstyles have got you covered!

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6. @Sharonadrake


Lawd, the Dino Team has expanded and CJ continues to live his best life. #DinoKid #CJandHisBlackMama #Dinosaurs #cosplay #costumes #consciousparenting #gentleparenting #toddlers

♬ original sound – The Mentor Mommy

Sharona or “The Mentor Mommy” shows the fruition of advice that puts your kid’s emotions and confidence first. A lot of her advice deals with what you do as a parent that unintentionally might teach your kids to develop low-self esteem or other negative personality traits. 

Her advice goes beyond the psychological and delves into real-world advice that can really improve your life as a parent. In some of her TikToks, she deals with issues like potty training or ways to save money. This profile is a mixed bag of useful content that might come in handy to new and experienced parents alike.

7. @Jaylabrenae5


Replying to @ashley_toks i almost didn’t get to go! I just listened to Nyla🥹🤣 #replaced #auntienae #auntielife #momfails

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

When you watch these black TikTok creators, you’re first struck by the number of skits, dance videos, and trends that this family does. When you look a little closer, you see that the skits are patterned in a way that makes each member of the family a character of their own. I think the reason this account has so many followers is the fact that they represent what family should mean and what parents can strive towards. Building a child’s character through family bonding is an essential parenting skill to have.

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8. @Mrandmrsgrit


Im too immature for this 🤣🤣🤣 #fyp #mrandmrsgrit #toddlersbelike #parenting101 #kidsbelike #momsoftiktok #parentinghumor #millennialsoftiktok #momlife #millennialmarriage

♬ original sound – Lemaur and Erica🤎| Marriage

This content-creating duo makes two types of content: parenting and relationships on TikTok. Both of these content types make a habit of finding joy when dealing with obstacles and struggles in parenting and marriage while also showing off the rewards of marrying someone you love and raising kids you adore. Talk about a match made in heaven.

9. @Kyrahenry_


It has only been a few months but it felt like forever #sisters #reunited #siblings #sisterlove

♬ original sound – OVO

Kyra Henry, a mother of 2 kids, has one of the hardest jobs in the world, but her TikToks make parenthood look fun. Each of her clips shows off aspects of their lives as parents, but in each video, she always smiles and makes a notoriously difficult job seem pleasant and fulfilling. 

10. @Mrchazzmrchazz


Go to the comment section to figure out what to do if the other child doesnt listen to the #boundary #consciousdiscipline #consciousparenting

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

If you look through Chazz’s profile, you might notice that he doesn’t post too much about his family and kids, but that doesn’t make his profile any less of a family TikTok and one of the top black TikTok creators online. All of his TikToks take from his education and experiences to help parents communicate with their kids in a healthy manner.  His content covers a myriad of topics from “Helicopter parenting” to ways to connect with your kid. 

11. @LaQuistaerinna


The many faces of SpongeBob #kidartist #digitalartist #procreateart #procreateart #autismmom #spongebobsquarepants #neurodivergent #blackautismmom

♬ original sound – kardashianshulu

This TikTok page is entirely devoted to LaQuista’s son Jackson, who has autism. While LaQuista does share her life and the joys of raising a son with autism, the majority of her page shows off Jackson’s artistic talent he possesses. His medium of choice is the Procreate app and an Apple pencil. With the support of Jackson’s family, he is bound to become a famous artist in no time.


This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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