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How Facebook Creator Studio Is Fostering Its Content Creators

Facebook and Instagram offer content creators the tools to bring their vision to life. Social Media is a powerful tool that has helped take many brands and content creators to the next level. ...


Growth of Facebook Influencer Marketing

Facebook influencer marketing has become one of the fastest-growing social media sensations while allowing users to gather their information about up-and-coming products quickly and efficiently.  ...


How to Grow Your Brand with a Facebook Business Profile

Since its inception, the hallmark of Facebook’s platform is to match users to the content and connections they are seeking. In the spirit of connection, the Facebook business profile has redefined ...


How To Use Facebook Groups for Business

With so many social media sites on the rise, it may be hard to believe that Facebook is still the most commonly used platform with over 2.45 billion monthly active users. For marketers, it is vital ...


Facebook Ad Boycott

Facebook has been instrumental in paving the way for social media marketing for years. The large reach on both Facebook and their acquired platform, Instagram, has been a primary tool for brands ...


How to Use Facebook Groups in Your Social Media Strategy

On Facebook, there are plenty of tools for brands and businesses to reach their target audiences and reach their specific goals. Mainly, using Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups are two main ...


Is Facebook Dead to the Next Generation?

After 15 years, Facebook still remains one of the most used social media platforms in the U.S., ranking second in platform usage right after YouTube. According to Pew Research, about 69% of U.S. ...


10 Best Practices: Working with Facebook Influencers

Facebook. You probably have an account, your mom probably has an account, heck your grandma probably even has an account. Facebook influencers are a little less well-known. So why is Facebook ...


Your Guide to Facebook Ads

Reaching an audience of 2 billion monthly users isn’t the only draw to advertising on Facebook – such a huge variety of types of businesses use Facebook ads, that the site has streamlined ad ...


YouTube Creators vs. Facebook for Creators

As the influencer marketing industry grows and creators are continuing to become more popular, various platforms are constantly looking for ways to engage their creators. With content creators ...


Facebook for Creators: What You Need to Know about Their Creator Program

As the influencer marketing industry continues its boom, social media companies look for new ways to keep content creators engaged. With video at the forefront of digital marketing, social media ...


Introducing Facebook’s Whale App

Have you ever been stuck in that one awkward moment, that you could not express in words or emotions…BUT you can picture the perfect meme that would do the talking for you? If only it were that ...


Top 10 Facebook Meme Pages

Facebook meme pages are the source of comedy you didn’t even know you needed.  Memes have become a crucial part of social media use, keeping us entertained for hours on end. Thanks to meme pages ...


The Importance of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a way organizations or businesses can promote activities. Members of a group are able to share their thoughts on a wall and connect in discussion threads. Basically, it creates ...


9 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Business Success

Hey! Are you looking to reap the amazing benefits of Facebook for business success? You will be surprised to know that the fastest growing social media network has over 2.38 billion monthly active ...


Top 10 Facebook Pages

Are you struggling to build an online presence? Do you wish you could see how customers are interacting with the content you’re putting out? Facebook pages can help you solve both of those ...


3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook Watch Party

B2B marketing is continually evolving and embracing new content features and forums to connect with prospects and customers. As Facebook is the go-to social network that encompasses all generations ...


You Made Facebook $200, And Didn’t Even Know It

You willingly tell Facebook who your friends are, where you live, what movies you watch, what brands you like and what your hobbies are. By clicking a simple “like” button, posting a short ...

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