Top 10 Facebook Meme Pages

By Editorial Staff

Facebook meme pages are the source of comedy you didn’t even know you needed. 

Memes have become a crucial part of social media use, keeping us entertained for hours on end. Thanks to meme pages across the web, memes have become accessible wherever, whenever! Memes are among the most viral form of content online. They circulate through social media platforms providing entertainment as they poke fun at anything ranging from your favorite celebrities to sports. In this blog, we will tell you about the top 10 meme pages on Facebook. From fetching cows to Zach Galifianakis, you might just discover your favorite meme!  



9GAG's page Looking for a laugh? 9GAG is the most popular meme page available to Facebook users. With over 41 MILLION likes, this page is the king of meme pages. In addition to the 9GAG Facebook page, there is now a 9GAG website, app, and page on every social media platform you can think of. Among the most recent memes posted on the 9GAG website is a video of a cow playing fetch. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out 9GAG!



Sarcasm meme page

What kind of top meme list would this be without sarcasm? Sarcasm is exactly what you think it is– a meme page for sarcastic humor! With a fan base of over 40 million, it is among the top meme pages on the internet. The purpose of creating Sarcasm was to entertain and provide followers with a good laugh, and it has done just that. If you’re looking to add some humor to your Facebook timeline, give Sarcasm a follow.



Memes– Facebook meme page

“Memes” is among the most followed meme pages on Facebook, to no one’s surprise. On this meme page, you can expect to find anything from Kylie Jenner’s “rise and shine” to the Joker and Peter Parker dancing. With over 17.9 million followers and 17.7 million likes, this Meme page has the funniest memes on the internet. A unique feature about this meme page is the pinned post. Each month a “meme calendar” is pinned to the top of the page, allowing users to reminisce on the month’s funniest memes. 

Funny or Die 


Funny or Die's Facebook page

Funny or Die is a classic. It has grown into a meme powerhouse, as it currently has over 15 million followers and likes. What makes Funny or Die so unique is its original content. They publish their own exclusive memes, so you never have to worry about seeing memes you’ve seen before! The Funny or Die Facebook meme page also acts as a hub for comedians to share their content. For example, Zach Galifianakis recently shared his comedy skit!

The Pet Collective 


The Pet Collective's page Who doesn’t love animals and comedy? Well, this page offers the best of both worlds. The Pet Collective is a meme page on Facebook with over 12.8 million followers and a whole lot of memes. Sharing everything from adorable to hilarious animal memes, this page is a must-follow! They are best known for their 24-hour live feed on YouTube featuring puppies, kittens, and other furry friends.  

Aunty Acid 


Aunty Acid's Facebook page

Who doesn’t love a good skiing fail clip? Aunty Acid posted a clip of skiing gone wrong, and it is sure to give you a good laugh. But this content is not abnormal for this top ten meme page! Aunty Acid has grown in popularity over the years and is now 11 million followers strong. Its popularity is not surprising, this meme page contains some of the best memes on the web.

College Humor 


College Humor's meme page

If you are a college student, you’ve most likely heard of College Humor. The College Humor meme page on Facebook is a part of College Humor Media, a company founded by two high school friends hoping to spread laughter. College Humor is best known for its hilarious clips/memes. A recent cartoon they posted pokes fun at some characters from Star Wars as well as Smash Bros. The name says it all…College Humor appeals to college students (8.5 million college students, to be exact). 

Classical Art Memes


Classical Art Memes Facebook page

There is truly a meme page for everyone, including art enthusiasts. This meme page is among the best on Facebook and features everything from the Mona Lisa to Egyptian art. The last post on the Classical Art Meme page includes a classical photo of a man falling off his chariot with the caption, “When you’re about to win a race on Mario Kart but then you run over a banana skin you dropped two laps earlier and fly off the track.”  The Classical Art Meme page has racked up 5.4 million followers in recent years. Who knew so many people shared a love of art and comedy? 

NBA Memes 


NBA Memes page

If you follow basketball, this is the meme page for you. Although not affiliated to the NBA, this meme page is the go-to for humorous basketball memes. Content includes videos, photos, and links to the funniest blogs regarding the NBA. In a recent post on NBA Memes, an article titled, “Reddit User Finds Direct Correlation Between James Harden’s Bad Road Games and High Quality Strip Clubs,” was linked, poking fun at James Harden’s current losses. 

The Daily Mash


The Daily Mash's Facebook meme page

If you are looking for the best spoof articles the internet has to offer, check out The Daily Mash. Although The Daily Mash is last on our list, it is most certainly not least, as it has some of the best memes the internet has ever known. Their Facebook page currently on the rise with over 900 thousand followers. The page is hard to miss, as the profile picture features an adorable little otter!

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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