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Top Journalists in Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

Journalists are continuously faced with the challenge of adapting their content to our changing world. Whether they’re writing about politics, entertainment, science, travel, etc., they must ensure that their work is considered relevant in today’s society. Many talented journalists are using their expertise to cover the future of the marketing industry – social media. Here is our list of the top journalists in influencer marketing:

1. Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz is an award-winning journalist based in Los Angeles who writes about technology and internet culture for The New York Times. Her articles cover current social media trends and updates, as well as the latest influencer news. She recently wrote a piece, “Everyone’s Playing Among Us,” that details how YouTubers and influencers have popularized a multi-player internet game among their followers in the past month. She also keeps up with breaking influencer news and trends on her Twitter account – where she tweets daily.

2. Andrew Hutchinson

Another top journalist in influencer marketing is Andrew Hutchinson, the Head of Content and Social Media at Social Media Today. He specializes in social media marketing and writes the vast majority of the articles featured in the publication. Some examples of his content include “Pinterest Announces New Initiatives to Support Underrepresented Creators” and “How to Find and Hire Social Media Influencers.” He shares his work outside of Social Media Today on his personal blog. In addition to his impressive article output, he has also published two novels: Rohypnol and One.

3. Sydney Bradley

This journalist, Sydney Bradley, reports on social media and the influencer industry for Business Insider. Having worked closely with influencers in the past, she is very knowledgeable about the industry. From successful brand collaborations to TikTok influencer houses, Bradley writes about everything influencer-related. She also promotes her articles on her personal Twitter account daily.

4. Kaitlyn Tiffany

Another top journalist in influencer marketing is Kaitlyn Tiffany. She is a writer at The Atlantic who covers technology with a focus on social media. She writes about social media platforms, influencers, trends, and has even written an article about the virality of ‘Karen’ videos. She is very active on her Twitter account, where she shares articles of her own and those of her fellow writers.

5. Diana Pearl

Diana Pearl is an NYC-based journalist who works for Adweek as the deputy brand editor and managing editor of “Brandweek.” Although she covers brands and marketing in general, she produces frequent content on digital marketing and social media and is one of the top journalists in the field. For example, Pearl interviewed Charli and Dixie D’Amelio about becoming influencers and their success on social media in August.

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6. Matt Klein

Matt Klein is a writer at Forbes whose content centers around social media marketing. An expert on the industry, he is also the Director of Strategy at Sparks & Honey. He does not write articles as frequently as some of the other journalists on this list but, when he does, they are extremely insightful and well-researched. He recently wrote a piece about how a brand’s social campaigns can inspire change and another about the success of the ‘Creator Economy.’

7. Alexandra Bruell

Alexandra Bruell is an NYC-based reporter for the Wall Street Journal. She writes for “CMO Today,” the publication’s section dedicated to marketing and media. Her articles focus on advertising, brand campaigns, and the marketing industry in general. In September, she covered the USPS Campaign to raise awareness for mail-in ballot voting. 

8. Paige Leskin

Another top journalist in influencer marketing is Paige Leskin, a reporter at Business Insider. According to her profile, “she covers social media platforms, internet culture, and anything weird you may notice on the world wide web.” In addition to social media news in general, she has also been covering the ongoing threats of a TikTok ban in the United States as new updates are released.

9. Megan McCluskey

Megan McCluskey is a reporter for TIME who specializes in social media and pop culture. From TikTok influencer trends to TV show reviews, her articles cover a variety of different topics within the industry. She recently interviewed Nathan Apodaca, known for a TikTok video of himself skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac, on the impact of the video’s virality across social media platforms.

10. Todd Spangler

Todd Spangler is an experienced journalist currently working for Variety, where he writes about digital media and technology news. In addition to his pieces about brands and social media platforms, he also covers occasional celebrity and influencer news. He is very active on his Twitter account, where he shares his articles and commentary on current events in the digital world.

Other Top Journalists in Influencer Marketing

David CohenAdweek
Elizabeth DwoskinWashington Post
Josh ConstineSignal Fire

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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