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How to Have a Safe Halloween: Tips from Your Favorite Influencers

By Editorial Staff

October 31st is just around the corner. The tone was set perfectly for Halloween this year; it falls on a Saturday and there will be a full moon that night. It seems like the best-case scenario, except COVID-19 is making the holiday look a bit different. Despite social distancing measures, Halloween can still be Spooktacular! This holiday is about wearing masks, right? Keep reading to find out how to have a fun, safe Halloween so that zombies are the only thing you have to be afraid of.

Costume Ideas

Finding a new costume every year can be difficult with an endless amount of options to choose from. Luckily, we have inspiration at the tip of our fingertips with social media. Beauty influencers like Abby Roberts, Tenisha Billington, and NikkieTutorials have a handful of Halloween looks they serve.


all the best people are crazy

♬ Mad Hatter – Tik Tok,Melanie Martinez



Sally stitches 💙❤️ #bodypaint #10secondsvs #halloweenmakeup #sallystitchescosplay

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

Tons of people on TikTok have been posting their Halloween costume ideas for this year. @maddysaysyeet is just one example of an individual creating costume idea video threads. She has created videos for group costumes ranging from pairs to five people. Other great ways to find costume inspiration on TikTok is by searching “Halloween” and “Halloween Costume Ideas”.


🥰🎃👻 #greenscreen #halloween #halloweencostume #ChemicalHearts #MyOrder #DateNight #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #monstermash

♬ Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett


What are you going to be for Halloween?🥰 here are a few ideas!! #halloweencostume #halloween #costumeideas #pinterest #GetTheLook

♬ That boy Dougie – KarlLimpin

 From our search, here’s a list of our top five favorite costume ideas this year.

  1. Gatsby, Roaring 20’s Themed

2. Cher (and or) Dionne from Clueless

3. Handmaid’s Tale

4. Ninja

5. Scooby Doo Crew

How to Have a Safe Halloween

Hershey and Harvard Global Health Institute partnered this year and created “Halloween Like We’ve Never Seen” in order to help guide people to make smart, safe decisions. They have a map presenting each county of the United States and the risk level based on COVID-19 rates. Counties are rated on a color scale- green, yellow, orange, and red. Harvard and Hershey brainstormed a multitude of ideas for each colored county to partake in. They advise sticking to activities they recommended, or similar to, in order to have a safe Halloween.

Unless you are staying home for Halloween and participating in virtual events, it is recommended to continue adhering to all CDC guidelines throughout the night by wearing a mask, maintaining a six-foot distance, and washing hands frequently. Costume Halloween masks should not be worn in place of other cotton masks. Furthermore, cotton masks should not be worn under costume masks because they can create difficulty while breathing.

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Fun Activities for Halloween

There is something for everyone this Halloween! Here’s a list of our top three favorite safe Halloween ideas and platforms that are easy to navigate and use to host virtual parties.

1. Trick-or-Treating

If you and your family feel safe and comfortable, go traditional trick-or-treating, while following all CDC guidelines of course. If traditional trick-or-treating isn’t up your alley, there are variations of traditional trick-or-treating people can partake in! Throwing candy down driveways, drive-by trick-or-treating parades, and neighborhood (or yard) candy hunts are fun alternatives for kids to get their treats.

2. Boo Bags

Boo bags are a fun, easy way to spread Halloween spirit amongst family and friends. Fill a goodie bag with the best goodies you can find and “Boo” someone by delivering the bag anonymously to a neighbor, family member, or friend. Once the goodie bag is delivered, you’ve started a domino effect and whoever received the goodie bag can “Boo” someone else by creating their own goodie bag.

3. Virtual Parties

Virtual parties offer an endless amount of activities for individuals to partake in. Our ideal virtual party has games, candy, scary stories, and a costume contest! For those who live in a red zone or just don’t feel comfortable participating in traditional Halloween activities this year, virtual parties are the best option. People can also join a Netflix Party with their new extension and watch a Halloween movie with their friends and family safe in the comfort of their home.

Virtual parties can be hosted through various platforms like Facebook Rooms, Zoom, Houseparty, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Halloween is a great time of year where memories are made and 2020 should be no different. We hope this article serves as a useful tool to help you have a safe Halloween and make this year one to remember. 

This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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