Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on TikTok!

By Editorial Staff

Just like any other social media platform or social networking site, TikTok is home to a community of users made up of people from various backgrounds, experiences, and interests. This month, to properly celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, TikTok took their app programming to the next level with #FamiliaLatina, a hashtag made to honor Latinx culture and the Latinx creators that have brought their passion and ideas to TikTok. To encourage users to join the festivities, TikTok named some incredible Latinx Trailblazers to lead the way, scheduled fun LIVE streams, and created educational and entertaining videos that spread the love for Latinx culture, food, and music.

Partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Before getting into the app programming, TikTok realized the need to support and celebrate the Hispanic/Latinx community beyond programming and entertainment. To show their commitment to their Hispanic/Latinx audience and TikTok influencers, the company partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF). The HHF is a non-profit established by the White House in 1987 that “identifies, inspires, prepares, and positions Hispanic/Latinx leaders in the classroom, community, and workforce”.

TikTok has also added HHF to the TikTok Donation Stickers program, which is a program of interactive stickers that can be embedded directly in videos and TikTok Live streams so users can quickly and easily submit a donation to various organizations without having to leave the app. To further support the community and the HHF, TikTok also provided a $750,000 grant to support HHF’s COVID-19 community relief efforts.


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month on the app, TikTok came up with the hashtag #FamiliaLatina to honor their Hispanic/Latinx TikTok community. With the hashtag, TikTok hopes to celebrate the cultures and contributions of the TikTok Latinx community that have found their home and family on the app. So, who exactly makes up the familia? All users, creators, and artists who can trace their roots back to Latin American or Spanish-speaking countries from around the world. That includes household names like:

According to TikTok, the hashtags #Latina, #Latino, and #Hispanic combined have more than 31B views. As of October 14, the #FamiliaLatina hashtag has 283.5M views on TikTok. Further creating a fun experience for users, TikTok also added #FamiliaLatina stickers to the Create page for creators that want to add special effects to their videos.


Let’s goooo! ✨🚨✨ Can’t wait to see and share some of your best #PaTiChallenge dances! Thanks for kicking it off @charlidamelio! @papijuancho

♬ Pa Ti – Jennifer Lopez & Maluma

Beyond digital creators, TikTok also showed support for Latinx musical artists by curating a special Sounds page featuring Hispanic/Latinx performers that represent the spectrum of Latinx demographics and music genres. TikTok also created TikTok Latinx Heritage Month playlists on their official Spotify and Apple Music TikTok accounts to feature songs from popular and up-and-coming Latinx artists from the app. The Sounds page features 50+ Latinx artists with the top performers being:

TikTok Trailblazers


Introducing the Latinx TikTok Trailblazers ⭐️ #FamiliaLatina

♬ original sound – tiktok creators

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To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, TikTok unveiled their first Latinx TikTok Trailblazers. These influencers were nominated by the TikTok community as the next-generation of Latinx digital entertainment leaders because of their passion, creativity, and authenticity that has brought them a large audience of loyal followers and hundreds of thousands of likes. The inaugural Trailblazers are:

  1. @spencerx


👹 bass activate

♬ original sound – Spencer X

If you recognize him, you might notice he’s the creator of one of the most-liked TikTok videos of all time. Besides creating comedic videos, SpencerX is also a beatboxer who uses his platform to share beatboxing culture in a fun and entertaining way.

  1. @officialsalicerose



♬ original sound – Daliaa Cedillo

An original TikTok creator, Salice makes fun and comedic videos that keep her audience laughing.

  1. @lgndfrvr


OH NO! I THINK I’M IN TROUBLE 😳😂 #fatherdaughter #funny #FootlongShuffle #GhostMode

♬ original sound – LGNDFRVR

Justice shares his authentic journey as a Latino father while embodying the spirit of family, which perfectly matches the message of #FamiliaLatina.

  1. @adamrayokay


POV: Rosa falls for the prank😂😔 #foryou #fyp #rosa

♬ original sound – ADAMRAY

Adam Ray is a TikTok influencer specializing in comedy for his hilarious videos that show off his alter-ego, Rosa.

  1. @siennamae


Sienna Mae is a self-proclaimed “spicy Latina” that creates fun videos with her friends, but also promotes body-positivity and self-love.

  1. @devonrodriguezart


I love drawing people on the subway 🚇 #nycsubway #fyp #tiktokart #artober

♬ feel something – Bea Miller

Devon Rodriguez is an artist from New York City known for his incredible drawings of subway riders from his community.

  1. @zachv_pat


Saying things we really don’t mean 💛 #downsyndrome #brotherlove #wholesome #family #love

♬ original sound – Zach and Pat Valentine

Zach V and Pat are a pair of funny, lovable, and charismatic brothers who aim to educate and entertain with their positive skits and dance videos. 

  1. @latinajesus


TAG ALL LATINAS 👀😂🇲🇽 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #xyzbca

♬ original sound – jesus❤️‍🔥

Jesus, a comedy influencer, creates hilarious content inspired by his Latin background.

  1. @jennymartinezzz


Digital creator Jenny Martinez gives her followers a taste of authentic Mexican culture through her delicious recipes.

  1. @omayazein


Dad’s Famous Lemonade #limon #family #lemonade #lemontree #fyp #foryou #mexican #mexico #foryourpage #sugar #aguafresca #lemon #loveyou #love #dad

♬ original sound – Jenny Martinez

Omaya is a proud Arab-Latina who represents the diversity of the Latinx community while making hilarious videos with her husband and videos about her culture.

  1. @itsnikki.g


You are gorgeous your brain is just a jerk sometimes✨ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #bopotiktok #bodypositive #selfloveclub

♬ I Write Watermelons Not Sugar by DJ Cummerbund – DJ Cummerbund

Nikki Garza is a body-positive, queer, Latina from Atlanta that loves to spread positivity and acceptance across TikTok.

  1. @monicamamudo


vocês pediram e ele voltou 👀 e aí?? passou no teste? merece ser ensinado a pose da quebrada? 👇🏽😗🇧🇷✨#comedy #brasil #brasileirosnoseua #fyp

♬ original sound – momo

Monica, who also goes by Momo, likes to call herself “your Brazilian big sister”. She makes videos all about Brazilian culture, stereotypes, and memes.

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, these Trailblazers and more Latinx creators and music artists will be featured across the popular TikTok LIVE programs, including “Learn on TikTok”, “Dinner With Me”, and “Sound Off”. Through these programs, TikTok users can celebrate Latinx culture and traditions through food and music. On the Discover page, users can find daily updates on Latinx Heritage Month LIVE programming, such as: cooking with Gaby Melian, talking culture with La La Anthony, jamming to music with Luis Fonsi, and watching a special LIVE appearance by Jennifer Lopez.

No matter if you’re Latinx or not, anyone can join in on the TikTok Hispanic Heritage Month celebration and honor the diverse voices and faces of the app’s community. If you’re eager to learn more about culture, food, and music, you can also stay up-to-date on Latinx Heritage Month programming and the #FamiliaLatina community by following @TikTokCreators and @TikTokUS.

Keep up with more Hispanic/Latinx creators on TikTok:

Amara Que Linda12.3M
Letícia Gomes5.7M
Jonny Morales611.3K
LeJuan James198.9K

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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