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Top Japanese Influencers

By Editorial Staff

These days, companies are well aware of the growth and importance of social media especially when it comes to influencers. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, social networking has changed and so has consumer trends and behaviors. Instagram is known to be the home of influencers and, like many countries, Instagram is becoming the key platform in Japan. That’s why we have curated a list of the top Japanese influencers that you should keep an eye on. 

1. Naomi Watanabe


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A post shared by 渡辺直美 (@watanabenaomi703)

 If you’re looking for a top Japanese influencer to follow then Naomi Watanabe is the one. Being a comedian, actress and fashion designer, Naomi is unstoppable. She was one of the first comedians in Japan to join the Instagram and TikTok community and often impersonates Beyoncé and Lady Gaga in parodies. Naomi is known for her funny personality, body positivity and defying Japanese beauty standards.

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2. Panna 


パンナのお留守番Part1😂ファーボセール中、詳細はプロフィールのInstagramからチェックしてね❗️@furbo_japan #ファーボ #furbo #犬のいる生活 #dog #fyp

♬ original sound – MING 🦁 – mingweirocks

Funny enough, one of the biggest influences in Japan isn’t even a human. He’s a poodle named Panna. He loves performing tricks and doing little skits on his TikTok and Instagram pages. All content is filmed by Panna’s owner who puts him in cute outfits and creates Panna his own little living space that even includes a mini bed and pillows. 

3. Junya Legend


♬ オリジナル楽曲 – Junya/じゅんや – Junya/じゅんや

With millions of followers across multiple channels, Junya’s channels feature various videos of him stuffing snacks into his mouth, kicking around household objects and downing drinks as fast as possible. To each their own, Junya’s videos aren’t for everyone but his popularity comes from his laugh, funny attitude and dances.  

4. Coco Pink Princess


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A post shared by COCO (@coco_pinkprincess)

7-year-old Coco has accumulated over 600k followers on her Instagram. Coco Pink Princess is a style icon. According to her mother, this 7-year-old styles her own outfits from picking the accessories to the shoes. Coco has a great taste in outfit choices and offers a more colorful unique look to stand out from the crowd. 

5. Rola 

Rola is definitely one of the top Japanese influencers. Rola is a model, TV personality, actress and singer. Raising awareness on current issues to her 6.7M followers, Rola is known for producing content and being an advocate for healthy living, fitness and the environment. She has recently founded lifestyle brand studior330 with garments all made from organic cotton which is healthier and safer for everyone (farmers and consumers). 

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6. Yukina Kinoshita 

Yukina is a former model, actress and television personality. Previously having 5.1M followers, Yukina’s new account has reached over 500k followers on Instagram. Yukina’s account features a variety of lifestyle posts. She often shares images of food, fashion and gives the audience recommendations of her favorite places and styles. 

7. Kiko Mizuhara 


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A post shared by i_am_kiko (@i_am_kiko)

It’s pretty obvious why Kiko is in this top Japanese influencers list. Kiko Mizuahra is a model, singer, actress and designer. Based in Japan she regularly appears in popular magazines such as Elle and Vogue Girl, and she also joined the fab five for Queer Eye in Japan. Alongside her fashion content, she is an advocate for the earth and environment and shares informative posts of recycled garments.  

8. Jun Hasegawa 

Jun Hasegawa is a model who has accumulated over 1.8M followers on Instagram. Having a passion for health and fitness Jun’s content is inspirational and drives her followers to be the best of themselves. Her account features ‘Glenwood Kitchen’ where she shares her favorite and healthy recipes and ‘Glenwood Yoga’ where she shares her workouts. 

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9. Yuko Sugamoto 

With over 500k followers, Yuko Sugamoto is known for her beauty and skincare regimes. Her channels feature skincare and fitness routines to inspire positive body image. Owning over 5 different organic brands, she recommends to her followers the best beauty products like lotions and moisturizers and posts her results.

10. Risa Nakamura 


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A post shared by 中村 里砂 (@risa_doll_)

Risa Nakamura is a model and actress that has appeared in multiple magazines and television shows. She is considered one of the top Japanese influencers in the ‘cute-girl’ fashion scene for her cute, doll-like looks. Risa’s style is distinctive with a color palette of mostly pink, black, white and neutral colors. Her outfit often contains lingerie with chiffon and lace materials. 

Honorable mentions for top Japanese influencers

Tsuyoshi MunroInstagram3.1M
Tina TamashiroInstagram
Prit Kirin YouTube
Reiko Mcnish SatoInstagram

This article was written by Emily Nguyen

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