Campaign Teardown

IMC Toys Campaign Teardown: 2.5M+ Impressions with Influencer Marketing

By Editorial Staff

IMC Toys, a popular toy brand amongst children, has created national headlines as an up-and-coming company for children of all ages. Due to their fun and different characters, the organization has ridden on the fact that they know the market and what is fun for kids vs. what’s not. Between our teams, we wanted to strategize on ways to continue to bring in revenue for the company while collaborating with our common goal of advertising the new line of toys.


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Since IMC Toys first patterned with NeoReach at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were looking for a new and better way to promote their products and make staying at home more accessible as well as comfortable for families. With the help of our team/creators, we were able to capitalize on the two newest collections the company was needing advertising for; VIP Pets and Cry Babies Magic Paci House. 

For more information on the creators listed above, be sure to check out their profiles as well as #Vippets on the various platforms.

IMC toys originated Barcelona, but branched out in 2001 in Hong Kong with a vision to have consumers all over the world. Since the launch, the brand has expanded into 50 countries internationally and continues to dominate the children’s market for growth. Since the company does have different products and partnerships including Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Club Petz, Yo-Kai Watch, Baby Wow, IMC Toys continues to pave the way for economic growth and opportunities. 

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How did we accomplish our goals?

Our two creators, Lauren Stewart and the Johnson Family were able to put their content out on multiple platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, and even Pinterest. These families range in content from fun family pranks to DIY at-home tasks. With their unique attention to detail and creativity, we were able to create an environment that works for families around the world and creates family memories for all.

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At the end of our campaign, our team was extremely successful as we only used two creators (Lauren Stewart and the Johnson Fam) to achieve our goals. With 2.5 million impressions, 1.6x ROI (Return of Investment) 62.8k engagement, as well as $140k IMV.  The platforms we used for this project were Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok. To say the least, this campaign was put to the test to showcase that as long as you have a dedicated team of individuals, it doesn’t matter how many influencers you have on a single campaign as long as you are able to achieve the results you want. As time continues to go on, social media proves to be one of the most powerful tools for creators to gain a platform as well as followers. This project proved that IMC Toys and NeoReach were the perfect duos to work together.

This article was written by Genesis Sanchez

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