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By Editorial Staff

The beauty industry market has taken over the world by full force, with different creators from every corner of the globe putting their lives out there for millions of people to see and comment on their day-to-day life. One of my favorite industries, beauty, and fashion has become increasingly more popular with the rise of the TikTok/Covid-19 pandemic as everyone was stuck at home and had to find new ways to adapt to the new normal. 

Every creator has the goal of creating looks that people all over the country, as well as the world, will look back on and be thankful for the hard work makeup artists have put into different makeup lines, brand deals, and special promotions to put out products faster.

TikTokers Who Have Blown Up During the Pandemic

1. Mikayla Nogueria


Thank you for sticking by me through it all!💛

♬ A Moment Apart – Hannah Stater

As a 22-year-old, Mikayla has taken over the internet and the beauty industry by storm. She first started on her makeup journey at just 10 years old with a love for makeup, and then went on to become a beauty consultant at Ulta Beauty where she worked for years before taking her own twist on TikTok. Between PR hauls, showing her fans the latest beauty trends and must-have products, there is a video for everyone of all makeup levels on Mikayla’s account. Additionally, she also just launched her first-ever makeup collaboration with Glamlite, which you can find here.

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2. Skin care By Hyram (Hyram Yarbo)


extraction vids got me actin up 😰#skincarebyhyram #skincare #pores

♬ Wuki _ Crunk In Time – wüki

Originally born in Arizona, Yarbo is famous for his love for a good skincare routine! If you look at his TikTok, he has many videos of him reacting to all sorts of skincare routines, inputting his own advice for users to follow his lead with what helped himself personally, and is an advocate for others to use clean skincare ingredients such as vegan and cruelty-free. Most recently, he has come out with his own skincare line which you can find online at Sephora, or here at his website. 

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3. Erin Dugan Jurchak


full face (almost😉) of all @rarebeauty—talk about knocking it out of the park💞 #makeup #rarebeauty #selenagomez #pr #beauty

♬ Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) – Saweetie

No stranger to the limelight, Erin has been a sports anchor, producer, and reporter for local television stations in her area. During the pandemic, Erin was able to create a platform for herself in the beauty industry with her makeup skills, PR brands deals, and other collaborations amongst creators. Brands such as Urban Decay, Revlon, and Taylored Lashes are some of her favorite brands to receive products from.  Most notably, she loves being a mother to her young son and a wife to her husband. 

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4. Danielle Marcan


matching my makeup look to my @casetify case. use code 15DANIELLE for 15% off! #CASETiFY AD

♬ jealousy, jealousy – Olivia Rodrigo

Her most famous TikTok starts off the video with a face of full makeup but then erases the makeup underneath the eyes then using highlighter to showcase her under-eye circles. Danielle is also known for recreating celebrity makeup looks from Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner to even Dua Lipa’s grammy performance.  Furthermore, Danielle also creates her own content as she makes makeup looks for her viewers to recreate as they wish.

5. Vanessa aka CutCreaser


fun liner styles with minimal effort for beginners!! anyone can look cool with these styles on 🙂 #makeup #fyp vid inspo: @marthalynnn

♬ freak by doja cat – dani

22-year-old New Yorker, Vanessa is yet another creator on our list who has collaborated with a brand for her own collection. Through her love of Marvel and Star Wars, she uses the vibrant colors used in the movies to portray just how fun her line is. On her TikTok account, she creates makeup looks using emojis as a muse and even using different colored eyeliners to showcase her talent. If you haven’t heard of Vanessa and love looks that are futuristic, you need to run to her channel and find out for yourself.

This article was written by Genesis Sanchez

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