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Top 10 Influencer Agencies

By Editorial Staff

Influencers –no matter which app or website you go to, you’re likely to find content from them. It’s no secret that influencers are rising up in the digital world, but how exactly do they do it? While some influencers work independently, many of them are a part of influencer agencies. This is not only for the benefit of influencers themselves, but brands as well. Influencer agencies perfectly match influencers to brands, making sure that both parties reach their desired audience. As the demand for influencer marketing rises, influencer agencies will be there to help influencers grow. In this article, I have prepared a list of some of the top influencer agencies at the moment. Keep reading to find out who’s on top of the game and why.

1. HireInfluence

HireInfluence is an experienced agency, having been around since 2011. They’re considered to be one of the top creative agencies, especially because they work closely with many Fortune 1000 brands. Some of the well-known brands they’ve worked with are Microsoft, eBay, Vanity Fair, etc. The services they provide are known to be customized to the client’s personal goals and needs. They have offices located in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, but offer global services as well. 

2. Fanbytes

Out of the influencer agencies on this list, Fanbytes is the way to go for influencers or businesses that wish to target a younger audience. This global agency specializes in reaching Generation Z audiences, using platforms commonly used by them, such as TikTok or Snapchat. They take both a technical and creative approach when networking, which has led to many of their campaigns going viral on apps such as Apple Music. One of their programs even lets you run many campaigns on only one interface!

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3. NeoReach

Strategic and creative, NeoReach perfectly matches influencers to campaigns. This global influencer agency is flexible, being as involved as much as you decide, but brings results that help you and their team understand your performance. NeoReach has worked closely with popular brands, companies, and platforms, such as TikTok, Walmart, and airbnb, to name a few. Having managed over $250 million in influencer marketing campaigns, NeoReach really pulls in the success and results. With campaigns starting from $20,000 and up to 7 figures, NeoReach has you covered.

4. IMA

IMA, short for Influencer Marketing Agency, is one of the most popular influencer agencies. They have a history when it comes to marketing, starting in 2010 as a fashion inspiration platform and developing into an official influencer agency in 2013. They completely manage your campaign, starting from strategies to fully carry it out, which is what many influencers look for. Their success has led them to work alongside big brands such as Calvin Klein, Samsung, Nivea, etc. They have offices in New York and Amsterdam, but they are a global agency, engaging brands with their audiences worldwide. 

5. Viral Nation

An award-winning agency, Viral Nation’s effect is in its name. Starting in 2014, Viral Nation has grown into a powerful agency. They’re full-service, managing campaigns from all the way through planning to influencer selection. With a large impact, they represent many different types of influencers, as well as gamers and athletes. They work closely with many popular brands, such as Apple, Bud Light, and Crayola. Viral Nation is a global agency and can be found pretty much everywhere, with some offices, such as the New York and Toronto locations, doubling as talent agencies.

6. Sway Group

Sway Group is an American influencer agency that offers the best influencer storytelling and media that can bring in three times more engagement. They’re full-service, meaning that they can manage your entire program – or not if you prefer to work independently. With their powerful analytics, Sway Group looks into every detail of engagements and metrics in order to properly report on a campaign’s performance. They have worked with various brands such as Dominos, Bed Bath & Beyond, eBay, and more.

7. Go Fish Digital

Another experienced agency, Go Fish Digital has been around for a whole decade! They work in not only influencer marketing, but SEO, online reputation management, and paid advertising as well. Their team takes a creative and technical approach towards managing campaigns, guaranteeing client success. Go Fish Digital works a diverse and popular group of clients, such as Geico, Monster Energy, and SurveyMonkey. Their offices are located in Washington, D.C., and Raleigh, North Carolina, but they do offer global services.

8. Metric Theory

Metric Theory is an influencer agency that provides various services, reaching every last detail of the digital world. Their services are mostly centered around advertising, such as Paid Social, Search Engine Marketing, Display & Remarketing, etc. Having worked with 400+ brands, Metric Theory is no stranger to influencer marketing. They’re involved with companies such as gofundme, Too Faced, FabFitFun, Tradesy, and more. Their offices are located from coast to coast in America, in cities such as Denver and New York.

9. Americanoize

Americanoize is an international agency that’s all about strategy and promotion. Having a 15 billion reach, Americanoize is pretty skilled when it comes to marketing. They even have 25 years of advertising experience! When it comes to services, they have many to offer, such as graphic design, SEO web design, digital marketing, influencer marketing, etc. They’ve worked with companies such as McDonald’s, AT&T, and Nintendo. They have also endorsed big-name celebrities as well, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman being two of them. As you can see, Americanoize is quite versatile.

10. Cure Media

Cure Media is a Europe based influencer agency that is known for being secure and up to date. Having worked with big brands and companies such as CocaCola, Disney, and Samsung, Cure Media has a successful, strategic approach towards influencer marketing. Perfectly matching influencer to brand, they have a wide selection of 150,000 influencers for brands to choose from. Their analytics platform tracks performances of the influencers and campaigns, allowing them to view engagement in real-time. With 10,000 plus activations for brands, CureMedia’s success is impressive. Their offices can be found in Germany and Sweden.

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This article was written by Rianon Gladura

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