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How to Be TikTok Famous: Do’s and Don’ts

By Editorial Staff

Have you ever wondered why some people can be super TikTok famous meanwhile the rest of the population just isn’t? Your content might not even be that different from theirs. This phenomenon occurs due to slight variations in your content such as angles, lighting, and subtly. There is also unspoken TikTok etiquette to follow. If you don’t want to miss out on becoming TikTok famous, keep reading for the do’s and don’ts. 

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What Song Do I Use?

DO use a trending audio

Your best bet for going viral is to use a song that is also viral. A good way to get a sense of whether or not the audio is viral is if:

  • The song is constantly on the FYP
  • The song has been used by a “Hype House” member
  • The top videos that have used the same audio are all viral as well

gym boiz @lilhuddy @rylandstormss @jack.wright

♬ Chris Brown – Take You Down (Remix) – J E S S

DON’T use a random song

Songs go viral for a reason. Typically, top influencers all decide to use the song (either it’s a good song or they got paid to do so). Or, a random video ended up being really great content, went viral, and it kicked off. It’s okay to occasionally use audio that isn’t super popular but, if you are trying to get TikTok famous, your best bet is to stick with popular audios.

What Angles Do I Use?

DO use multiple angles and shots

What’s going to keep a viewer from scrolling past your TikTok in their For You Page? Having several angles per video keeps the viewer engaged. Additionally, several angles allow for scene changes, outfit changes, and more flattering angles of you! Becoming TikTok famous means putting some effort into your videos.


out n about..

♬ Charli used this sound – 🦦

DON’T use a single shot

Of course, an occasional single shot is right for the right video. If your TikTok is a dance, this is typically the easiest way to make your video. BUT, an even better way to do this is to have someone film you!

QUICK TIP: If you are filming a single shot dance:

  • Have someone film you
  • Make the camera move with your movements
  • Make the camera slightly shake on the beat

Do I Use Effects or Filters?

DO use effects/ filters in moderation

Effects and filters can add a certain pop, a special pizzazz to your TikTok. But, when overused, the video looks cheap and garish. For the TikTok famous, we recommend everything in moderation

“Bling” Effect

The most commonly used and easiest to utilize effect is Bling. Bling is a simple way to give your TikTok a lil somethin’ extra.


I’ve been looking for this video and I’m so glad I finally found it🤩 #rosslynch #distancedance #tigerking #quickrecipes #foryou #fyp #edit #bling

♬ original sound – seanytai

“Sway” Effect

Imagine that you don’t have someone filming you, but you made a dance TikTok where a specific move hit the beat perfectly. I light touch of the Sway Effect on that beat can give your move the perfect pop (it mimics a camera shake). 


Typically, if you have good lighting, a filter is not needed. But, in some instances, a filter can help add quality and value to your TikTok creation. You may build a TikTok famous feed by using a specific filter that matches your content style.

Add a filter if:

  • Too Dark: If it is overcast outside and the lighting is not quite right, G5 and B5 can add so much value to the video! TikToks with the best lighting, perform best! Everything in moderation! Turn the filter down to about 20-30% intensity. 
  • Tropical/ Tan/ Lots of Sun: If you are tan, have bright lighting, and want to go for the saturated, beach aesthetic look, G6 is a great choice. Just remember to keep it dialed down and don’t cross the line into garish.

QUICK TIP: G6 + Bling typically perform very well!

DON’T overuse filters/ effects

TikTok famous accounts don’t post the same video over and over again, they spice it up.

“Bling” Checks & Balances:

  • Are you using Bling on every single Tiktok? (Don’t!)
  • Is every object in your video sparkling, or just a few accent items?
  • Does the Bling block your face? (Don’t!)

“Sway” Checks & Balances:

  • Hold the sway effect for about 1 second or less than on the beat
  • Use in moderation, 1-3 shakes if and when they are appropriate

Heart Bling, Gold Powder, Flower, Feather, Etc.:

  • Typically avoid these. They are seen as garish and do not add any real value to the TikTok


  • Keep them toned down to a lower intensity and don’t use them unless they are needed!

How Do I Utilize Commenting/ Captioning/ Hashtagging?

DO caption AND comment


People tend to like what they are familiar with, and seeing a post without a caption makes them uneasy. Always have a caption! A caption is also the perfect spot to make your point about the video or be a funny attention grabber. 


Everything looks so sexy in Slo-mo @noahschnacky #xyzbca #viral #fyp #relatable

♬ Tadow – Masego & FKJ


TikTok is not only about watching the videos. Viewers love to go right to the comments to see others’ opinions about the video as well as make their mark. 

If you have no additional thoughts to add about your video in the comment section:

  • Comment a question: “Are you a cat or a dog person?” to get the comments section rolling with responses
  • Put your Instagram handle: “IG: @” to convert more of ur TikTok viewers towards Instagram

What’s your favorite? 🤔 #foryou #foryoupage #servinglooks

♬ sex money feelings die – Lykke Li

DON’T overuse hashtags!


Your caption will always take up the bottom portion of your TikTok video.

Don’t overload your post with hashtags.

  • At the end of the day, hashtags aren’t THAT useful in viewers discovering your post. It would be better to use a trend: “#xchallenge”
  • It will block your video the larger the caption is, and take away from its value

Don’t use #fyp, #foryoupage, #xyzbca.

  • Maybe you think this works but in reality, thousands of other people are uploading with the same hashtag every moment 
  • Unless people are searching for that hashtag, it adds little to no value.

If you follow these TikTok Do’s and Don’ts correctly, your content will stand out, be more likely to blow up, and be much closer to TikTok stardom. Happy TikToking!

This article was written by Nikki Neisler

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