10 Tips for Small Businesses on Social Media

By Editorial Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many of our sails into unchartered waters. We, as the American people, have not seen anything like this since the Spanish Flu in 1920. What began as a mysterious, Chinese virus from Wuhan, has escalated in a life-threatening human tragedy affecting over 120,000 Americans. Who is affected by this? Well quite frankly, everyone. We are all expected to stay in our houses, and not get any closer than 6 feet to our peers in the community. Besides our personal bank accounts seeing a hit, the small businesses of our community are also feeling the heat. As we turn our extra time and attention to screens, how can small businesses on social media survive?

Have no fear, social media is a saving grace during this time! Social media presents endless opportunities for small businesses now more than ever. These tips are geared for small businesses who want to exhaust their social media resources to help the finances of their company.

1. Let your audience know where your company stands

Customers of small businesses often have a deeper relationship than a typical buyer-seller dynamic. Small businesses are able to use their genuine charm to attract customers that keep them coming back. Customers want to know how this pandemic has affected those around their community, especially from businesses they frequent.

2. Update your customers daily 

Small businesses should utilize their social media platform to communicate how COVID-19 has changed their day-to-day expectations, as well as updates on their personal health. The more the customer understands what the company has done during these times, the more willing they will be to use their services now and once this has passed.

3. Engage your audience

People all over the United States spend their waking hours staring at the same 4 walls of their home or apartment. Americans are eager to fill their time with productive ways to occupy their mind. Engaging your audience can consist of rendering live question and answer on social media, posting at-home ways to get moving, or encouraging customers to share their day-to-day experiences with them. Prioritizing customers’ feelings will result in a positive reaction, enticing them to help small businesses get back on their feet once this ends.

4. Reach out to customers and see how they are doing

Humans are hungry for social interaction, and they are craving conversations and interactions with those beyond who they are quarantining with. Small businesses on social media can extend a welcoming hand by simply reaching out and sharing well wishes and updates.  Posting a warm message checking in on the health and emotional well-being of their customers on social media can ensure you are reaching all of our followers simultaneously.

5. Encourage phone calls and video chats with customers 

Validating customers’ emotions is an effective way to strengthen your relationship and will leave the customer feeling valued. Small businesses can utilize social media to set up phone calls and video chats for more personal interaction. As mentioned before, it might be refreshing for customers to interact with those they don’t see every day. These phone calls might introduce a fresh perspective on the issue, helpful tips, or simply a listening ear.

6. Utilize discounts to your advantage

Small businesses on social media can effectively entice their customers to continue their business online, or in-person once this is all over. Social media provides an expedited way to communicate discounts or specials on products for the future. Consumers are glued to their devices anyway, and a sale will most definitely catch their eye.

7. Extend into different platforms 

Small businesses are efficient in finding their niche market, which makes them identifiable from everyone else. This means their customers often see the company in a specific light. The amount of social media platforms available paired with the amount of time people are spending on their devices, creates a powerful opportunity to explore options for expansion. TikTok has taken off the past couple of weeks, as it experienced 2 million downloads in one week during the quarantine. More people are extending their social media accounts, therefore small businesses need to extend their reach. Small businesses should welcome new opportunities such as TikTok, which will allow additional branding messages that consumers won’t miss. Social media is growing by the minute, and small businesses on social media should keep up! 

8. Share on social media how you are bettering yourself as a small business owner

Many of us are taking this time to better ourselves as people, and the same goes for small business owners. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed and panic-stricken about the lack of sales and low financials, it is important for small businesses to show their social media followers they are taking care of themselves. This appeals to the emotional connection of customers and allows for a deeper understanding and empathy of how trying these times are.

9. Share your plans for when COVID-19 passes

Many people are visual learners. By utilizing visual aids through social media, small businesses can set new goals for innovation while entertaining their customers. This will increase the hope that current customers have for the future, by visually displaying it. An owner of a small coffee shop may share pictures of their shop full of people enjoying their drinks and listening to music to create faith for better times ahead.

10. Be honest

Honesty and trust are the basis of any business relationship. Small businesses on social media should be honest with their followers regarding their stance on the pandemic. Without enticing fear, it is acceptable to exclaim your natural reactions to your customers. This is what builds a human connection, while bonding over emotions and reactions to this experience can further a personal relationship.

By following these tips, small businesses on social media will increase their reach and maintain positive relations with their customers. It is essential that we all use this time to better ourselves once the quarantine is lifted, and small businesses are no exception. These tips will help small businesses survive this pandemic, and enter our “new normal” as a better company!

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

Small businesses on social media have the advantage. Get started with us today!

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