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Top 10 Skincare Influencers That The Internet Swears By

By Editorial Staff

It’s hard to find a good skincare routine. Unfortunately, our judgment is often clouded by aesthetically pleasing product design rather than the actual ingredients in what we’re about to put on our skin. Although doing some research can help us decide whether or not to purchase a product, it’s hard to find out what products are right for our skin. That’s why following skincare influencers comes in handy!

Ever since the rise of TikTok, the niche of skincare influencers has become both more accessible and more influential. In 2020, multiple skincare influencers on TikTok started recommending Cerave products to their followers. Cerave is inexpensive compared to other popular products and was only regarded as a drug store product in the past. At first glance, there’s nothing special about it. But, thanks to these influencers, people were able to learn more about the brand, and Cerave was sold out across the country for months.

Clearly, skincare influencers hold a lot of power in the beauty industry. But, if you’re looking to build the perfect skincare routine, it’s important to find the perfect influencer for you! In this blog, we are going to talk about 10 skincare influencers that the internet swears by.

1. Dr. Caroline Robinson

Dr. Caroline Robinson is a board-certified dermatologist, content creator, and the founder of Tone Dermatology. As a black healthcare professional and creator, she advocates for equity in healthcare and skincare. While her content on Instagram and TikTok focuses on skincare in general, she also creates helpful content specifically for a diverse range of skin types.

Although being a dermatologist is not a requirement for being a skincare influencer, it’s certainly helpful! Dr. Robinson’s followers can rest assured that the advice they are getting is from a professional in the industry with experience treating all types of skin.

Check out her social media platforms here:

2. Liah Yoo

Liah Yoo is a Korean content creator based in New York City. She got her start on YouTube, where she would share Korean skincare secrets, products, and tips. Yoo now has a presence across multiple social media platforms, sharing skincare tips and recommending products. She has also used her expertise in both Korean and American beauty to create her own skincare brand: KraveBeauty

Check out her social media platforms here:

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3. Sofia Grahn

Sofia Grahn is a popular skincare influencer based in Sweden. She uses her platform to advocate for skin positivity regarding acne and other skin conditions. While her Instagram was originally used as a way to document her acne treatment journey, she has grown to love her skin. Through her content, Grahn sends the message that we should skip the airbrushing and embrace our bare, real skin.

Check out her social media platforms here:


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4. Jadé Marie

Jadé Marie is a skincare influencer and makeup artist. On YouTube, she posts videos of facials, skincare tips, and even ASMR videos. The facial videos are part of a series called ComplexionsByJade. Overall, she promotes health, wellness, and holistic medicine through her content. If this is the sort of thing that interests you, Jadé would be a great influencer to follow!

Check out her social media platforms here:


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A post shared by Jadé Marie (@jadeywadey180)

5. Renée of Gothamista

Renée is a popular skincare influencer who has experience in the buying and developing side of the beauty industry. She uses this expertise by testing out products and posting reviews and results on YouTube and Instagram. In her IG bio, she writes “I try stuff so you don’t have to!” If you’re thinking about buying a new sunscreen or other skincare product, Gothamista is the perfect account to check for high-quality recommendations.

Check out her social media platforms here:

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6. James Welsh

James Welsh is a popular skincare influencer who tests out popular products and gives recommendations to ensure his followers are using high-quality products on their skin. He tries out all kinds of skincare products, from celebrity recommendations to products you can find at the drugstore. He has a strong presence across multiple social media platforms and has gained a strong following over the past few years.

Check out his social media platforms here:


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A post shared by James Welsh (@james_s_welsh)

7. Nayamka Roberts-Smith

Nayamka Roberts-Smith, or Nai, is an esthetician and content creator who has created a strong brand through social media. She has an online shop with high-quality skincare products and a spa/skin studio. Her content consists of product recommendations for specific skin types and conditions. She also reviews products and posts content relevant to her work as an esthetician. She also recently became a Shea Moisture partner!

Check out her social media platforms here:

8. Dr. Vanita Rattan

Dr. Vanita Rattan is a doctor, content creator, and cosmetic formulator of Skin of Colour. In addition to all of this, she is an entrepreneur, being the founder of The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, Dark Circles Clinic, Dr. V Sunglasses, and Skincare by Dr. V. She mainly posts skincare reaction videos on TikTok, which have gained a lot of traction on the platform. She also debunks common skincare myths and makes sure her followers are consuming accurate information about their skin.

By using her medical expertise to give helpful, research-based advice to her followers, she has become a valued and reliable skincare influencer across platforms!

Check out her social media platforms here:


#duet with @gwmakeup 🧊🧊#doctorv #skincare #ice #model #flawlessskin #react #fyp #foryou

♬ She Gone Enter – lil.eaarl & CallMeeMoney

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9. Vi of Whatsonvisface

Vi is a skincare and lifestyle influencer who gets real with her followers about what they should be putting on their skin. After her skincare videos started blowing up on TikTok, she gained a lot of followers on the platform. Now, she is a rising mogul in the skincare industry. She is a large promoter of sunscreen, calling herself “SPF Mom,” and periodically posts options and reviews for products made for specific skin types.

Check out her social media platforms here:


Reply to @hannnnney just rolled out of bed 🛌 #skintok #eyecream


10. Dr. Camille Howard-Verović

Dr. Camille Howard-Verović is a dermatologist, content creator, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of GIRL + HAIR, a scalp care brand, and ANIN Actives, a new virtual dermatology brand. Dr. Howard-Verović is the third dermatologist on our list, offering expert, research-based skincare advice to her followers. In her content, she answers followers’ questions, educates them on issues affecting the skin, and gives overall health and wellness advice.

Check out her social media platforms here:

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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