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More TikTok Live Features to Help You Connect with Your Audience

By Editorial Staff

Most popular social media platforms have a few certain features in common. Although TikTok started solely as a short form video app, it has continued establishing itself as a competitor by fine-tuning the “for you page” and rolling out its live streaming feature. TikTok launched TikTok Live in 2019. Since then, they have updated it by adding new, relevant features. First, they introduced their Live Gifting feature, which definitely made them stand out from their competitors. This feature allows viewers to send creators different virtual gifts on live streams. Each of these gifts translates into a monetary reward for creators! But, TikTok did not stop there! 

TikTok has also recently announced they will be launching a story feature soon. Read more about it here.

In this blog, we are going to break down all of the newest TikTok Live features. Each of these features are fantastic ways for influencers to better connect with their audience through their live streams. Let’s get started!

Live Q&A

One of the best TikTok Live features is the Live Q&A feature, which allows the audience to ask questions for a creator to answer during their live stream. This is a great way for creators to allow their followers to get to know them better. A Q&A would be especially helpful for creators whose specific niche doesn’t cover much of their daily life! A good Q&A feels more like a conversation between friends than a broadcast.

Go Live Together

Go Live Together is a TikTok Live feature that allows two creators to collaborate with one another by starting a live video together. This is a great opportunity for influencers to expand their reach and gain recognition. Networking with other influencers in the space is always a great idea, and you might even make some new friends along the way!


@macimontess and i are absolutely floored

♬ rain on me glee version – mannie petty

Hypothetically, let’s say two influencers within a specific niche – fitness, for example – start a live video together. That live stream would be recommended to both of their follower bases. Because both influencers’ content falls within the fitness genre, it is likely that their followers are interested in fitness. This allows those followers to be introduced to another influencer in that niche that they may never have heard of otherwise.


One downside to TikTok Lives used to be that, once you start viewing a live video, you couldn’t do anything else on your phone while watching. But TikTok has recently solved this issue by introducing the Picture-in-Picture feature! Picture-in-Picture allows viewers to leave the app without the stream being interrupted. Because this makes watching live videos more convenient and accessible for TikTok users, it also makes hosting live videos more attractive to creators on the platform.

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Assigned Moderators

In this feature, TikTok prioritized the creator experience by giving them the option to assign moderators during live videos. These moderators have the ability to monitor the comment section and mute or block certain viewers if needed. This feature has definitely improved the creator experience by limiting cyberbullying and allowing creators to focus more on their stream. 

Comment Filters

The comment filter feature is along the same lines as the moderator feature in that it is also intended to prevent cyberbullying. Through this feature, creators can filter certain keywords to ensure that they do not show up in your comments. For example, these filtered keywords can include: 

  • Swear words
  • Slurs
  • Unkind words and nicknames
  • Spam and troll comments
  • Any other words or phrases that the creator does not want to see in their Live’s comment section.

TikTok has also rolled out a similar feature that sends commenters a notification before they post unkind comments. The notification pops up on the screen and is intended to make viewers think twice before saying something that could be harmful. Words can hurt, and TikTok has definitely taken steps to ensure that cyberbullying is minimized on the platform.

Live Events


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The Live Events feature gives creators the option to schedule and promote their live streams ahead of time. The main benefit this has for creators is that it increases the number of people that join their Live. If a creator schedules a live video a few days in advance, they can alert their followers beforehand! This is way more practical than relying on viewers to conveniently be on the app when the Live has started. Through the Live Events feature, a larger amount of people will be aware of the Live and be able to make time in their day to tune in.

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Top & Recommended Lives

TikTok is known for the “For You” page and its scarily accurate algorithm. They have recently started rolling out a version of this algorithm that recommends relevant live videos to users of the app. This will give creators the ability to connect with a wider audience that may be interested in their content. “Top Lives” will also be featured on the app, giving creators something to strive for when streaming live videos. Through this feature, it will be easier for users to access the top live videos and view others suited to their interests.

Here’s a table breakdown of the new TikTok Live features:

TikTok Live FeatureDescription
Live Q&AViewers can ask questions for the creator to answer during their live stream.
Go Live TogetherTwo creators can go live together to reach both of their audiences.
Picture-in-PictureViewers can leave the app during a live video without missing any content.
Assigned ModeratorsCreators can assign moderators to monitor the comments and mute or block certain viewers.
Comment FiltersCreators can add keyword filters during a live in order to keep certain words or phrases out of the comment section.
Live EventsCreators can schedule and promote their live streams ahead of time.
Top & Recommended LivesTikTok can recommend top lives or those that a particular user may be interested in.

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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