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Creators as Businesses, FYPM Is The New Platform with Collective Effort to Raise Creator Pay

By Editorial Staff

Influencing and content creation has definitely come far from when it first began. Entrepreneurs make a living out of building a business. They market their business, their brand, to satisfy their audience. Content Creators make a living out of making content, and their business is just themselves. They work to build their own brand and name for themselves and work to engage their audience. That’s why they are a business.  And that’s why fed-up creators have started saying FYPM.

Becoming a content creator in itself has its pros and cons. Portrayed as the lavish lifestyle of working for yourself and getting free stuff but what most don’t know is the imbalance between creators and brands. 

What is FYPM 

FYPM standing for F*** You Pay Me was founded by Lindsey Lee Lugrin and Isha Mehra.  

Lindsey Lee Lugrin is a social media content creator and model. A few years ago she was given the opportunity to model for Marc Jacobs with a pay of $1000. Sounds pretty good right? But after the campaign and seeing her face all over billboards and ads she realized she had undervalued herself. 

Sharing her story with other influencers, it was discovered that more pay disparities arose. It was discovered that Male creators earned an average of $476 per post and women $348 and that creators can sometimes be not fully compensated.

Being fed up with the agreements between some brands and creators. Together Lindsey teamed up with Isha Mehra, a former Facebook scientist, and created FYPM in hopes of changing that.  

Both women know just how many companies use creators and are not only sending creators products that they are meant to promote, but also pay them for their posts and content creation.  


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They hope that this platform will be implemented industry-wide and change the favor of creators. Making sure they are recognized for all their hard work just like how a business will pay their employees. 

“FYPM F*** You Pay Me is a company birthed out of rage. 100% warranted, Grade-A female RAGE” – Lindsey Lee

FYPM acts like Glassdoor but for creators. Creators can leave reviews of brands they have worked with, share ad rates, and give and get other crucial information for negotiating sponsored content deals. 

The goal of FYPM is to put more money in the hands of influencers and not giant corporations who already have so much money to spare. To provide creators with a roadmap towards fair deals and fair pay by providing them with something to refer to before they enter a new agreement with a brand.  To have creators be paid more equitably. 

“Influencers are NOT the simple-minded, easily replicable, walking talking Barbie dolls the industry media tells us we are, and influencers are NOT powerless, literally, like at all. On the contrary, we’re the ones running this entire f****** show.” – Lindsey Lee 

The power of Creators is undisputed. Read more about how Creators are redefining and expanding the market here.

During fall 2020, FYPM launched and received a load of users signing up. The platform grows on average around 10% every week.  

So far, FYPM has received over 1200 reviews from over 850 companies. 54% of users are from the US and 12% are from the UK and Europe and will soon hopefully expand worldwide.  

The main benefit users get from the platform is the unlocking of the company name. This allows creators who are contemplating working with a company can know in advance how that company treats its influencers, how many influencers are satisfied with their agreement, maximum pay, and whether compensation is low.  

Reviews on the platform can be filtered by several different criteria including the number of followers, location, industry, and so on. Each review also contains specifics on the type and scope of the agreement. 

FYPM also aims to provide a frame of reference and a chance for creators to network and find broker jobs in the future. Lindsey has said herself she hopes to help others avoid the frustrating experiences she was forced to go through during her career as a freelance model.  


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How do I Sign Up?

The requirements to join FYPM are designed to protect the integrity of the FYPM community and generate strong and useful data for creators. Every member of FYPM should feel safe to express themselves, not be afraid to share an honest opinion, and contribute back to the community. 

Influencers can sign-up to FYPM by:

1. Joining 

Start by clicking on the link to join the FYPM app Alternatively the link to the app can be found on FYPM social media and website. 

2. Meeting Requirements

There are certain requirements you have to meet to join the FYPM platform. You must complete all requirements to become a registered FYPM user. You must be an influencer or their agent, you must have created or create an FYPM account and you must contribute at least one anonymous review. 

Creators count as an influencer if they have ever made an agreement with a brand, used an outside entity to promote a brand or used an outside entity from their social media platforms in exchange for some form of compensation. These include but are not limited to cash, free products, free services, discounts, travel expenses, event tickets, ‘exposure’, and so on.  

New to sponsorships as a brand or influencer? Read our full strategy guide to TikTok sponsorships here.

If you do not fall under the criteria of an influencer or agent you cannot join FYPM. 

Keep in mind that in the process of signing up FYPM will ask questions about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. FYPM is a platform that is dedicated to the advancement of underprivileged groups in society and wants to be seen as a helpful platform.  

Creators are asked to disclose personal information along the lines of gender and race so FYPM can create a track record of individual brands and a company’s hiring patterns and commitments to see if they have diverse representation. 

It is 2021 and brands need to be held accountable for racism and sexism. 

3. Invitation

Once you are registered you will receive an invitation to join the platform and use the services. Only other registered FYPM users will be able to see creators’ anonymous reviews.

This article was written by Emily Nguyen

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