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What is Web3? Web3 Thought Leaders to Follow The Movement

By Editorial Staff

Over the years there is no doubt that the web has evolved massively. The evolution of the web can be divided into three separate stages: Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web3.

Starting with Web 1.0, most people were consumers and creators were typically developers who built websites. Basically a read-only web. 

Web 2.0 evolved into an interactive and social web where anyone could be a creator. 

Now introducing Web3, the net evolution of the internet. Web3 is considered to be Verifiable, Trustless, Self-governing, Permissionless, Stateful and contain Native built-in payments.

Cryptocurrency terms are also often heard amongst the Web3 space as they play a big role in providing a financial incentive for anyone who wants to participate in creating, governing, or improving one of the projects themselves. 

Why Should You Care About Web3? 

So why should you care about Web3 and what it has to offer? As Web3 revolutionizes, there are many reasons.  

1. Ownership and Control

Web3 allows individuals to have control and ownership over the content they create. There is no doubt that today’s online platforms are carried by individual content creators, like YouTubers, influencers, and artists and they have built an empire on them. 

Even though these platforms have profited from this content and creators are able to make money, sometimes the creators themselves aren’t being rewarded fairly. Not only are they forced to rely on the platforms to reach their audiences, but they don’t receive fair compensation for the value they create.

Web 3.0 allows for much fairer rewarding of content creators, and uses will have complete control over data and have the security of encryption. 

Compensation for creators is a main selling point for platforms now. Check out our full monetization and creator fund guide here.

2. No main point of control 

Web3 allows ownership to the users using blockchain technology. These apps are referred to as dapps (decentralized apps). Decentralization means that your data is not controlled by a central authority, it is controlled by you and you decide how it’s used. Meaning no one can modify or take down your website other than you. 

Anyone who runs a dapp must compete to provide the highest quality of services to anyone using it. Blockchains provide a trust-less platform where rules are unbreakable and data is fully encrypted. 

3. Reduction in Data Breaches

Web3 is proven to have a dramatic reduction in hacking and data breaches. Web3 data is decentralized and distributed. Therefore hackers would need to turn off the entire network.  

4. Decentralized Identity Systems

Web3 allows users to decide which data they want to give up. Using identify systems such as UPort or Civic, they let users selectively decide which identifying information they offer to companies or authorities.  

For example, when accessing public services in the US, the government will only need to collect relevant information from the individual instead of repeatedly asking for information. This eliminates the time sitting in waiting rooms and filling out paperwork as individuals administer their own indemnity.

Automated Life 

A key aspect of life is efficiency. Web3 offers smart contracts where blockchains can provide a line in which business information travels. These blockchains keep track of the individual assets such as paperwork, cargo, and contractual agreements which can all go straight into the government or relevant employer through Web3 decentralized applications. Allowing a much smoother process. 

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Top Web3 Thought Leaders  

Accessing Web3 can be easier than ever before. People can make a living by participating in the protocol in various ways, at both technical and non-technical levels. If that is something you’re interested in here are Top Web3 Thought Leaders to follow. 

1. Unstoppable Domains 

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company that focuses on building domains and blockchains. The main aim of the channel is to make it easier for users to receive cryptocurrency and build websites on Web3. Their YouTube channel consists of informational videos with leading experts in blockchain and Web3 making it a one-stop-shop.  

2. Girl Gone Crypto 


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Lea Thompson has made a name for herself in the Web3 space as a brand, marketing, and sales professional from the tech and crypto industry. Committed to helping to grow blockchain adoption, she makes content highlighting projects that help increase crypto adoption. 

3. Dapp University 

Gregory McCubbin is the founder of Dapp University. An active YouTuber and referred to as the Master Blockchain Developer, Gregory uses his platform to develop a course for others to join. The course offers free training on how you can become a highly paid blockchain developer. 

4. Shermin Voshmgir

Shermin Voshmgir is an expert in the field of blockchain technology. With a Ph.D. in IT Management, she is the founder of Blockchain Hub and is the director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics. She is also an advisor of Jolocom, a blockchain-based identity protocol. With an abundance of knowledge, she often gives Ted Talks on Web3, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. 

5. Jarrod Dicker 

Jarrod Dicker is no doubt an expert in this space. Jarrod Dicker is a writer, entrepreneur, and technology executive. He is also an operating partner with The Chernin Group that invests in Web3 and Crypto. Dicker is credited with bringing blockchain technology to the media and advertising space.

6. Patrick Rivera 

Patrick Rivera follows the creator economy and crypto spaces. Patrick is a software engineer, writer, and investor. He currently works at Mirror, a crypto protocol helping creators and communities build businesses. He often also gives talks based on crypto fundamentals and NFTs.  

Want to read more about how NFTs are changing the way we talk about art? Check out our influencer guide to NFTs here and see our top artists here.

7. Altcoin Analysis

Founded by Evan McFarland, Altcoin Analysis is a YouTube channel made to express a realistic depiction of a blockchain-based future. Evan is a business developer at Mysterium Net and is the author of Blockchain Wars, a book about the future of big tech monopolies and blockchain internet. 

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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