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Creator Economy Resources To Stay “In The Know”

By Editorial Staff

The Creator Economy has been a big buzz term in the marketing industry lately. It refers to the marketplace of creators and a web of businesses, software, and platforms in the social media marketing industry. It is important for both brands and creators to stay up to date with new information on the creator economy. Every day, there is a plethora of new and relevant data, updates, trends, and other creator economy news.  So how do you find reliable creator economy resources to stay up to date?

Although this information is only a Google search away, the creator economy is huge. Additionally, it can be difficult to find reliable resources among a sea of eye-catching headlines. We recommend keeping up with a few well-researched and reliable resources to stay “in the know” on the creator economy. In this blog, we will go over some of the best creator economy resources across platforms.

1. Listen To Podcasts

If you’re looking to consume information on the creator economy without staring at a screen, you should consider sitting back and listening to a podcast. You can even listen to one on a walk or on a car ride! There are a lot of great podcasts that provide helpful information about the creator economy. Here are a few notable ones to check out:

Verified Live: Our podcast, hosted by Abhish Desai, covers all things creator economy, with special guests providing unique perspectives every episode. From thought leaders in the industry to content creators themselves, Verified Live is a great source of information on the ever-growing creator economy.

The Upload: YouTube’s new, five-episode podcast on “The Rise of the Creator Economy.” It is hosted by Brittany Luse and features a variety of figures in the industry.

Beyond the Feed: Linktree’s podcast about the “creator” side of the creator economy. It explores how people harness their passions into a successful career in the digital sphere.  

The Future Belongs to Creators: A podcast “for creators, by creators” featuring Haley Janicek, Miguel Pou, and Charli Prangley. The show covers everything creators need to know about how to navigate their role in the industry.

Hey, Creator: A podcast about how creators can thrive in the creator economy. This is another show that is specifically for creators!

Looking for more top podcasts to add to your playlist? Check out this blog for the fastest-growing podcasts on social media.

2. Keep Up With Reliable News Publications

Another great way to stay “in the know” with the creator economy is to keep up with reliable news publications. There are many reputable and reliable news publications that report on the creator economy. Some examples of those that are producing frequent content on industry news include Social Media Today, Business Insider, Adweek, and Forbes.

Many publications also have newsletters that cover the creator economy and influencer marketing industry more specifically. For example, Business Insider has a weekly newsletter called “Insider Industry,” which details weekly industry news and offers hot takes on the creator economy. 

Habitually checking these publications or signing up for a newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on well-researched and relevant news. It is always important to make sure that the information you are reading about the industry is reliable!

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3. Follow Moguls In The Industry On Social Media

In addition to listening to podcasts and keeping up with reliable publications, consider following a few thought leaders in the industry on social media! Following relevant creators, marketers, and journalists allows you to see information on the creator economy while scrolling through your social media feed. Here are a few moguls in the industry to keep up with on social media and through their work:

Taylor Lorenz: Reports on internet culture for The Washington Post.

Ian Borthwick: Director of Influencer Marketing at SeatGeek.

Amanda Perelli: Reports on the influencer industry and writes the “Insider Influencers” newsletter for Business Insider.

Neal Schaffer: Digital marketing expert and consultant. Founder of Neal Schaffer.

Peter Yang: Runs blog, Creator Economy by Peter Yang.

Colin Rosenblum & Samir Chaudry: Creators who give updates and predict trends of the creator economy across multiple platforms.

Creators are the backbone of the creator economy. So, it makes sense that some of the best creator economy resources are created by creators themselves! And it’s not a coincidence that many creators use their talents to create podcasts or other forms of digital media to share their expertise in the industry. Similar to Colin and Samir, there are all kinds of creators who offer interesting takes on the creator economy. Take a look at some of your favorite creators and see what they have to say about the industry,

4. Set Up Creator Economy Google Alerts

Another good way to stay “in the know” with the creator economy is to set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords. For example, “Creator Economy,” “Influencer Marketing,” and “Social Media Marketing” would be great keywords to use!

By setting up Google Alerts, you can receive emails either once a day or once a week with a list of articles that are relevant to your keywords. The image below shows what the average, daily Google Alert looks like for the “Creator Economy” keyword. The alert typically includes articles covering news, trends, reports, data, and industry takes.

Are you keeping up with the latest Creator Economy market trends? Check out our blog on the evolution of tip based platforms and why they are the future for creators here.

Receiving a daily or weekly alert is a great way to get a brief rundown on the industry without actively searching for the news. If you just want to stay updated, this is a good option. Check out this article for step-by-step instructions on setting up alerts through your Google account.

5. Follow NeoReach & Keep Up With Our Blog

Here at NeoReach, we’re always monitoring the industry and collecting data so that we can produce thought-provoking content. Every week, we publish high-quality blogs and take to social media to update our audience on relevant influencer marketing trends, news, and other updates. If you’re looking to stay “in the know” on the creator economy, stay up to date with our blog and follow us on social media! Check out all of our social media platforms here:


6. Pick Up A Book

Some other fantastic resources for individuals hoping to learn more about the industry are books. From marketers to content creators, there are a number of books written by key players in the industry that provide insight into the power of the creator economy.

Our Pick: The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand by Neal Schaffer

In The Age of Influence, Neal Schaffer addresses the transformation of the digital marketing industry sparked by the rise of influencer marketing and the creator economy. The book is the definitive guide to influencer marketing, touching on the evolution of marketing trends and the impact of social media. It is a great resource for individuals who are hoping to learn more about the state of the influencer marketing industry and the creator economy.

A few other great books to check out:

  • Influencer: Building Your Brand in the Age of Social Media by Brittany Hennessey
  • Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Photos, Showcase Your Life, and Build The Ultimate Platform by Aimee Song
  • Influencer Marketing For Brands: What YouTube and Instagram Can Teach You About The Future of Digital Advertising by Aron Levin

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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