Campaign Teardown

Manscaped Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

Manscaped, the premier website for men’s grooming products, continues to surpass expectations and grow further than its competitors. Ranked #262 in the category “lifestyle: fashion and apparel”, Manscaped is climbing above similar competing brands such as Dollar Shave Club.

From September 2022 to November 2022, Manscaped reached a total of 10.52 million impressions, which is up almost 10% from the month prior. Manscaped is a global entity, reaching audiences located worldwide and quickly increasing traffic to their website from all over the world.

Manscaped’s 2022 influencer marketing campaign greatly impacted the success of the company. Traffic to their website due to partnerships with YouTube influencers created monetizable results revealed in Manscaped’s analytics. They were featured in 181 YouTube videos by a variety of different creator types including sports, entertainment, and gaming influencers. 

According to our Q3 2022 reports here at Neo Reach, Manscaped was the 4th overall top YouTube spender, making up 2.5% of the total IMV spendings. Social traffic to their website makes up 18% of total traffic, and 84% of that social traffic can be attributed to YouTube.

About Manscaped

Manscaped founder and CEO, Paul Tran, is the main visionary behind Manscaped’s glory. Founded in 2017, Paul noticed a lack of high-quality grooming tools that are affordable for the average man. He sought to not only provide the tools needed but also to create a judgment-free community amongst men in their journey to better their self-grooming skills. 

Beyond all that, Manscaped’s philanthropic efforts have become a huge part of their identity as a brand. Their partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society aims to spread awareness and educate the public on the unfortunate reality of testicular cancer. 

CEO Paul Tran’s passion for men’s health and self-care coupled with his philanthropic values speaks largely to not only his character but also to the character of those that serve as Manscaped’s clientele. Understanding the inner workings of their clientele has allowed Manscaped to uniquely target where they focus their marketing efforts, thus computing real results of value!

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Industry Trends/ Top Spender

Although Manscaped dabbled into multiple industries, including tech and health & wellness, in their 2022 influencer marketing campaign efforts, their most common industry focus was beauty. The beauty industry was the fourth top-spending industry in our 2022 reports, making $11,952,403 of our total combined IMV from all industries, $130,223,798. Within the beauty industry, Manscaped made up nearly 28% of beauty’s total IMV. 

Out of all the industries, Manscaped came in at number 4 on the overall top spenders list. With a total Influencer Media Value (IMV) of $3,316,745.08 between their 181 YouTube videos, Manscaped reaped the benefits of putting in a lot of money towards their influencer marketing efforts. 

To truly grasp the extent of Manscaped’s earnings, their IMV alone makes up almost 11% of the total IMV of the top 10 YouTube spenders, which is $30,231,371.58. Together, the top 10 brands amassed a total of 1,201 sponsored YouTube videos and an impressive 215,612,751 views. Their videos achieved a reach that totaled almost 2 billion viewers. 

BrandTotal IMV# of VideosTotal Reach
Hello Fresh$4,795,222.74172243,652,800
Express VPN$3,344,751.08127255,200
Established Titles$2,491,894.868689,755,100
Epic Games$2,061,396.142188,054,900
Seat Geek$2,058,173.50179147,952,400

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Working With Influencers


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Manscaped’s creative strategy across their variety of YouTube creator ads is what keeps customers returning to their website. The ads highlight different grooming kits and their various parts offered by Manscaped such as the “platinum package 4.0” and the “ultra premium collection.”

Promoting package deals rather than a single product encourages the audience to spend more in order to take advantage of bundles. The ads consistently end with spread across the screen and a promo code for 20% off, free shipping, and 2 free gifts.

The ads are about 60 seconds out of the average 2,440-second YouTube videos that they’re featured in. Together, all 181 sponsored YouTube videos reached an audience of 47,511,152 people. The average like count for each video was around 7,000 likes with about 630 comments, however, the max number of likes reached on a single video was over 150,000. The majority of influencers were based in the United States, but a small amount (about 7%) resided in Canada. 

Varying influencer categories were used in the campaign, with the most common types being gaming, sports, and entertainment creators. The content type used within the sponsored videos was typically integrated, and the campaign type was limited time offer and promo code ads, coupled with the call to action, a direct purchase page. 

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Standout Content and Influencers

Manscaped’s campaign consisted of some standout influencers that made a significant impact on the success of the campaign. The value of an influencer’s content can be measured by factors such as their total IMV, reach, and view count.

Finding the right creators to work with is imperative in targeting the correct niche that will bring about the most traffic to the website. Manscaped did an excellent job in locating popular creators who held a strong, male audience that would likely become potential new Manscaped customers. Some of Manscaped’s top traffic-driving influencers include:

  • Brandon Tatum
  • Linus Sebastian
  • James Janisse
  • Gustavo Tosta
  • Tyler Wine

At number one in Q3, the standout influencer who obtained the highest IMV in the campaign was Brandon Tatum, aka “The Officer Tatum”. Brandon releases weekly videos discussing his political and ethical philosophies and explaining how they drive his opinions on current events.

At 2.18M subscribers and almost 500M total views across his platform, Brandon has an enormous influence on his followers. His sponsored video achieved 2,026,648 views, 153,393 likes, and 21,594 comments. The US-based creator accumulated a total IMV of $347,915 from that video alone for the Manscaped campaign.

Check out the table below that highlights the top 10 Manscaped YouTube videos that generated the highest IMVs in Q3.

CreatorTotal IMVTotal ViewsSubscriber Count

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Final Results

Manscaped’s traffic and engagements continue to increase as their influencer marketing efforts strengthen. The results of their YouTube sponsorships are present when viewing their social traffic analytics. YouTube has driven significantly more traffic to their website than any other social platform, with over 84% of traffic stemming from YouTube. The next highest traffic driver was Facebook, making up only about 13% of total social traffic. 

Manscaped’s large investment of $3,316,745 into influencer marketing created ads that convert. Ranked as the number 4 top spender in Q3, Manscaped gained tangible results that furthered their company’s revenue. Overall, their campaign was a huge success, generating a total of 23,755,576 views, 1,245,800 likes, and reaching over 235,827,130 million people.



This article was written by Editorial Staff

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