Campaign Teardown

Squarespace Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

Squarespace, the premiere website platform, continues to climb amongst its competitors such as Weebly and Wix. To date, Squarespace has over 2.6 million live websites with over 2 million of the websites originating in the United States. In comparison to its competitors, Squarespace has one of the biggest global footprints, extending largely into the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. 

The platform’s influencer marketing efforts on YouTube in 2020 have not gone unnoticed. Moreover, these efforts have attributed greatly to their social media presence and user growth. Squarespace dipped its toes in a wide variety of influencer tiers, working mostly with influencers with a reach between 100,000-500,000. 

Squarespace landed as the 10th overall top spender on YouTube and the 5th top spender in the Tech industry in our 2020 Year in Review Report. Their high dollar spends on the platform are certainly paying off and drive 35.27% of the total 3.28% traffic from social media

Squarespace Campaign Teardown


In 2003, CEO Anthony Casalena founded Squarespace in his dorm room at the University of Maryland. Now, the company is headquartered in New York City and has expanded to Portland, Oregon and Dublin, Ireland. 

Squarespace enables entrepreneurs, bloggers, non-profits, restaurants, and photographers alike to pursue professional and personal goals with an easy to use, website building platform. Squarespace has ready to use templates that are customizable based on every individual’s needs. Domain set-up and transfers, website analytics, and ecommerce are at the touch of one’s fingertips and are carried out with ease. 

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Aside from creating a user-friendly website platform, Squarespace continues to be recognized as one of the top workplaces in their industry. In 2020 they were recognized as one of the Top Technology Companies for Women and have maintained their recognition as a Great Place to Work since 2015. 

Top Spender

Our data set from 2020 was composed of 31,000 videos that complied with all FTC guidelines and received over 10,000 views. Of these 31,000 videos, the Tech Industry spent the largest amount on influencer marketing on YouTube in 2020. The Tech Industry’s total IMV for 2020 came to a grand total of $366.4 million, accounting for a third of the total IMV on YouTube in 2020. A total of 7,396 videos were sponsored by the Tech Industry, amounting to a reach of 17 billion users. These numbers equate to each video receiving an average view count of 3.3M. 

Squarespace, the industry’s 5th top spender, accounted for 685 of the total sponsored Tech videos. These 685 videos led to a total count of a whopping 134,941,520 views. Squarespace’s total IMV for 2020 was nearly $17.3 million and it is estimated that Squarespace spent close to 20 million on influencer marketing on YouTube in 2020. As a result, Squarespace saw a 20% growth in its social media following.

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Working With Influencers

As previously mentioned, Squarespace dipped its toes into a wide variety of influencer tiers. Overall, Squarespace partnered with 139 influencers with reaches ranging from 88,000 to 11.3 million. The combined reach of each influencer activated by Squarespace totaled 139.5 million, rivaling top Tech spender Honey’s total reach. Over 75% of their activated influencers resided in the United States with the remaining influencers residing in Canada. 

The functions of Squarespace are universal, so they partnered with an abundant range of influencers that specialize their channel to categories including, but not limited to, comedy, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, education, science and technology, and film and animation. The most sponsored YouTube category was “How to and Style” with education and entertainment trailing closely behind. Activating an abundant range of influencers ensured Squarespace maximized the reach of their target audience(s). 

Standout Content and Influencers

Squarespace partnered with stellar creators throughout the year and a handful of influencers created standout content that resulted in the highest IMV, views, and engagement. Partnering with large and small influencers alike ensured Squarespace got a return on its investment. Moreover, Squarespace’s versatility enabled content creators to incorporate the website platform seamlessly into their content. Check out Squarespace’s top 3 performing creators in 2020. 

Influencer/HandleTotal ViewsTotal IMVTotal Reach
Drew Gooden1,543,358$265,780.142.9M
Corridor Crew1,205,022$181,300.764.72M
Gamers Nexus580,374$78,416.921.33M

Final Results

Overall, Squarespace had an incredibly successful year with its influencer marketing efforts. With a total IMV of $17.3 million and total views of 134.9 million, it is safe to say Squarespace is a leader in the industry. The top three performers Drew Gooden, Corridor Crew, and Gamers Nexus were anchors in the success of Squarespace’s YouTube spend. 

Squarespace will likely continue on a growth trend as more individuals and companies turn to blogging, starting their own ecommerce shops, creating portfolios, and creating user friendly spaces for their customers. We look forward to seeing what is in store for Squarespace in the upcoming year. In 2021, we hope to see Squarespace take its YouTube influencer marketing efforts by expanding its influencer base on a global scale and reaching new audiences.

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This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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