What Makes a Good Instagram Husband

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Having the role of an Instagram husband isn’t easy. Many influencers rely on the assistance of their husbands for outfit shots, video recordings, and other premium content online. Many husbands who aren’t active on their own social media accounts become responsible for releasing content to support their significant others, giving them the new title of Instagram husband. Many family bloggers share content with their children, pets, and of course, Dad also needs to put on a smile for the ‘gram. If your wife/significant other is gaining a following on Instagram and you’re feeling a little lost, here are some tips to become the best Influencer husband on Instagram.

In order to share the best advice, we needed to find the experts. Here’s what we learned:

Jordan Joseph Ramirez @influencerhusband

Jordan, husband of Influencer Dani Austin, has mastered the role of Instagram husband. Beyond his feature in her stories and photoshoots, Jordan has used his own platform to share tips for other Instagram husbands seeking advice. While mostly comical, Jordan shares his experience on blogger trips, his celebrations for his wife hitting follower count milestones, and shows just how much work goes into the behind the scenes of this career.

Overall lessons:

  • Be a good sport. 

Even when it’s difficult to share online, understand that social media is your wife’s career. Work is difficult and stressful. Your cooperation can assist in creating a good workday.

  • Celebrate your wife’s accomplishments

As with any career, you should celebrate your significant other’s milestones. For bloggers, these accomplishments could be new follower marks, a successful collaboration, or even just their strength against internet trolls. Take time to celebrate and recognize these milestones because they don’t have coworkers who will.

  • Make friends with other Instagram husbands for support

There aren’t many people in the world who understand what it truly means to be an Instagram husband. Go on trips and events with your wife/significant other and get to know others in your position. Having a community to rely on makes every step easier!

Ted Raad @raadted

Ted Raad is the husband to Dede Raad, an Instagram influencer with over 870K followers. Ted helps take her pictures, share their family stories, and even has his own story segment called “Tuesday’s with Ted” where he participates in challenges or answers questions from Dede’s followers.

In their private Facebook group called Dress Up Buttercup Family, Ted also answers questions and responds to their followers directly. His efforts don’t go unnoticed. Dede often shares her gratitude for Ted and his involvement in her career. In fact, Ted has become so educated in the industry of Influencer marketing he started his own influencer management firm called Trend Management.

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I didn’t realize I can crawl this fast lol

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Overall lessons:

  • Smile through it

Though Ted usually enjoys being behind the camera, Dede’s followers want to get to know him so he often has a good attitude and joins Dede in front of the camera. While it’s important to be yourself, sharing a little bit of your life with your followers allows them to get to know the family behind the screen. Having a good attitude goes a long way.

  • Understand your participation can assist in their growth 

One of the special parts about being an influencer is the community you create online. Many of your followers begin to genuinely care about your life when you share every day. As an Instagram Husband, this means those followers also care about you. Understand that your involvement not only makes your wife happy but helps her followers get to know your family more.

  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

For some, it may be uncomfortable to share some of the more private parts of your life online. However, most influencers share many personal stories with their followers because their entire life is displayed online. As a husband, you can support your wife by being open to uncomfortable situations and comforting her through them. Sometimes sharing your troubles can inspire others.

Cameron Premo @cameronpremo

Cameron Premo is not only a photographer himself but has the full-time role of Instagram Husband to his wife Hunter. Hunter has over 218K followers and shares everyday content of their beautiful home and family in Nashville. Cameron uses his photography and video editing skills to create gorgeous content with Hunter for her Instagram. With blogging as Hunter’s full-time career, Cameron is able to get creative and network with her in the online digital space like a true Instagram Husband.

Overall lessons:

  • Learn photography and editing skills

A key part to growing your following on Instagram is to post high-quality photos and share the special moments of your life with your followers. Cameron’s ability to capture these candid moments in a special way allows Hunter’s followers to really connect with the photos. If you want to be a great Instagram Husband, learn your wife’s favorite angles and edits to ensure great shots for the feed.

  • If you can, invest your time into your wife’s career 

A great way to support your wife is to invest your time and effort into her career. For bloggers, there are a lot of easy ways to do so. For example, you can offer to shoot some photos, be in some photos, add a new segment to her stories, or even just edit/proofread her content. These moments will show your wife you care about what she does!

After taking a few notes from the experts above, here’s a shortlist of the top Instagram Husband tips:

  1. Have a good attitude
  2. Learn how to work a camera and know the best angles
  3. Make connections in the social media/influencer industry
  4. Understand your participation can assist in their growth 

While we hope this article made you laugh, we also know how appreciated a good Instagram husband is. For those with husbands who are still adjusting to this role…go ahead, send this their way.

This article was written by Hannah Masten

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