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Best Influencer Marketing Platform to Maximize Reach

By Editorial Staff

As influencer marketing continues to increase in popularity and prosperity, more influencer marketing platforms are created to improve the process. Influencer platforms act as the catalyst for influencer campaigns, brand deals, and many other influencer marketing-related businesses. An influencer marketing platform can make campaigns a breeze, offering assistance and guidance to brands as they navigate the complex industry of social media and influencers. It is crucial for a brand to utilize good influencer marketing platforms in order to receive high-quality guidance, and access to the best databases the internet has to offer.

But what are the best influencer marketing platforms? What features do they offer? Why should my brand use an influencer marketing platform anyways? In this blog, we will answer any questions you may have and give you some tips on how to get started

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform? 

The Influencer Marketing Hub describes an influencer marketing platform as, “a software solution designed to assist brands with their Influencer marketing campaigns”. Influencer marketing platforms give brands access to tools that aid influencer discovery and agencies. Furthermore, many influencer marketing platforms are home to databases containing hundreds of thousands of influencers, along with their stats, algorithms, and more unique data that is crucial to influencer marketing.

Looking for a great search tool to locate influencers? Check out our list of the best free influencer search tools here.

Similar brands tend to target the same audience, making it difficult to reach that audience more effectively than others. By using influencer marketing platforms, your brand can strategize, create, monitor, and optimize your influencer marketing campaigns to yield the best results for your business. The best of the best can find the top influencers in your brand’s industry, creating the optimal reach, and in turn, sales of your brand’s product or service.  

Why Your Brand Should Use an Influencer Marketing Platform

  1. Influencer marketing platforms offer guidance, advice, and expertise 
  2. The best influencer marketing platforms are skilled at matching brands with the best influencers in their given industry, leading to a more effective marketing strategy
  3. Platforms provide your brand with access to the best influencer profiles, stats, and more useful marketing data
  4. Some of the best influencer marketing platforms offer personalized staff that vet potential influencers for your brand
  5. Some platforms even offer campaign management, influencer marketplaces, third party analytics, and content amplification 
  6. Marketing platforms can save your brand time and money
  7. Influencer marketing platforms are effective in increasing your brand’s reach, therefore increasing your brand’s sales

What to Look for in a Marketing Influencer Platform

Having a hard time finding an influencer marketing platform? It can be hard to find a high-quality marketing platform that meets your needs and doesn’t break the bank. One of the biggest challenges brands face is finding reliable and effective marketing gurus to help navigate everything from marketing campaigns to influencer research. When looking for your marketing influencer platform, remember to: 

  • Ensure your platform can find genuine influencer within your target audience 
  • Keep an eye out for tools and databases that will help you achieve your influencer campaign goals 
  • Make the most of what you pay for! Ask your influencer marketing platform about the services they offer their clients 
  • Make sure the marketing platform of your choice has a good reputation and a respectful staff… the way the staff of a marketing platform treats you will be similar to how they treat your clients

Does the influencer marketing platform you are interested in meet the criteria above? If so, you may have found your brand one of the best influencer marketing platforms on the market! These tips and tricks may seem simple but have the potential to improve your influencer marketing platform experience and could help you find the best platform on the market.

The Must-Have Tools and Features of Marketing Platforms

All of the top influencer marketing platforms contain useful tools to aid the planning, managing, and measuring of large campaigns. At Neoreach, we offer various tools and services such as staff to help you manage campaigns, influencer research and relations, content schedule and approval, engagement metrics, tracking results, measuring analytics, and more! Here is a table of tools you may want to consider while shopping for an influencer marketing platform: 

Engagement metricsStaff to manage campaigns
Benchmark brand performance against competitors and the industry Access of database full of influencer stats, metrics, and more
Ability to track influencer relationshipsContent scheduling and approval
Tracking and measuring campaignsTracking results
Analytics of content performance Mentorship and guidance via the experts
Organization of influencer content Influencer research
User-friendly toolsCommunity dashboard to collaborate with other brands and influencers at ease
High quality communication Friendly and professional staff
Affordable ratesQuality results - increasing sales

Six of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms on the Market

1. Neoreach 

NeoReach influencer marketing platform

Neoreach is among the best influencer marketing platforms in the market. Originating out of Stanford University, CEO Jesse Leimgruber created Neoreach with the intent of connecting social media influencers with brands. The platform utilizes an algorithm to search the internet for data and indexes, resulting in over 3M+ influencers for brands to utilize within the Neoreach database. Neoreach targets large companies, working with some of the biggest influencers on the internet today. They provide clients with various tools and services, including quality and in-depth influencer data, influencer research, campaign management, assistance in tracking campaign performance, and campaign report (just to name a few).

Neoreach’s database spans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Clash, and TikTok, allowing brands to access influencer data from all of the top social media platforms that are popular among consumers. Neoreach offers a “freemium version” and a paid version of an influencer marketing platform, both of which offer the tools and services you need to make your next influencer marketing campaign a success. 

What does Neoreach Freemium include? 

  • Influencer database
  • Influencer metrics
  • Demographics
  • Lists

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign with a successful influencer marketing platform? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

2. Grin

Grin influencer marketing platform

Grin is among the best in the biz. This influencer marketing platform leads with the following philosophy: the key to influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer. Grin focuses on eCommerce and integrates major shopping platforms. Grin has worked with some of the industry’s leading brands, such as L’oreal, Boxy Charm, Organifi, Urban Outfitters, and Trifecta.

What makes their platform so superior and successful? It is the user-friendly platform and tools that make Grin among the best in the influencer marketing industry. Grin organizes everything into a database and offers metrics, stats, and potential influencers at your fingertips. Their searchable database contains everything from TikTok influencers to Instagram influencer campaigns. 

3. Upfluence


Upfluence is a self-serve platform, allowing you to cater the platform to your needs and budget. You are able to set pricing at a level of affordability, making this a great choice for small businesses. Upfluence is home to large databases containing 500 million+ items of content across multiple social media platforms. You are able to access the information within the databases in order to find influencers suitable for your marketing needs. Upfluence offers great tools, great rates, and ultimately a great influencer marketing platform fit for various sizes and types of businesses and brands.

4. Tribe Dynamics

tribe dynamics influencer marketing platform

Tribe Dynamics is one of the best influencer marketing platforms on the market. Tribe Dynamics gives brands insight to strategy and influencer marketing at their fingertips. This platform allows you to find influencers and manage campaigns on the go! This platform comes at a price but is effective for medium to large businesses looking to optimize the organization and effectiveness of influencer marketing.

On this platform you can: compare campaigns, track and measure campaigns, analyze performance, benchmark brand performance, track influencer relationships, and segment your influencer community. This platform has it all! Starting at $1,500 a month, this platform is pricier than the smaller influencer marketing platforms. 

5. The Room

The Room is a top influencer marketing platform useful for trading campaigns, products and experiences. Through this marketing platform, brands can collaborate and participate in genuine advocacy and marketing expertise. This platform makes influencer marketing authentic and stress-free, as it enables influencers to approach brands and campaigns they are interested in hassle-free. The Room is best for enterprises, agencies, startups, and businesses interested in education, advocacy, and in-depth influencer campaigns.

6. Fourstarzz Media

fourstarzz media

Fourstarzz Media is the best influencer marketing platform for small businesses. Fourstarzz Media offers a new and innovative marketing platform tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. They are affordable, innovative, and effective. However, this influencer marketing platform may not be suitable for big brands and influencers. This marketing platform does not offer more than finding and contacting influencers. For roughly $59 a month, this influencer marketing platform is among the most affordable on the market. If you are a startup, small business, or solo entrepreneur, check out Fourstarzz Media. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Influencer Marketing Platform really worth the cost? 

Typically yes… the best high-quality services, tools, and experts come at a cost. The leading influencer marketing platforms tend to increase in price as they increase in services and tools offered. However, that is not always the case. There are some influencer marketing platforms that offer free services and tools, and may be sufficient in meeting your brand’s marketing needs.

At Neoreach, for instance, we just launched Neoreach Freemium. This new service allows brands, businesses, and social media users access to our influencer databases, influencer metrics, demographics, and lists for free. This is a perfect example of high-quality influencer marketing platforms that do not come at an outrageous cost.

How do I find an influencer marketing platform with high-quality customer service? 

It is challenging to find influencer marketing platforms that offer both high-quality tools and services AND high-quality customer service. The rule of thumb is: the staff of the influencer marketing platform will treat the influencers and customers just as they treat you. If you experience any red flags, keep shopping for a better influencer marketing platform. Here are a few ways to test the level of customer service the platform you are interested in offers its customers:

  1. Ask questions! Through asking questions you can determine the staff’s willingness to help you troubleshoot any and all problems that may arise throughout your campaigns.
  2. Evaluate the responsiveness of the staff: how long does it take them to return phone calls, emails, etc?
  3. Take note of the friendliness of the staff: are you greeted in a pleasant and friendly manner? 
  4. Determine if the customer service being offered is the level of quality you would want to provide your own customers with. At the end of the day, you want to provide your customers and employees with the highest quality experience, and this includes marketing platforms!

Can I use an influencer marketing platform if I own a small business? 

No matter how large or how small, there is an influencer marketing platform for everyone. Some platforms cater to smaller brands, whereas others cater to larger brands. It all boils down to what services, tools, and influencers your brand is looking for. Through researching each influencer marketing platform’s services, tools, prices, and packages offered, you can find the perfect fit for your next influencer marketing campaign. 

Do highly followed influencers work with brands that utilize marketing platforms?

Yes, the most highly followed influencers on the internet utilize marketing platforms such as Neoreach to find campaigns and brand deals that best suit their needs. This is why utilizing influencer marketing platforms is essential to marketing your brand on social media. Platforms like Neoreach exist for the sole purpose of connecting brands with the internet’s most popular influencers! 

Are there specific qualifications for a brand to work with a top influencer marketing platform?

No! In fact, there is truly an influencer marketing platform for everyone. For instance, Neoreach tends to work with large companies. However, Neoreach still offers services and tools that may benefit smaller brands and businesses, such as our newest feature: Freemium. Every influencer marketing platform contains its own target audiences. For example, Fourstarzz Media and The Room cater to smaller businesses and brands. These influencer marketing platforms are smaller, more affordable, and offer simple, effective, and useful tools for small business campaigns.

On the other hand, some influencer marketing platforms cater to large businesses. Neoreach, Grin, and Upfluence are a few big names that work with large brands and businesses. These platforms offer more tools, more services, and tend to have connections with the industry’s most popular influencers on the internet. 

How much do influencer marketing platforms cost?

The cost of influencer marketing platforms varies depending on the amount of tools and services offered. Influencer marketing platforms can cost anywhere from $50 to $50,000, depending on the length and quality of the services. The top influencer marketing platforms typically come at a cost, given that the leaders in the industry offer the best service, campaigns, and databases on the web. However, even the world’s best influencer marketing platforms offer affordable services. 

Want more information on influencer pricing specifically? Check out this blog for a full pricing breakdown.

How do I get started? 

First, you must determine what you are looking for. Find an influencer marketing platform that caters to the influencer marketing needs of your brand or business. If you are interested in running world-class influencer marketing campaigns with Neoreach, visit our website to get started. Neoreach provides data, software, and agency services for leading brands and Global Fortune 500s.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

Want to work with an experienced influencer marketing platform? Get started with us today!

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