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ChatGPT Has Another Competitor Entering the Mix: Introducing Google Bard

By Editorial Staff

What is Google Bard?

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence-backed chatbot launched in late 2022, caused a stir in the tech space as well as AiArt. ChatGPT and AI have showcased their potential for artificial intelligence integration into our daily lives. In response to AI’s increased popularity, Google has unveiled its foray: Google Bard. Ever since Google encouraged employees to test out the program, Google’s race to implement AI has never been more important. 

As of now, Google Bard is under restricted access, but anyone interested in joining the waitlist can enlist here. Waitlist requirements require a few things from users:

  • Have your own Google account.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have one of these supported web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge Chromium.

Despite the controversy and discourse over the role of AI in work, life, play, art, and writing, you still might have questions about how Google Bard and AI work.


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How Does Google Bard Work?

Similar to ChatGPT, the Bard program relies on language models. In Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichais’ public post announcing the program, he goes into great detail as to what the language models are, and what programs and models have culminated into the creation of the AI model now known as Bard.

Google has worked with algorithms for a while, and much of its success as a search engine has been based on the efficacy of its models. One of the first major updates to it was the implementation of RankBrain in 2015, a model which overhauled Google’s search results by utilizing associations to the query in selecting page results.

After this was BERT. Released in 2019, BERT was another AI search that developed more on RankBrains’ neural-based language modeling. This gave the search engine an even more nuanced understanding of the language used in its queries, which was even more built up by the introduction of LaMDA. This allowed Google responses to be more conversational and human.

All of this research and development has culminated in the creation of the Bard program. Bard will bring even changes to the functionality of Google’s search engine and change how the internet works. 

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Integration: How Will Bard Be Used?

Bard will not just be a new chatbot to converse with. Instead, it will be integrated into the Google search engine itself. This’ll help allow make responses to complex questions informative, insightful, and easier to understand. Google responses are known to provide “quick, factual answers” but Bard will change the playing field entirely. The biggest example Pichai gives in his post is somebody asking the Google search engine “is piano or guitar easier to learn and how much practice does each one need.”

If you went around and asked several people for their answers, chances are each of their responses would be different. After all, many of life’s greatest questions have multiple answers. As of now, Google without Bard integration might bring you to somebody asking that question on a Q&A website, such as Quora, or link the person asking it to an article on an external website to give the answer. 

However, with Bard integration, Google will pull information on pianos, guitars, and how much practice both need, connect it together, and use its’ language modeling to give a coherent, personable result as if another human had written you that post. In the example, Google responds to the previously stated question:

An example of Google Bard's search feature.
Credit: Sundar Pichai

Bard generates three different answers based on multiple human perspectives while also keeping them concise and informative. Each part of the question is given a qualitative response, and it is threaded together seamlessly. This is how Bards’ integration into Google Search will change the face of the app and make it an even stronger program.

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Google Bard’s Future

Credit: Grzegorz Walczak on Unsplash.

Notably, Google made this announcement around the same time Microsoft announced its own new AI-based project. 

While Microsoft is known for its OS operating software and gaming console lineups, its investments in the search engine industry haven’t been as successful. Bing is generally known for medicore search quality, as well as its concerns about spreading disinformation.  Microsoft acknowledged that Bard “is an experiment” that “may give inaccurate or inappropriate responses” and is open to user feedback.

In early February 2023, Microsoft announced an overhaul of Bing that would make it a more integrated and effective engine. Miscosoft’s announcement addressed its partnerships with OpenAI. The collaboration would help create a more powerful chatbot that would improve Bing queries. With top-dog tech competitors integrating AI into their search engines and work lives, there’s no denying that AI is here to stay.

Google Bard Takeaways

Overall, the extent of how much AI integration can help is unknown, but it is clear it will play a significant role in the future of the Internet. AI is already being used to create content like videos and art. Writers and marketers alike are taking advantage of the many AI writing programs available, so check them out if you want to be more productive at work.

Google Bard program is an example of a tech giant integrating chatbot features into its search engine, making Google an even better source for information. Given the soaring popularity and discourse around AI chatbots, who knows what’ll happen? We might even come of this year traversing a radically different internet space. 

This article was written by Michael Litman

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