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Top AI Writing Programs That Make Writing a Breeze

By Editorial Staff

Technology is advancing constantly, making everyday tasks easier and easier. Writing is a skill that’s necessary for almost any professional field in some way. Whether you’re penning the next best-selling novel, updating your blog, or writing emails to your boss, you want your writing to be top notch. Thankfully, AI writing programs are here as tools to help!

AI writing programs can be used to create written content based on your ideas in both short-form and long-form, or enhance written work you’ve already created. Although no tool is foolproof, AI writing programs help create content quickly and efficiently. New programs are being created constantly, but we’ve picked our top AI writing programs that make writing a breeze. 

Chat GPT 

An AI language model co-founded by Elon Musk’s OpenAI, Chat GPT is the talk of the town. Formatted as if you’re having a conversation, Chat GPT formulates human-like responses to questions posed by users. 

Offering a free and paid Plus version, Chat GPT can be used for customer service, virtual assistance, coding, education, and website design. Although it can generate long-form content, Chat GPT is an AI writing program that is most useful for creating outlines, writing emails and texts, or providing information. 


Students and professionals alike are probably already familiar with Grammarly, an AI writing program best known for its usefulness as a spelling and grammar checker. Grammarly is a browser extension that offers both a free and premium version for proofreading, correcting punctuation errors, and styling suggestions. 

Grammarly’s free version unfortunately has limited features. However, it’s still a useful tool for quickly correcting grammar and spelling mistakes in emails, articles, or papers. The AI writing program allows you to select the tone you’re aiming for but isn’t perfect in its suggestions, so it still requires some manual proofreading. 


Another Chrome Extension AI writing program, Copysmith generates marketing copy, product descriptions, ad campaigns, and even social media posts. Copysmith is most useful for short-form content, but it’s the perfect tool for your next social media campaign

Designed to be user-friendly for people with no prior content writing experience, Copysmith offers tutorials and templates, making it easy to input keywords and product features to generate engaging content fast and easy. Copysmith offers three different pricing options starting at just $19 a month. 

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Perfect for copywriting and paraphrasing, WriteSonic is an affordable AI writing program meant for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. Pricing is based on word count, and WriteSonic offers templates for all kinds of content ranging from social media posts all the way to books. 

Content Creators and Marketers alike will benefit from WriteSonic’s AI writing program can create short or long-form content optimized for SEO guidelines. The best part is that it’s a great tool for grammar corrections. Feeling stuck? WriteSonic also offers an “Idea Generator” that quickly and easily combats writer’s block. 

The perfect choice of AI writing program for generating large amounts of copy in a short amount of time, cleverly adjusts to your brand and target audience, making it a helpful tool for companies and marketing campaigns. 

Boasting several high-profile users like Spotify, Disney, and Yale, has more than 40 types of content. Whether you’re writing emails in less than 30 seconds or improving your Google rankings with just a few clicks, is a valuable tool for any writer. 

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Ideal for marketing, generates short copy and edits long-form works. Offering templates for blog content, digital ad copy, eCommerce copy, sales copy, social media content, and website copy,’s wide range of customization opinions makes it one of the top AI writing programs.

Although content might need some manual fact-checking and editing, clients such as Microsoft, eBay, and Nestle all trust with their blogs, emails, and social media captions. Starting at just $36 a month, is a great choice for companies and individual content creators alike. 

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Jasper AI 

Created by Cisco, Jasper AI is designed to streamline and enhance automated customer service and support. One of the top AI Writing programs, Jasper AI has acquired multiple AI writing programs to make Jasper Ai a well-rounded tool for helping companies. 

Companies such as Google, Logitech, and AirBnB all use Jasper AI for its quick writing, SEO guideline integration, editing, plagiarism detection, and valuable multiple language options. Jasper AI can be used for both generating new ideas and automating repetitive tasks such as data entry. 


Available as a browser extension or a Microsoft integration, WordTune is the ideal AI writing program for writers looking to edit or even rewrite long-form content. Although WordTune cannot generate content on its own, it can improve the clarity, tone, conciseness, and style of a pre-written text. 

WordTune is capable of converting 7 languages into English, including Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and Arabic, making it invaluable for global campaigns. Priced at just $9.99 a month, WordTune saves time and effort as a writing assistant and editor. 

Surfer SEO 

Another AI writing program that doesn’t generate content on its own, Surfer SEO is best utilized by companies and content writers to optimize search engine rankings to take your content to new heights. Allowing quick insights and easy content briefs, Surfer SEO makes hitting SEO guidelines in your writing a breeze. 

Pairing Surfer SEO with another AI writing program is the best way to make your writing as efficient as possible. However, Surfer SEO’s real-time recommendations for content optimization or identifying technical SEO issues are invaluable. Used by Lenovo, Square, and Shopify, Surfer SEO is a tool every writer needs. 

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Paragraph AI 

Paragraph AI allows you to take your AI writing program on the go, with its app format available for iOS, Android, and as a Chrome browser extension. Best for quick replies and email and text drafts all from your phone, Paragraph AI is a writing app you need: especially if you’re always on the fly. 

Free to download, Paragraph AI is used and trusted by Amazon, Uber, Google, and Samsung. Paragraph AI makes it easy to adjust tone, direction, and style. So whether you’re applying for a job or inviting your friends to your birthday party, Paragraph AI is a tool that will instantly upgrade your writing. 

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AI writing programs are useful for any kind of writing and are likely the way of the future. With their ability to save time, and increase quality, productivity, and consistency companies and influencers alike will benefit from introducing AI writing programs into their everyday life. The best part? AI writing programs are increasing in accessibility every day. 

This article was written by Abigail Adams

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