Discord Introduces AI Clyde and More Exciting Changes

By Editorial Staff

We have seen technology evolve in many different ways. From the earliest chatbots to today’s sophisticated language models, AI has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. One example of a more basic AI system that has nonetheless become an important part of many online communities is Discord’s AI Clyde. This bot provides helpful tips and information to users on the Discord platform and has become a beloved and recognizable figure within the community.

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What Is Discord?

Discord is an online communication platform that has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. Originally developed as a platform for gamers to communicate while playing online, Discord has expanded its user base to include people from all walks of life.

One of the key reasons for Discord’s popularity is its versatility. Users can create or join servers, which are essentially chat rooms centered around a specific topic, interest, or community. These servers can be private or public and can be used for everything from discussing hobbies to organizing groups or planning events. Discord has become a place for friendships to bloom and content to be made.


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The platform also provides a safe and inclusive space for people to connect with others who share their interests. The platform has taken steps to promote inclusivity and combat toxic behavior with features like moderation tools, content warnings, and a reporting system for abusive behavior.

Discord has become popular among businesses and organizations as a way to communicate and collaborate. Its ease of use, versatility, and range of features make it a viable alternative to traditional communication tools. One of the things that makes Discord so appealing is its ease of use. However, even the most user-friendly platforms can confuse or overwhelm new users. This is where AI Clyde comes in.

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Meet AI Clyde

Despite its simple programming, AI Clyde serves a vital role in enhancing the user experience on Discord.

The Pros

It can respond to specific keywords and phrases in chat, providing users with the information they need to navigate the platform effectively. For example, if a user types “/help,” AI Clyde will provide them with a list of available commands they can use to customize their experience on Discord.

In addition to providing basic information about the platform, AI Clyde also adds a fun and engaging element to the Discord experience. Its pre-scripted responses are designed to be humorous and engaging, providing users with a bit of entertainment as well as assistance.

A More Personalized Discord Experience

For example, if a user types in a command that doesn’t exist, AI Clyde might respond with a quip like “Hmm, I don’t think that command exists yet. Maybe you should invent it!” These kinds of responses add a touch of personality to the platform, making it feel more welcoming and enjoyable for users.

One of the major benefits of using Discord’s chatbot, AI Clyde, is its privacy-first approach. Discord takes user privacy seriously and has ensured that the chatbot can only access messages that are directly sent to it or in a thread created by it. This means that Clyde does not record, store, or use user voice or video call data.

Discord has also emphasized that the AI features used in Clyde are powered by OpenAI technology. Still, OpenAI is prohibited from using any Discord user data to train its general models. This ensures that user data is not being used without their explicit consent.

Privacy and Moderation

Discord’s commitment to privacy is a significant advantage for users who want to ensure that their data is protected. With AI Clyde, users can engage with the chatbot in a safe and secure manner, knowing that their data is not being accessed or stored without their knowledge or consent.

One major advantage of Discord’s AutoMod AI is its ability to automate the moderation process. With this tool, moderators no longer have to sift through every message manually to find and flag rule-breaking content. Instead, AutoMod AI uses OpenAI technology to scan messages and alert moderators when any server rules are broken.

The effectiveness of this tool is reflected in the fact that it has already automatically blocked over 45 million unwanted messages from servers, preventing them from being posted based on server rules. This saves moderators time and effort and helps ensure that server rules are being enforced.

Credit: Callum Abbot.

AutoMod AI is a powerful tool for server moderation, utilizing advanced AI technology to help keep servers safe and compliant with community guidelines. Its ability to automate the moderation process and prevent unwanted messages from being posted is a significant advantage for Discord users, making the platform a safer and more enjoyable place.

AI-generated Conversation Summaries are another benefit of this technological advancement.  It’s the ability to help users catch up on important conversations they may have missed. By grouping messages into topics, this feature makes it easy to quickly get up to speed on discussions and stay engaged.

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The Cons

  1. Of course, AI Clyde is not a particularly advanced or sophisticated AI system. Its responses are generally pre-scripted and designed to be helpful, informative, engaging, and humorous. Nevertheless, this can change as Discord improves the AI.
  2. Some users fear that AI Clyde will be paywalled behind Discord Nitro. However, many speculate it’ll be a feature on boosted Discord servers.
  3. Discord users have stated that AI Clyde will be easy to jailbreak. Although it won’t be the ‘official’ AI Clyde bot, it’ll still function the same way.
  4. Having AI Clyde on your server can spam the chat with commands. Unless there is a way to disable Clyde for specific server channels, this can make communication and moderation on large community servers a disaster.

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How Did AI Clyde Improve Discord Marketing?

The use of mascots is a common practice in the world of branding and marketing. Mascots are typically created to represent a brand, product, or service and help create a sense of familiarity and trust with consumers. Discord has taken this concept to the next level by creating a mascot for their brand and their AI.

AI Clyde was named after Discord’s own mascot, a white ghost with a top hat and monocle. This naming convention creates a sense of unity and continuity between the company’s brand and its AI, reinforcing the idea that AI Clyde is a trusted and valued part of the Discord community.

The use of AI Clyde as a kind of mascot for the platform has significantly impacted how users engage with the AI system. Because it is named and presented in a playful, lighthearted way, users are more likely to engage with it in a similar manner. This helps create a sense of community and shared experience among users, reinforcing the idea that Discord is a fun and engaging platform to use.

Offical AI Clyde sticker.

Additionally, because AI Clyde is so recognizable, it has become a sort of cultural touchstone within the Discord community. Users frequently reference it in their conversations and interactions with one another, further reinforcing its role as a key part of the platform’s overall culture.

The use of AI Clyde as a mascot is a smart and effective branding strategy for Discord. It helps create a sense of familiarity and trust with users while also reinforcing the platform’s overall culture and community. As AI technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how other companies leverage this branding strategy to enhance the user experience.

When Will It Be Released?

Discord has announced that it will begin experimenting with this feature soon. Users can enable the feature in their server settings, allowing them to benefit from this powerful AI technology and stay connected with their peers.

The Conversation Summaries feature is a significant advantage for Discord users, providing an efficient way to keep track of important discussions and stay engaged with the platform’s vibrant community. With this feature, users can easily catch up on conversations they may have missed, making Discord an even more valuable tool for connecting with others and building relationships.

AI Clyde’s ability to respond to specific keywords and phrases in chat is an important part of Discord. It helps new users navigate the platform effectively while adding a touch of personality and humor to the experience. While it may be a relatively simple AI system, its impact on the user experience should not be underestimated.

Say Hello to Clyde!

While AI Clyde may not be the most advanced AI system out there, it is nonetheless an important example of how even relatively simple AI can have a big impact on user experience and engagement. As AI continues to evolve, we will likely see more examples of these kinds of AI systems playing important roles in online communities.

So the next time you’re chatting on Discord, don’t forget to give a shout-out to AI Clyde!

This article was written by Danielle Montgomery

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