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 The Trio Behind Foodie TikTok Page Caught Snackin’

By Editorial Staff

Caught Snackin’ is a popular food account on TikTok that features delicious recipes and mouth watering videos. The account is run by three friends based in London: Lydia, Jason, and Chris. Lydia creates the recipes, Jason voices the videos, and Chris runs the social media. The trio has worked together to create amazing content, interact with their followers, and establish a personal brand for themselves. How did they do it? We’ll go over everything there is to know about how Caught Snackin’ has grown into what it is today.


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Quarantine Project Turned Full-Time Job

Before COVID-19, Lydia, Jason, and Chris were just three friends with a passion for food. Although each of them had been working in different food-related jobs, they admit that Lydia is the best chef. In addition to training at Leiths Cookery School in London, she baked every Saturday with her mother and grandmother. “All those skills come in handy when we’re coming up with fun, easy to make recipes for TikTok.” 

At the start of the pandemic, Lydia, Jason, and Chris were stuck at home when they had an idea: What if they joined all of their skills together to start a foodie channel on TikTok? From there, Caught Snackin’ was born. They started out by catering their videos towards people who were navigating a world without going out to eat. “Everyone’s favourite places to eat were closed so we wanted to teach people how to make the signature dishes from the likes of Greggs, Nandos, Wagamamas, etc.” 

When their videos started gathering more and more likes and views, they diversified their content to appeal to a wider audience. Although they were all new to TikTok, they started following trends and trying out new types of recipes to get their followers excited about cooking. Now, their audience includes foodies all around the world with an interest in cooking and trying out new recipes!

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Since the start of the page, Caught Snackin’ has grown significantly. They currently have a little less than one million followers on the platforms – which will be an amazing milestone for the group. “A lot of the success of Caught Snackin’ is down to our loyal followers and people sharing our content. We wouldn’t be where we are now without people being so supportive during such a tough year and a half.” 

Caught Snackin’ has completely changed the lives of Lydia, Jason, and Chris. The page developed from an entertaining quarantine project into a passion that has now become their full-time jobs.


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Still Snackin’

Although it’s amazing to be able to do what you love for a living, running your own business is not all sprinkles and sugar – it’s a lot of work! “We post every day. We do research in the mornings, seeing what’s trending or to get some inspiration. In the afternoons we shoot and post the videos.” But, they still take the weekends off for some much needed relaxation. So far, they’ve been taking a lot of walks since London is still in lockdown.

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On the business side of Caught Snackin’, they have taken the initiative to reach out to brands and participate in partnerships. “Some of our favorites so far have been M&S, McCain, Captain Morgan, and Deliveroo, amongst others.” Now that they have been in the industry for over a year, they have learned how to harness their skills to make amazing content for brands. They typically do this by thinking of unique content ideas and recipes to show off a brand’s product or service.

While venturing into the world of TikTok virality and brand partnerships, they have learned a lot about themselves in the process. When asked what the most important thing they have learned is, here is what they said:

“We used to take it to heart when something didn’t come out the way we wanted or the video didn’t perform as well. But there is no point beating yourself up over a collapsed brownie! Social media can be such a positive thing, but it does have a very dark side to it as well. Not allowing the negativity to distract your creativity is one thing that can be challenging. But if you can just focus on why you originally started the channel, it centers you.”


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Lydia, Jason, and Chris love what they do and cherish their interactions with their followers. “We love making content for people to enjoy and to teach them to make some simple but delicious recipes. It brings people together and we love being part of the food community on TikTok.” So if you’re looking for some mouthwatering content and a great community, make sure to check out Caught Snackin’ on TikTok and their other social media platforms!

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This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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