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Cat and Kev, The Young Couple Travel Duo of “For Two, Please” on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

For Two, Please is a successful food and travel platform for both English and Mandarin-speaking couples. The blog and social media channels are run by Cat and Kev, a couple based in Alberta, Canada. They provide insights and tips to help couples “eat like a local” and “travel like a pro” through blog posts, snapshots on Instagram, Pinterest guides, and even informative YouTube posts.

You’re probably wondering how Cat and Kev got to where they are today and why they started For Two, Please. Here’s everything you need to know about the travel duo and their food and travel blog:

The Start of For Two, Please

Although Cat and Kev have always shared a passion for food and travel, their lives looked very different before meeting one another. While Cat grew up living in multiple cities and countries around the world, Kev grew up in Edmonton, Canada. Kev did not start exploring the world until he was in college, but quickly developed a passion for travel. Eventually, after meeting Kev, Cat left her job as a Human Resources Consultant, moved to Canada, and the duo started For Two, Please.

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Cat explained that the blog originally started as a way for her to share her adventures with Kev in Canada with her friends and family in Taiwan. As they have continued traveling together around the world, Cat and Kev have developed For Two, Please into something more – especially as they realized their passion for the cuisine of other cultures. 

They said, “We have always planned our vacation around food and believe that you can learn so much about a place, its culture, and the people through [it].” 

This inspired them to create food-centric content, helping other couples explore different cultures through cuisine. Their main goal is to make travel and food planning less stressful and time-consuming. They provide their readers and followers with great tips and trips to ensure that they will both have fun and eat well while they are away from home. 

In addition to demonstrating their great writing and editing skills through the For Two, Please blog, Cat and Kev have also proven to be both talented photographers and video editors. Different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and, more recently, YouTube have given them the opportunity to display each of these skills, proving that they are very well-rounded content creators.

They also make sure that they dedicate time to seek opportunities for brand partnerships through networking events and by searching on social media for potential collaborations. They enjoy exploring new strategies and trying out new things with their partnerships. Out of all of their amazing partnerships so far, they cited their partnership with Island Lake Lodge in Fernie to promote the travel and culinary spot as particularly interesting. You can check it out here.

When asked about how they have grown For Two, Please into the successful brand it is today, this is what they said: “On this travel blogging journey, we continue to hone our skills in photography and videography, connect with like-minded creators and brands, and utilize the power of social media to promote ourselves. But what really got us this far is our passion for travel and commitment to serve our community.”

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A Look Into the Lives of Cat and Kev

Whether by reminding Kev of his need for a solid routine or by allowing Cat to channel her creativity, running For Two, Please has impacted both of their lives tremendously. Their favorite parts about being content creators include interacting with and receiving feedback from their followers and embracing the dynamic and creative nature of the industry. 

Although COVID-19 has held back many of their travel plans and brand partnerships in the past year, they have continued curating their brand and are looking forward to great things in the future. “We used this time to evaluate our work and business model as well as taking this time to experiment new things and learn new skills!”

When they’re not busy traveling the world and eating amazing food, their daily routine includes posting on social media, creating awesome content, reaching out to brands, and, of course, planning future trips! In her free time, Cat enjoys experimenting with her cooking and learning new languages. In his free time, Kev enjoys playing new video games and spending time with their two new adorable kittens.

When asked if there is one thing everyone should know about them, here is what Cat and Kev had to say: “We are true believers that culture begins and ends on a plate so we will go wherever there is good food. If there’s spicy food, that’s even better!”

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Follow Cat and Kev

In addition to keeping up with their blog at, be sure to follow them on each of their social media channels as well. You can check them out here:

FacebookFor Two, Please - Couple's Travels
YouTubeFor Two, Please

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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