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Ex-Twitter Employee Creates Spill: Newest Twitter Competitor

Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell was one of the many employees who lost their jobs when Elon Musk took over Twitter almost five months ago. But Terrell didn’t let that set him back. A little over a ...


Mastodon: Twitter’s New Competitor

Decentralized social networking may be the future of social media as we know it. Mastodon, an app curated in 2016, is perhaps the largest scale development of its kind, offering users the opportunity ...


Elon Musk Twitter: Why Twitter’s Community is Vocalizing Concerns

Twitter: A social media site that allows users to send messages and connect to a global audience from both their cell phones and on desktops. With their 100 million daily active users, roughly 500 ...


Top Crypto Twitter Influencers That People Trust

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have fully broken onto the scene. Emerging from an outside internet currency project in 2009, the technology has gradually become embraced throughout the ...


These are the Top 5 Twitter trends that are kicking off 2022

After the mess that was 2021, Twitter trends for the new year are setting the expectation for what 2022 might have in store.  1. Andy Cohen’s Drunken Thoughts  Kicking off the first day of the ...


What is Twitter Super Follows? And What Does It Mean For Creators? 

If you’re on Twitter, you don’t have to be funny for free. Twitter’s newest feature Twitter Super Follows helps creators monetize their content by depending on fans and followers ...


Top Digital Identity and Privacy Influencers

With rapid improvements in technology in a short period of time, protecting digital identity and privacy is an idea that concerns everyone. Large corporations, governments, and regular individuals ...


Twitter Hack

While the majority of the world is eagerly awaiting the end of this unpredictable year, it seems we are still receiving more and more news stories that come out of right field. The newest of these ...


How to Use Twitter as a Reliable News Source

With concern over the validity of news increasing for most people, many Twitter users have started to question if the information they’re reading is accurate. Anyone is able to make an account and ...


10 Best Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Twitter has been a steady source of news, memes, relatable posts, and updates. With only 140 characters to capture your attention, it’s quite a feat to gain a loyal and engaged following on the ...


Top 10 Best Tweets That Received the Most Engagement

Twitter is the place where you can find endless content from all around the world, but, what really gets the people going? Tweets can involve pop culture, work, news, and anything in between. So, it ...


Top 20 Funny Tweets of 2019 (So Far)



Drake vs. Kanye: A History of their Twitter Feud

In case you’ve comfortably established residence under a rock somewhere or are personally boycotting the use of any social media, then the feud between rappers Drake and Kanye West is nothing new ...


The Funniest Twitter Accounts

The tweet has become an art form It’s amazing how funny somebody can be in 140 characters. Especially considering how not funny most people can be in hour long chats. The explosive growth ...


5 Ways To Use Twitter Like Katy Perry

January 30th, 2014: That’s the day the celestial Katy Perry gained her 50-millionth follower to become the most popular Twitter user. She knows the best ways to use Twitter. With more ...


6 Ways To Tweet Like A God

Let’s face it: you may never admit it in public, but deep down you yearn for love, attention, and fame. I have no doubt that you’d be exactly like this guy if one day you, too, got re-tweeted by ...

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