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The Funniest Twitter Accounts

By Editorial Staff

The tweet has become an art form

It’s amazing how funny somebody can be in 140 characters. Especially considering how not funny most people can be in hour long chats. The explosive growth of Twitter – the social media where everything goes as long as it told in less that 140 characters – has given birth to a new breed of comedians.

In just 140 characters, a skillful tweeter can do a lot. By picking the right accounts to follow, you can turn your Twitter timeline into the most entertaining app on your phone. In this post, I’ve put together the 23 Twitter accounts that make me laugh till my lungs hurt.


Bridger Winegar is a comedian who worked on “The Late Show With Craig Ferguson back in 2012. He tweets like a comedy writer.


Matt Ingbretson is another of the comedy-writer ilk. He writes for E!’s The Soup. 


The record-breaking Jeopardy! winner has one of the funniest twitter accounts of anyone well known in pop culture. No, his tweets are not all in question format.


You get what you pay for with @free_facts. Which is nothing at all factual or resembling a fact.


Saved You a Click is an ingenious and philanthropic account, not to mention pretty funny. It ruins clickbait titles in as few words as possible.


Modern Seinfeld is the spot-on imagining of the ’90s sitcom in today’s world. Perfect if you liked the show.


If you don’t know who he is, you may recognize him as the guy James Franco kinda-sorta played in Spring Breakers. Riff Raff, the real-live rapper, definitely has his own style, and he’s capable of being hilarious. Follow to make your timeline a little more surreal.

Yeah. And they’re all like that.




@Dan Mentos


Playing on the glorified Will Ferrell and Katt Williams parody accounts that clutter Twitter, @KatWilliamsFerrell makes fun of the low-brow meme-driven twitter humor of the greater population. By tweeting those same jokes until they’re driven into the ground, cold and dead. Such as the old standby joke below:


Cool Pond does this other hilarious thing where he retweets “egg accounts.” Egg accounts are either ancient twitter accounts left over from twitter’s primordial ooze, or just accounts made my people who had no clue what they were doing. Their usernames often indicate a misunderstanding of what twitter is, and the result is pretty funny. funniest-twitter-account He also finds people who tweet poorly-worded sentiments and subsequently retweets them for public ridicule. A unique twitter-genius. Now isn’t that the kind of person you want on your timeline?













Weird Twitter

There is a boon in the Twittersphere—an oasis of jokes, of all different formats and genre—patiently waiting for the weary twitter-traveler. Colloquially, it is known as “weird twitter,” and its addition to your TL can be experience-changing. Buzzfeed has an excellent piece Weird Twitter’s history. Weird Twitter is a unique subculture that’s like a hidden trove in the twitter-jungle. It’s not for everyone. Obviously. Not as niche-y as you might think, but maybe don’t tell your new-to-Twitter mother to follow @dogboner.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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