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Top 20 Funny Tweets of 2019 (So Far)

By Editorial Staff

Twitter is a comedy gold mine. From the world’s best memes to quotes that are sure to make you giggle, Twitter has been a platform for comedy for years. This year has yet to disappoint, as 2019 has brought us some of the funniest tweets the internet has ever seen! However, if you don’t have the time to scroll through your Twitter feed in search of the comedy that I am referring to, have no fear. I have done the hard work for you by compiling 20 funny tweets from this year that will make you laugh harder than you should.


If you’ve ever sent a funny tweet to your go-to group message, you can definitely relate to this comical tweet! With over 88,000+ retweets and 257,000+ likes, this tweet is both funny and relevant to Twitter users.


With over 94,000+ retweets, this humorous tweet could not possibly be left off this top 20 funniest tweets list! Poking fun at how childhood trauma has shaped us all into the mature beings we are today, this tweet appears to hit home for many.


It appears as if over 68,000 twitter users can relate to thinking to someone who is unaware of your existence, based on the number of retweets this tweet received. With over 252,000+ likes and 68,000+ retweets, this tweet is among the most popular tweets of 2019!


This tweet pokes fun at basically every Pinterest kitchen ever. Joking about common word signs, decals, and decor, this tweet is a hit with over 51,000 retweets and 350,000 likes.


This popular meme has taken over Twitter in 2019! It appears as if joking about hard-to-spell words is necessary for 173,000 retweets!


This tweet involves a mystery, as you see a photo of a ball… then a construction site… followed by one adorable culprit! With over 96,000 retweets, this hilarious tweet is currently circulating around Twitter.


This tweet is for all the online shoppers out there! With over 75,000 retweets, it appears as if there are some twitter users eager to get their packages!


With over 113,000 retweets, this tweet has been a hit in 2019! It jokes about the struggle of leaving the house a mess in the morning, something many of us can relate to!


This tweet is among the funniest tweets on Twitter at the moment. It features a pig walking down the road with sass! With over 80,000 retweets, it appears as if I’m not the only one who thinks this tweet is hilarious!


With 151,000 retweets, Twitter users everywhere are laughing at this Scooby-Doo reference. If you’re a Scooby-Doo fan or enjoy funny tweets in general than it is likely that you’ll love this one!


Scantron test tweets are all the craze in 2019. This particular one blew up with over 74,000 retweets!


This is my personal favorite tweet on our top 2019 tweets list. It’s funny, brutally honest, and a potential wake-up call for the 74,000 users who retweeted.  


This popular and hilarious tweet has 90,000 retweets and 248,000 likes. Picturing an adorable little dog, it pokes fun at mismanaging your money.


This tweet pokes fun at any dog owner who has ever attempted to leave a party early tp, “let the dog out.” With over 4,300 likes, this one is up and coming!


“If your friends jumped off a building would you?” is a phrase we’ve all heard our moms say at one point or another. With 42,500 retweets, this tweet is too funny not to retweet!


Suggesting we all have poisonous ice for hearts, this tweet is bound to make you laugh! With over 35,000 likes and 6,800 retweets, it’s among the best tweets of 2019!


This tweet received over 19,900 retweets for its sarcastic/hilarious content! Poking fun at what you should accomplish by the age of 30, it suggests that we must achieve at least one viral tweet!


This cute and funny video of a bird went viral with over 92,500 retweets. If you’re looking for a laugh, give this tweet a view!


With over 70,500 retweets, this funny tweet will leave you saying, “you had one job.” How will the Jonas Brothers fit into one seat? This meme offers a reasonable solution.


Who doesn’t love an enthusiastic thrift store? This hilarious tweet has received over 5,800 retweets for the funny names of each furniture item!

Want more Twitter insights? Get started with us today to see how these funny tweets performed amongst others like them.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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