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Top Travel Micro Influencers To Follow in 2023

By Editorial Staff

Social Media is the perfect place to turn to when looking to travel to new places, whether through recommendations for vacation spots or living vicariously through the journeys of others. Travel micro influencers share their travel tips, suggestions, and experiences with their followers, often working with travel brands and companies to promote specific destinations. 

What are Micro Influencers?

Micro-Influencers are rising social media stars who have between 1,000-100,000 followers. With the travel industry on the mend after suffering many hits due to the pandemic, new influencers are being brought up with it. Because of micro influencers’ more personal relationship with their followers, this makes them perfect to be well-trusted travel micro-influencers. 

Micro-influencers are also becoming increasingly popular in influencer marketing as brands seek to work with more authentic, niche influencers who can reach highly targeted audiences. This trend makes travel micro-influencers particularly appealing to hotels, tours, and other travel-related companies. So, here are the top travel micro-influencers to follow in 2023. 

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Alexandra Baackes 

First on our travel micro influencers list is Alexandra Baackes. Alexandra found her love for travel when she took a gap year in college to backpack around Southeast Asia. Since then, her daily showcase of diving, snorkeling, and other outdoor adventures on Instagram and her blog, has gained her a loyal following. 


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A post shared by Alexandra Baackes (@alexinwanderland)

Now boasting 79k followers on Instagram, Alexandra’s “wandering heart” and breathtaking posts have her audience hooked on her travel anecdotes. Alexandra has partnered with companies like Audible and offers group retreats to magnificent destinations through her @wanderwomenretreats Instagram. 

Matt Long (LandLopers) 

Matt Long is a travel blogger and well-respected figure in the travel industry. Because of Matt’s experience in luxury travel writing, he’s written for notable publications like The Huffington Post and Business Insider.

Matt’s photography skill makes his Instagram and blog posts all the more captivating, and he offers advice for the novice to the pro traveler, ranging from transport, good eats, and hotels. Matt also runs a second Instagram account, @disneylopers, dedicated to traveling the Disney Parks. The LandLopers account has nearly 40k followers, and Disneylopers only has 1.5k followers, but Matt’s fun-loving personality makes him a must-follow travel micro-influencer.  


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A post shared by Matt Long (@landlopers)

2 Dads with Baggage 

Giving the travel influencer industry two micro travel influencers in one, 2 Dads with Baggage is a family travel blog run by dads Jon and Triton. Currently based in California, the couple started their blog documenting their travels with their two daughters. Their platform has since blossomed, and these awesome dads now have 20k followers on Instagram. 


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A post shared by Jon Bailey (@2dadswithbaggage)

These two dads are well-loved for their message, “global parenting, better living – with a Gay Twist,” because Jon and Triton often discuss diversity and inclusion in the travel industry. They even take these talks to events and conferences to show the world that LGBTQ+ families exist and deserve to be recognized for their positive messages. The couple has partnered with brands such as Catalina Crunch cereal and Astepro. Jon has also written his own cookbook and features recipes on their website!

Catherine Pullan 

Catherine Pullan, also known as California Coast Lifestyle, has 6.5k followers on Instagram and is an up-and-coming travel micro-influencer. Focusing on beach life, and California beach photography, Catherine is a perfect micro-influencer for those looking for all the California Coast tips. It would’ve been a shame not to include her in our travel micro influencers list. 

Catherine often partners with bikini and sunblock brands, making her a perfect micro influencer for promoting smaller brands, like Midori bikinis, Gigi Pip Hats, and Purely Golden Tans. Catherine’s photography and videographer skills make her Cali beach posts the perfect aesthetic destination. 

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Yeskel Larvenz

The Disney Parks are travel destinations with just as much to do as any tourist country location, and Yeskel Larvenz is a Disney-Loving mom who loves sharing her tips and tricks for making the most out of theme parks. Known as @mrs.everydaymommy on Instagram, Yeskel has nearly 42k followers on her family fun account. 

Yeskel is also one of several moms blogging on the Winter Garden Moms Blog. Her content mainly revolves around destinations in Central Florida. A micro travel influencer with a steadily growing following, Yeskel is a great pick for brand deals with toy and game companies. 

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Brianna Christine

Brianna Burnett is well-versed in different locations around the United States, being a self-described “Indiana girl living in Charleston, South Carolina.” Burnett loves sharing her positive experiences during her travels but is also open about her struggles with mental health. Brianna is a mom that deserves a spot on our micro influencers list because of her work ethic and wonderful content.


#charlottenc #nightclub #nightlife #clt #fyp

♬ Players – Coi Leray

Brianna has 13k followers on Instagram but can also be found on Youtube and Twitter. She also has a podcast named “In the Best Way.” Brianna has partnered with brands like Triller, Fabletics, Bounty, Walmart, and Stanford Court Hotel. Her vivacious personality makes her a must-follow. 

Zipporah Sandler

Proving that it’s never too late to become an influencer, Zipporah Sandler is a 69 year old travel micro influencer sharing her love of food, fashion, and travel with her dedicated fan base. Currently boasting 4k subscribers on Youtube and 46k followers on Instagram, Zipporah has captured the hearts of both young and old folk.


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A post shared by Zippy Sandler (@zipporahs)

Zipporah has partnered with brands such as Premier Protein, Havenly, and Nature Made. Likewise, she’s also partnered with several travel brands like McKee Botanical Garden and the Norwegian Cruise Line. It’s safe to say that travel has no age limit, and Zippy’s love for life makes her travel advice more insightful. Simply put, Zipporah is one of many micro travel influencers we had to list!

Bucket List Journey 

Annette White, known as @bucketlistjourney on Instagram, is a California-based travel writer dedicated to inspiring readers to create their own travel bucket lists and pursue their travel dreams. White is a well-trusted micro travel influencer with 100k followers on Instagram and several travel books. 


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A post shared by Annette White (@bucketlistjourney)

She has done everything from Skydiving in New Zealand to swimming with sharks in the Galapagos Islands to personal Submarine rides in the Bahamas. In addition, White shares her adventurous and fun experiences on Instagram and recommends places for her audience to go to. Annette is one of many travel micro influencers that knows how to check off those bucket list goals.

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The Travelista 

Up next is Jess Gibson, a British travel writer, and blogger. Gibson owns The Travelista, a blog that shares travel guides, hotel and restaurant reviews, and personal stories. Her work has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post and Travel + Leisure. Also, Jesse partnered with major brands like American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Visit California. 

Jess has 20k followers on Instagram, and The Travelista was an award-winning blog in 2013. Furthermore, her reels are a great aesthetic find on Instagram, and Jess is an adorable travel micro influencer.

Nyssa P. Chopra

And finally, we have Nyssa P. Chopra! Chopra is an Indian-American micro travel influencer and founder of the travel platform,  The Cultureur. Nyssa started The Cultureur in 2012 to showcase her passion for meaningful travel experiences, luxury destinations, and immersive cultural experiences worldwide.


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A post shared by Nyssa P. Chopra (@thecultureur)

Nyssa has traveled to more than 70 countries, making her more than qualified to give first-hand tips and tricks for cultural immersion and luxury travel. With 7.5k followers on Instagram and writing featured in Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, and The Huffington Post, Nyssa is an incredibly talented micro travel influencer. Her dedication to her craft makes her a perfect pick for brand deals and collaborations. 

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This article was written by Abigail Adams

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