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Top 10 Star Wars Influencers

By Editorial Staff

In recent years, the saga that has given light to many childhood dreams and imaginations has made a massive resurgence. The Star War saga was recently concluded in an epic fashion after Disney had taken over the franchise and started the creation of a Star Wars theme park in Florida. All the while, billions of people flocked to watch the Star Wars conclusion and formed new connections with new unlikely characters. Star Wars is a beacon of the science fiction in film and it has come to be the favorite of many generations of children and adults, but with the recent changes in technology, how will Star Wars get their message out to the most people? Influencer Marketing. In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 Star Wars influencers on Instagram and what they do for the franchise.

1. Star Wars Lore

Star Wars Lore is a fan page on Instagram that is dedicated to Star Wars news, art, games, and bios about lesser-known characters. The page features many original works and theories on the Star Wars franchise and is the perfect place to nerd out. From news about the latest updates in the movie franchise or gaming community to the backstory of Obi-Wan, this page is one of the Star Wars influencers who has it all for the most researched Star Wars fans.

2. Stars Wars Fan Page

Much like our number 1 spot, Star Wars Fan Page is a platform where users can share their best memes, art, and news about the galaxy far far away. The page also features up to date information from game developers or design teams within the Star Wars franchise.

3. Star Wars Analyst

Star Wars Analyst is a page run by Star Wars influencers that focuses on those tiny details you might have missed in the movie saga. This page is dedicated to theories based on details from the movies that are quite compelling. The fan page draws out some interesting parallels and allows you to think differently about one of the most theorized movie sagas in film history.

4. Darryll Jones

Darryll Jones is an artist who focuses on clay figure and action figure design. Most of his page includes funny and unorthodox scenes with Star Wars figures. A partner with Adobe, Darryll has a passion for his craft and enjoys marketing the Star Wars franchise in a different and unique fashion via social media.

5. Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni is a top contender for Star Wars influencers as Director and Writer for the Lucas Film Group. He was the head creative director of Star Wars: Rogue One and has worked with the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a writer and director. His original content has caught the eyes of many as he has progressed his social media campaign. Many people love his content because there is nothing better than getting Star Wars content straight from the source.

6. Matt Martin

Matt Martin is a Creative Executive for the Lucas Film Story Group. He has worked on the creation of some of our favorite characters such as baby Yoda, bb-8, and some lesser-known droids. His page features some sneak peeks of sets and characters in the Star Wars world as well as some of the first media of Star Wars World at Disney World in Florida. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all things Star Wars and comic junkie that has committed his talents to the saga that has defined sci-fi movies.

7. Darth Bisduk

Darth Bisduk is a fan page that is a committed Star Wars influencers for the movie and the most recent TV show, The Mandalorian. This account has unseen interviews and fan art that shows an unbridled passion for the movie franchise. Darth Bisduk attends almost every fan Star Wars event and wants to give his followers the best experience with the sci-fi journey.

8. Amy Ratcliffe

Amy Ratcliffe is a Star Wars influencer, author and managing editor of the Nerdist. Famous for her book, Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy, Amy has spent a considerable amount of time researching the fan lore of the star wars universe. Amy has also been writing children’s books that are Star Wars themed and has been posting her own fan art to her Instagram page.

9. Little Ani Skywalker

Little Ani Skywalker runs a page that is all about a little Darth Vader figure. The Instagram handle instavader is a perfect description of what this page has to offer. If you take a look at the page you can see a small Darth Vader figure traveling the world. The page is full of pictures of Vader in front of awesome backgrounds, historical monuments, and even an Aztec temple! While the page is not a fan information page, it brings funny awareness to the franchise and Darth Vader.

10. Star Wars News Net

A blog, Instagram page, and forum in one, the Star Wars News Net is the one-stop-shop for Star Wars junkies. From news to podcasts with some of the actors from the films, Star Wars News Net attempts to give the most exclusive and sought after news to the star wars fandom. On the Star Wars News Net forum called the Cantina Forum, you will also find great information regarding fan theories and future cast members for upcoming movies. A must-see of the Star Wars influencers.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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