TikTok Couples: 25 Dynamic Duos You Need In Your Life

By Editorial Staff

With short videos and endless content catered to each individual’s likes, it is hard not to fall into the trap of spending hours on TikTok. There’s truly content for everybody on the platform. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it’s no secret that TikTok couples are hilarious. From pranks to relationship goals and everyday relationship truths, TikTok couples create a source of laughter for all those that come across their videos. TikTok couples videos can also be a source of comedic relief in relationships and provide wholesome advice or date ideas. 

After talking so highly about TikTok couples, you might be wondering which couples you should be following for some wholesome entertainment. Check out our list of our favorite 25 TikTok couples. 

1. @lovesoreal

  • Maybelline and Christian 

LADIES! LET’S EXPOSE OUR MEN🤣 tag me so I can laugh some more!💀🤣 #nobeardfilter #exposed #prank #couplesprank #couples #couplecomedy #trythis

♬ Expose your man with the NO BEARD FILTER – Love So Real ❤️

Maybelline and Christian have two wonderful girls and create hilarious skit and prank videos. The couple is not only large on TikTok but has also grown their following on Instagram and YouTube as well. 

2. @liv.and.emanol

  • Liv and Emanol

Mmmm😭#fyp #livandemanol #trending #foryoupage #ny #ct #couplescomedy #couple

♬ original sound – livandemanol.official

This dynamic duo does life by each other’s sides and catches almost all of it on film. From skits, pranks, date nights, dancing, and challenges, they do it all. 

3. @jandjfamily1

  • Jenny and Josh

Besides kisses on her nose Gianna loves to sleep😂😂 #fyp

♬ sonido original – Jorge Cyrus

Jenny and Josh have created a beautiful family and make parenting look like the life of a party. The spunky couple keeps you on your toes and shows you your partner can truly be your best friend too. 

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4. @mikeandtorii

  • Michael and Victoria

It aways ends bad for her 😂 #fyp #foryou #relationship #girlfriend #couple #relatable

♬ original sound – Christopher Colarusso

Mike and Tori are young and in love, paving their own path and marching to the beat of their own drum. If you’re looking for relatable relationship content, their page is surely a good place to start at.

5. @abbieherbert_

  • Abbie and Josh

GOT HIM 😂 Share & Try this on someone! #prank #prankwars #magic #couple #couplegoals #fyp #foryou #newtrend #sass#viral #surprise #react #GetCrocd

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Model and musician Abbie and Josh have a beautiful baby girl on the way and create comedic parent-to-be TikTok videos. Pregnancy can be a journey of ups and downs and they have shared every step of the journey while remaining a light-hearted, hilarious couple. 

6. @meghanandjack

  • Meghan and Jack

Everyone wanted me to try this on Jack 😂 #couples #couplegoals #couple #relationships #meghanandjack

♬ original sound – 🌻Meg and Jack🌻

This power couple is always playing a prank on one another and it keeps the spontaneity of the relationship alive. Check out their page for hilarious, relatable, and must-try pranks on your significant other. 

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7. @alexandkellz

  • Alex and Kellz

Did yall see our dog? 🤣#alexandkellz #couples #pranks #dogs Replying to the funniest comments ❤️

♬ hey lol – khaleel

Alex and Kellz’s relationship is full of fun and laughter. There is never a dull moment with their travels, pranks, skits, and adorable dog. 

8. @thedarcymichael

  • Darcy and Jeremy
  • 578.8K

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

With a comedian as a husband (Darcy) there’s undoubtedly always a joke being told around the house. Darcy and Jeremy share their romantic, full of love and laughter relationship with their 578.8K followers. 

9. @austinandlexi

  • Austin and Lexi
  • 443.6K

reposting our most viral video for Austin’s birthday!🥳 #coupletok #funnycouple #pokemoncards #relationshipgoals #couples

♬ original sound – Austin & Lexi

Their TikTok bio states “sometimes called the funniest couple on TikTok” and I must say, they are very close to changing that title from sometimes to always. Austin and Lexi’s love for each other truly shines through their content, regardless of a prank or skit they’re playing on each other. 

10. @rezaandpuja

  • Reza and Puja

married life has its perks😏😉 #marriedlife #couples #comedy #browntiktok #desitiktok #indian #pakistani #couplecomedy #husbandwife #husbandcheck #fyp

♬ original sound – aiman zaman

Reza and Puja went viral after sharing their first dance. Since then the couple has continued to share their love story, cultures, and hilarious family dynamic.

11. @shi_and_toni

  • Shilee and Toni

she a shoota 😜

♬ Cookie – Jeff Kaale

Shilee and Toni have been together for 3 years and they know each other like the back of their hand. Check out their page for wholesome relationship content that showcases their playful relationship dynamic. 

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12. @zakiusthegreat

  • Zakius and Dej
  • 614.1K

This was hilarious 😭🤣 must watch !! (Subscribe to our YouTube) LINK IN BIO! #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #eww @dopelymixed5

♬ original sound – Zakius

Zakius and Dej love playing pranks on each other and running through skits other people in relationships can relate to. I’m grateful relationships like Zakius and Dej exist so I can always have a good laugh.

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13. @kaitlin_reagan

  • Kaitlin and Francesco

What’s yours is mine😉 @bangenergy.ceo @bangenergy #trend #couplegoals #fyp #prank #bangenergy #ad

♬ original sound – Kaitlin_Reagan

Kaitlin and Francesco’s pranks keep their relationship alive and help them get through the tough times. Their love and support for each other speaks volumes about the steadfast strength of the couple’s love.

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14. @samandlona

  • Sam and Lona

Sam and Lona live life to the fullest by each other’s side. Romance, skits, pranks, and dancing keep the relationship alive and enjoyable. 

15. @kokoandsymba

  • Koko and Symba

I felt bad i actually ate some 😭🥺 #fyp #foryou #couple #viral

♬ original sound – kokoandsymba

Koko and Symba work together each and every day, taking their relationship and TikTok to the next level. Their passion for their work and relationship will surely leave a smile on your face.

16. @sebbbyjon

  • Sebby and Monty

wait for the ending Omg @montykeates #foryou#fyp#viral#lgbt#couple

♬ prdt bff – t0xicslutz

Sebby and Monty do not let the opinions of others define their relationship. Their light-hearted, playful relationship exceeds all expectations of what romance “should” look like. 

17. @Alexa_and_maria

  • Alexa and Maria

Alexa and Maria have a quirky, playful relationship dynamic, always keeping each other on their toes. From naps to working out, they do it all together. 

18. @mudyandshamy

  • Mudy and Shamy

Think he got a bit carried away😂😂 #mudyandshamy #couple

♬ original sound – Mudyandshamy

Giggles, dancing, adventures- who could ask for more? Mudy and Shamy experience all these things together while capturing it on camera to share with their growing follower base. 

19. @twotrends

  • Espe and Sebas

I felt bad at the end 🥺🤣 #couplecomedy #married #girlfriendprank #couple #husbandwifecomedy #boyfriends

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Espe and Sebas handle the pressure of TikTok with ease and stay posting hilarious content. Their high-spirited dynamic captures the attention of anyone who comes across their page. No wonder they have 2.1 million followers!

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20. @tyleranderin

  • Tyler and Erin

Distance has nothing on this couple. You can truly tell how strong their relationship is when they are together visiting and capturing these moments on camera. 

21. @thetfamm

  • Sierra and Steph

That’s what he gets for always trying to be funny 🤣🥴 #thetfam #tfam #funny #couple #comedy

♬ original sound – The T Fam

Sierra and Steph have started a beautiful family together with two little girls. Their family vlogs, pranks, skits, and more can be found on their TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 

22. @kyleandjade

  • Kyle and Jade

After 13 years together it was only right I hop on this challenge 😂 #pregnant #3monthspregnant #viral #couplegoals #relationship #fyp

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Kyle and Jade recently announced that they are expecting and we cannot wait to see their family grow. We’re certain their sense of humor and playful attitude will continue to run in the family. 

23. @samandmonica

  • Sam and Monica

I felt so bad saying this 🤣😭 #fyp #foryou #couples #relationships #couplevideos #couplegoals #prank #pranks #couple

♬ original sound – Sam and Monica

Sam and Monica love re-creating and participating in couple trends on TikTok. Their humor and wit get better every video. 

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24. @vickto_willy

  • Vick and Lindsay

just the thought of cooking tires me out😭 @benniebaby_ #fyp #girlfriend #GetCrocd #GoForTheHandful #healthyliving #sheesh #couple #xyzbca #trending

♬ original sound – ItsVyvica

Vick and Lindsay are always on the move creating new memories together. Their relationship radiates positivity, support, and love. 

25. @thehartys

  • Preston and Kianna

My husbands brain 24/7 🙄😂 #ifyougavemeachance #couples #couplecomedy #married #marriage #husbandandwife #viral

♬ original sound – Austin & Lexi

Doing lives with your best friend by your side is easy, and Preston and Kianna make the most incredible best friend duo. Through the challenges, skits, competitions, and pranks their love shines through the content they create. 

Of course, this list only scratches the surface of incredible love stories you should follow. These TikTok couples, and our honorable mentions below should surely give you your daily dose of wholesome relationship entertainment. 

Honorable Mentions

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This article was written by Lauren Conklin

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