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Top 17 British YouTubers of 2022

By Editorial Staff

jWilliam Shakespeare once said, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Little did we know he was referring to the British YouTube empire. Although a small country, Britain hosts a powerful arsenal of British YouTubers. 

1. Samantha Maria

  • 1.75M Subscribers

Samantha Maria, better known as Sam to her followers, is a London-based beauty and style content creator on YouTube since 2009. With 1.75M subscribers, she has made her presence known among the top British YouTubers. Online, she helps others navigate through life, covering topics ranging from self-development to motherhood in your early thirties and the best spots to travel around London.

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2. Conor Maynard 

  • 13.2M Subscribers

For those who love music, Conor Maynard is one of the British YouTubers you should check out. Whether it’s his original work, covers of your favorite songs, or mash-ups, Maynard has gained 13.2M subscribers on YouTube since he started his channel as a young boy in 2006. 

3. Emily Cozmiuc 

  • 11M Subscribers 

The remote world of the last two years has been hard on everyone, especially children. 9-year-old Emily Cozmiuc, better known as EmilyTube to her fans, offers a fun channel for children of all ages with toy reviews as well as educational videos to help children learn colors and more. They call her “pint-sized princess” because of her infatuation with all things Disney. Her videos began so her extended family in Romania would be able to keep up with her childhood as she grew up in the UK. 

4. Zoe Sugg

  • Zoe Sugg: 4.93M Subscribers
  • Zoella: 10.8M Subscribers

Zoe Sugg is an entrepreneur, author, and vlogger based in the UK. Originally known as Zoella, she has since transitioned into a full lifestyle vlogger. Her videos range from holiday decorating, dealing with anxiety, or shopping hauls. Both Zoe and her partner, fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes, have made the list for Top British YouTubers of 2022.

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5. Joseph Garrett 

  • 10.6M Subscribers

Joseph Garret, better known as Stampylonghead, is an ultimate gamer. Specializing in Minecraft, Stampylonghead allows fellow gamers to follow along on his journey through the game by posting his sessions along with his reactions.

6. Louise Pentland 

  • 2.23M Subscribers

Louise Pentland is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who documents her life as a mother and everything that goes along with that. After starting a written blog in 2009, she then began sharing the ups and downs of life and motherhood on YouTube since early 2010. Her optimistic attitude has gained her recognition and a place as one of the top British YouTubers of 2022.

7. Tiana Wilson

  • Tiana Wilson: 5.96M Subscribers
  • Tiana: 11.4M Subscribers

If you enjoy a good belly laugh, Tiana Wilson’s YouTube page would be a great place to explore. She specializes in prank videos, shock factor, and regular vlogs of her routines and life as a young woman in school. 

8. Simon Minter 

  • 10.1M Subscribers

If you’re a soccer fan, Simon Minter’s YouTube channel has plenty of content for you. Better known as the Miniminter to his subscribers, Simon usually posts fun videos of soccer challenges and his FIFA Gameplay, but he also posts reactions, pranks, and other content. 

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9. Thomas Ridgewell 

  • 7.18M Subscribers 

Known online as TomSka, Thomas Ridgewell is a British content creator, vlogger, and comedian. TomSka is best known for his live-action sketch comedy and adult-animated web series “asdfmovie”. 

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10. DanTDM 

  • 26.3M Subscribers

Next we have DanTDM racking in over 26 million subscribers… and counting! The 28-year-old YouTube star began his career at the University of Northampton, where he started his first channel dedicated to Pokémon fans. His Pokémon centered videos grew to a kids-oriented gaming channel, called TheDiamondMindcraft (hence the TDM in his handle), and now he dabbles in all kinds of games. His novel Tayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. 

11. KSI 

  • 24M Subscribers

Olajide Olatunji, known as KSI to the YouTube world, is a YouTube music and personality icon. With over 24 million subscribers, his YouTube career began in 2008, when he started posting FIFA gaming videos. This eventually grew to include other game content and provided him with a platform to launch his music career.

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12. Harry Lewis 

  • 16.3M Subscribers

Harry Lewis holds over 16 million subscribers on his channel, W2S. Hmm, what does that number/letter combination mean? WROETOSHAW. Ah yes, can you use that in a sentence?  Wroetoshaw is a combination of Lewis’s favorite FIFA players, Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. Harry set up many YouTube channels to experiment with the multitude of ideas he had floating in his mind. At the age of 17, he dropped out of school to pursue YouTube full-time, although he has been inactive for a couple of years. 

13. Thatcher Joe

  • 7.47M Subscribers

Otherwise known as Joe Sugg, British YouTube star Thatcher Joe is a vlogger, author, and television personality. His YouTube channel launched in November 2011, and it only took him two years to gain 1 million subscribers. Thatcher Joe furthered his career in front of the camera in his cameo voiceover appearance as a seagull in the film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of the Water. A knack for YouTube must run in the family.

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14. Alfie Deyes

  • 3.64M Subscribers

Alfie Deyes is a British YouTuber in charge of the accounts Alfie Deyes Vlogs, Alfie Deyes, and PointlessBlogGames. Although the latter two are now inactive, Deyes entertains his 3.6 million followers with family content and  daily vlogs. In the past, Alfie has collaborated with numerous influencers such as Tanya Burr, Miranda Sings, Troye Sivan, Joe Sugg, and Zoe Sugg. In 2013, Alfie Deyes was a member of the “Guinness World Records OMG!” channel and held multiple records. He holds the record for “Most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two,” “Most party poppers popped in 30 seconds,” and “Filing the most pancakes in one minute with chocolate sauce.” Well-rounded, I would say.

15. Tanya Burr 

  • 3.18M Subscribers

An actress, YouTuber, and Harry Potter enthusiast, Tanya’s posts fashion trends, travel videos, makeup tutorials, Q&As, and personal stories that will have you glued to your screen. Tanya acted in Cassette, Hurt by Paradise, and Bulletproof among others. Her channel brings in millions of views every week, and she has written beauty blogs for Grazia Magazine and has been featured in LOOK, Stylist, and Elle. One of the original British YouTubers of her generation, Tanya Burr stayed in a top spot for most of her YouTube career. 

16. Patricia Bright 

  • 2.83M Subscribers

Can we get one more round of applause for the ladies? Patricia Bright is holding it up for the beauty and mommy vloggers! Patricia entertains her 2.8 million subscribers with makeup tutorials, outfit reveals, beauty reviews, and personal vlogs that paint the picture of her life. After graduating from the University of Manchester, Bright began her career as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch. She made the switch to full-time vlogger in 2013 and has been growing her platform since. 


This article was written by Anne Schmelzer

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