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Top 10 Teacher Influencers to Get Your Kids Excited About Back to School

By Editorial Staff

As the summer months excitedly continue and the next school year looms closer, parents and educators alike seek inspiration and guidance on how to make learning engaging and enjoyable for students. With exciting summer pool days, vacations, and family time encompassing their days off, getting excited about the school year quickly approaching can be a feat in itself. Teacher influencers play a crucial role in this realm of bolstering excitement – offering innovative ideas, resources, and strategies that can truly ignite a passion (or at least, cultivate a sense of excitement and confidence) for learning in children. 

Here’s a look at the top 10 teacher influencers who are making a significant impact in the educational space online – and are sure to help your kids get excited about returning back to the classroom. 

Top 10 Teacher Influencers to Get Your Kids Excited About Back to School

1. Amy Louise (@learningthroughplay8) 

Amy Louise, known as @learningthroughplay8 on TikTok, stands out as a beacon of creativity and innovation in education, particularly in keeping children excited about learning as the school year quickly approaches. With a background in early childhood education, Amy champions the power of play as a fundamental tool for learning and development. Her social media presence and blog are filled with engaging play-based activities and educational games that seamlessly blend fun and learning. 


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♬ original sound – Learning Through Play

Her socials are full of hands-on experiences that spark curiosity and creativity in young learners – from sensory exploration to interactive storytelling, she not only strengthens viewers cognitive skills, but captivates their imaginations with exciting videos. As a mom herself, she knows exactly how to get children eagerly anticipating the next school year, and flipping the narrative about the “back to school blues.” So, if you’re looking for easy and fun ways to make your home a conducive – and fun – learning environment, consider checking out her channel. 

2. Jennifer Craft (@ms.craft_kindergarten) 

Jennifer Craft, popularly known as @ms.craft_kindergarten on Instagram, is one of many celebrated teacher influencers who excels at getting both kids and parents excited about the upcoming school year through her fun and innovative approach to education. With a specialization in early childhood education, Jennifer’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of creative teaching ideas, colorful classroom setups, and engaging activities that help to both teach kids and keep them engaged amidst exciting summer activities. 

Her excitement for integrated play-based learning with academic rigor makes her a favorite among parents seeking enriching educational experiences for their young, kindergarten-aged kids. With practical tips on fostering a love for reading, hands-on math activities, and interactive science experiments, she not only helps to catch kids up who might’ve struggled during the past year, but is also committed to keeping kids high-achieving as they strive to learn more in their free-time. 

Her supportive community online not only helps parents get involved with their children’s learning process, but it provides space for struggling teachers to feel empowered, confident, and excited about the school year again. 

3. Amber Marie (@amber.mariee44) 

Amber Marie, or @amber.mariee44 on TikTok, captivates her high school students with her infectious enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods. Through her TikTok videos, she shares a bubbly and empathetic personality, alongside engaging classroom activities, motivational messages, and practical study tips that resonate with her teenage students. 


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♬ original sound – amber marie

Amber’s ability to connect with her students on a personal level and create a positive learning environment fosters excitement and anticipation for the new school year. Whether it’s unconventional relationship advice, trendy videos like “mukbangs” and grocery hauls, or honest struggles she’s had in the classroom – she’s sure to keep kids excited about coming to her classroom. Like she admits, sometimes the most exciting way to get kids, especially teenagers, engaged and focused in school is to relate to them. 

4. Lauran Woolley (@mrs.woolleyin5th) 

Lauran Woolley, renowned as @mrs.woolleyin5th on TikTok, ignites excitement among her students to return to school and her vibrant classroom. Through her TikTok presence, Lauran shares glimpses of her engaging teaching style, interactive lessons, and classroom decor that reflect her passion for education. She creates anticipation by previewing upcoming projects, discussing exciting learning opportunities, and showcasing a welcoming classroom atmosphere that students look forward to experiencing again.


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With her approachable demeanor and creative teaching strategies her TikTok has become a hub of inspiration for both students and fellow educators – cultivating a sense of community that can oftentimes be hard to come by on many social platforms.  

5. Kevin Silberman (@silb0017) 

Kevin Silberman, better known as @silb0017 on TikTok, effortlessly blends wit with professionalism to engage both students and parents in the excitement of returning to school after summer break. Through his TikTok videos, Kevin shares insightful educational tips, humorous anecdotes, and practical advice that resonate with viewers of all ages. Similar to other teacher influencers on the platform, he effortlessly connects with middle and high school students by sharing the fun of video trends, funny phrases like “Girl Math,” and engaging his own family in content


Learning doesn’t stop in the summer. #teachersoftiktok #summerschool #girlmath

♬ original sound – Kevin Silberman

By addressing modern concerns in the educational space and providing solutions in a lighthearted yet informative manner, he empowers parents to support their children’s educational journey and encourages students to embrace learning with enthusiasm – even after a long summer of vacations, activities, and free-time. 

6. Kit Brown (@kjbr0wn)

Kit Brown, recognized as @kjbr0wn on TikTok, connects deeply with his students by tapping into their interests and sense of humor, making the return to school an eagerly anticipated event. Through his TikTok videos, Kit showcases his vibrant personality and genuine enthusiasm for teaching, creating a relatable and engaging presence that resonates with students.


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♬ original sound – kit

Kit’s content often incorporates humor, pop culture references, and student-friendly yet witty language, making complex subjects more approachable and enjoyable. By weaving in topics that interest his students and highlighting their achievements, he builds a supportive classroom community where everyone feels valued, understood, and comfortable – even when trying to not “enjoy” learning. 

7. Mason Pyper (@mr.pyper) 

Mason Pyper, acclaimed as @mr.pyper on TikTok, is the health/PE teacher that everyone wishes they had when they were in middle and high school. In a space where many people feel inherently uncomfortable, Pyper opens up the door to a supportive community and kind hearted space for his students – giving them something to look forward to even on their toughest days.


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♬ original sound – Hella Mello

His TikTok presence is nothing short of that – supportive. With a blend of creativity, enthusiasm, and innovative teaching methods that resonate with his students, he’s getting his students excited about movement in a way that not only helps their health, but increases their productivity and success in the classroom. Mason Pyper’s ability to blend educational content with genuine enthusiasm and personal connection on TikTok makes him a trusted influencer who inspires both students and fellow educators alike.

8. Kristen Guarino (@kristen.guarino) 

Kristen Guarino is an elementary school teacher and teacher influencer on social media who can’t help but relay empathetic, exciting, and passionate vibes with her online presence. Known as @kristen.guarino on TikTok, her videos are bright, colorful, and hilariously relatable – whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent. With a sense of humor and outright honesty about her own struggles, she opens up a safer environment for her students to be themselves and ask for help if they need it. 


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Of course, the trendy TikTok sounds and trendsetting videos don’t hurt, but generally her online presence and vibe is enough to get kids excited to return to her classroom – if not to learn from her videos, then to ask her how they can get TikTok famous like her page with more than 3M likes. 

9. Ms. J Johnson (@its.jnycole) 

Self-proclaimed to be the “cool teacher,” Ms. J Johnson, also known as @jnycole on TikTok,  is doing more than simply showing up for her 3rd grade students – she’s willingly empowering them, celebrating their successes, and making sure they have a safe space to feel loved at school. Her page, filled with videos from her daily school life, is filled with exciting tricks and techniques that she uses to do exactly that – love on her kids. 


WE MADE IT! 🎉 This school year went by EXTREMELY FAST, I’m so grateful for my 3rd Year Babies. 💗 #lastdayofschool #morninggreetings #schoolmemories #firstgrade #firstgradeteacher #bittersweet #teacherlife #thecoolteacher #fyp

♬ what was I made for? – Instrumental – Wheeler

Outside of being simply one of our favorite teacher influencers, she also includes a great deal of content about her identity in her personal life – giving everyone a glimpse into her personality, exciting background, and life outside of school. Not only does that build a sense of community, connection, and “realness” with her viewers – it gets her kids excited about sharing and celebrating their own identities. 

10. Kevin McClintock (@mr.mctiktok) 

A teaching influencer at heart, Kevin McClintock or @mr.mctiktok on TikTok, has since transitioned to speaking about his middle school teaching experiences in the past tense. Focused on returning to his family, his page still houses tons of teaching content that’s sure to give students hope about finding a great teacher when transitioning into a new grade or school. In a struggle that’s not always easy to do, McClintock always connects with his students – even if he’s putting himself on the line for a laugh from his classroom. 


Students using their computers in class.. #mrmctiktok #studentsbelike #7thgrade

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show


Like most of these other creators, they’re open about connecting with their students – even if that means countless hours of learning, engaging with, and spending time getting to know what they enjoy. Dedicated to living chronically online when they’re not in the classroom, these teachers often build the most collaborative, comfortable, and safe classrooms for their students – amidst struggling infrastructure, support, and curriculums in many districts. These teaching influencers are sure to revamp your child’s success and excitement in the classroom, while also providing a healthy space for parents and teachers to learn and connect.

This article was written by Zayda Slabbekoorn

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